10 BEST Website Vulnerability Scanner

10 BEST Website Vulnerability Scanner

10 BEST Website Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability scanners are automated instruments that continuously analyze the security threats of the software system to detect security vulnerabilities.

A handpicked list of Top Vulnerability Scanning Tools is below, with its common features and links to the website. The list contains vulnerability scanner tools for both open-source(free) and commercial(paid) websites.

Top Website Security Scanning Tools: Open Source and Paid

Name Price Link
Indusface Free + Paid Plan Learn More
Security Event Manager 30-Days Free Trial + Paid Plan Learn More
Network Vulnerability Detection 30-Days Free Trial + Paid Plan Learn More

1) Indusface

Indusface WAS offers a robust tool for complex application security testing (DAST). In addition to Manual Pen-Testing conducted by Cert-In accredited security experts, it combines automated scanning to find OWASP’s Top 10 vulnerabilities and malware.


  • New age scanner built for single-page applications
  • Authentication scans
  • Malware Scans & Blacklisting checks
  • Network vulnerability scans
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Proof of evidence for reported vulnerabilities through proof of concepts.
  • Optional AppTrana WAF integration to provide instant virtual patching with Zero False positive
  • 24×7 support to discuss remediation guidelines/POC

2) Security Event Manager

Security Event Planner is an app that enhances security and shows the ease of compliance. It provides a facility for unified log processing. This software has a built-in testing facility for file integrity.


  • It has integrated tools for compliance reporting.
  • This application offers an intuitive dashboard.
  • Provides automated incident response.
  • Offers real-time log analyzer.

3) Network Vulnerability Detection

The Identification of Network Vulnerability is a tool that can search and keep your network computer secure. Unauthorized network configuration changes can be avoided by this program.


  • The tool can audit switches and routers for compliance.
  • Helps you to save time by automating your network.
  • It can quickly recover your network.
  • This application can keep your network secure.
  • You can build and test the configuration network with no hassle.


4) Paessler

The Paessler security vulnerability evaluation instrument has an advanced potential for infrastructure management. Using technologies including SNMP, WMI, Sniffing, REST APIS, SQL, and others, the tool tracks The infrastructure.


  • You can monitor jFlow, sFlow, IP SLA, Firewall, IP, LAN, Wi-Fi, Jitter, and IPFIX.
  • It provides alerts via email, plays alarm audio files, or triggering HTTP requests.
  • The tool provides Multiple user web interfaces.
  • It has automated failover handling.
  • You can visualize your network using maps.
  • Paessler allows you to monitor networks in various locations.
  • You can get the numbers, statistics, and graphs for the data you are going to monitor or configure.

5) ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization-focused threat and vulnerability management software offering built-in patch management. With its integrated console, it allows you to:

  • Assess & prioritize exploitable and impactful vulnerabilities with a risk-based vulnerability assessment.
  • Automate & customize patches to Windows, macOS, Linux, and over 300 third-party applications.
  • Identify zero-day vulnerabilities and implement workarounds before fixes arrive.
  • Continually detect & remediate misconfigurations with security configuration management.
  • Gain security recommendations to set up your servers in a way that’s free from multiple attack variants.
  • Audit end-of-life software, peer-to-peer & insecure remote desktop sharing software, and active ports in your network.

6) Nessus Professional

Nessus Professional is a vulnerability assessment tool for compliance verification, sensitive data search, IP scanning, and website verification. This vulnerability scanner tool for the website is designed to make evaluating vulnerabilities simple, easy, and intuitive.


  • It has advanced detection technology for more protection for website security scanning.
  • The tool offers complete vulnerability scanning with unlimited assessments for website security check.
  • It provides accurate visibility into your computer network.
  • Plugins which deliver timely protection benefits from new threats.
  • It allows you to migrate to Tenable solutions safely.
  • This website vulnerability scanner tool detects SQL injection attack.

7) BeyondTrust

Beyond Trust is one of the online free vulnerability scanner vulnerability evaluation tools that detects configuration problems, network vulnerabilities, and missing patches across software, computers, virtual environments, and operating systems.


  • This open-source vulnerability scanner tool has a user-friendly interface for streamlined vulnerability assessment, management, and content.
  • It provides patch management.
  • Improve risk management and prioritization.
  • The tool provides support for VMware that includes virtual image scanning.
  • It allows you to integrate with vCenter and scan virtual applications for security.

8) Intruder

For your external networks, Intruder is a cloud base network vulnerability scanner. In order to prevent data breaches, this instrument finds security vulnerabilities in the operating systems.


  • You can synchronize your external IPs and DNS hostnames.
  • It is a developer-friendly software that can be integrated with Slack or Jira so that team can know security issues.
  • The tool has Network View that helps you to keep track of your exposed ports and services.
  • You can receive email and Slack notifications when scans complete, and summary PDF reports emailed on a monthly basis.
  • Intruder.io has more than 10,000 security checks for each vulnerability scan.

9) Tripwire IP360

One of the best vulnerability scanning tools to protect the integrity of mission-critical applications, virtual, physical DevOps, and cloud environments is Tripwire IP360. It provides essential security controls, including safe management of settings, management of vulnerabilities, log management, and discovery of properties.


  • Modular architecture that scales to your deployments and needs.
  • The tool has prioritized risk scoring features.
  • It helps you to maximize your organization’s productivity via integrations with various tools you already use.
  • Accurately identify, search, and profile all assets on your network.

10) Wireshark

Wireshark is a tool that keeps track of network packets and shows them in a format that is human-readable. You can view the information obtained via this tool through a GUI or the TShark Utility TTY mode.


  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Rich VoIP analysis
  • Compressed Gzip files can be decompressed on the fly
  • Output can be exported to plain text, XML, or CSV
  • Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and many others
  • Live data can be read from PPP/HDLC, internet, ATM, Blue-tooth, Token Ring, USB, and more.
  • Decryption support for many protocols that include IPsec, ISAKMP, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2
  • For quick, intuitive analysis, coloring rules can be applied to the packet
  • Read or write many different capture file formats like Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Pcap NG, and Microsoft Network Monitor, etc.,