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If you are looking for a trustworthy team, safety experts with the experience, abilities, and knowledge to protect and repair a hacked WordPress or Joomla or other CMS/Non-CMS website, take a look at the security services available at the website.

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Is Your Website is Hacked?

Is Your website, web shop or blog hacked? Be assured that the information security experts of Fix Hacked Website possess years of programming know-how, computer defense, hacking and we know how to solve these problems for you. The information security department of Fix Hacked Website will patch every website hacked, WordPress hacked, or web shop. We’re going to repair, remove malicious code, malware, and return any malicious code site clean. We will also secure the site fully.

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Fix Hacked Website’s Security protection teams are accredited examiners and are able to support every case of WordPress and woocommerce attacks, hacked websites, hacked hosting or e-mail accounts. Fix Hacked Website can deploy forensic investigators to investigate the hack, find out how it occurred and report on the findings; Fix Hacked Website ensures that hackers are not active within your network and those policies and regulations on your user accounts are correctly configured to prevent further attacks. The security services of Fix Hacked Website WordPress include complete safety evaluation and removal of any malware or rogue operation.

If you have an email hacking incident, you must respond quickly. Cyber-attacks and email fraud can lead to severe financial disruptions and disasters.


Malware Infection on Websites

Malware is a form of software that attempts to steal your personal data or to make something that you do not want to do with your computer. Malware infections often lead to tough consequences which slow or fail to react to victim’s device.

Malware is also spyware, irritating adware, etc. Popular malware is a free screen saver that secretly generates advertisements, malicious web browser toolbars that take your user to different pages than you anticipated, or that can be key logger programs that move your personal information on to others.


Malware is a type of malware that attempts to steal your personal information or use your computer to do something you have no intention of doing. Infections with malware sometimes lead to severe consequences, which delay or fail to react to victim’s device. Malware is also spyware, irritating adware, etc. Common malware is a free screen saver which secretly generates advertisements, malicious web browser toolbars which take your browser to different pages than you expect, or key logger programs that transfer your personal information to others.

Signs of Website Has Been Hacked

1.  The material of the homepage is altered or vandalized

2. Web traffic is being diverted to a banned / unlawful / adult domain.

3. You are locked out of your website / unable to use your login credentials / User does not exist.

4. The platform contains advertisements for fake/illegal goods. This could further infect the computers of your site users.

5. A sudden decrease in speed and performance cannot be caused by a hack for no clear reason.

6. Google has flagged or blacklisted your website, Antivirus start restricting your website as insecure.

7. Google Analytics reveals you to be random/unrelated keywords.

It’s not new to get your website hacked. The websites are typically vulnerable to being hacked, so there are some measures to get rid of these problems. The website is owned by one person, company or several people. The famous websites are always at risk of being hacked by someone. This is a common topic discussed recently by citizens and businesses.

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