15 Best FREE Malware Removal Software In 2021

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15 Best FREE Malware Removal Software in 2021

Free malware removal software from a computer device can detect malicious files and software. You can use these resources to safeguard your personal information and search

Safely on the internet. You will be alerted when the server, network, or website is compromised by that program.

The following is a handpicked list, with its common features and website links, of Top Malware Removal Tools. Both open-source (free) and commercial (paid) applications are included in the list.

Best Free Malware Removal Software: Top Picks

Name Free Link
Malwarebytes Yes Learn More
iolo System Defense Yes Learn More
Advanced System Protector Yes Learn More
Advanced SystemCare Yes Learn More
GridinSoft Anti-Malware Yes Learn More
Bytefence Yes Learn More

1) Malwarebytes

The best malware removal tool that protects your PC computers from malicious websites, ransomware, and malware is Malwarebytes. More than 8,000,000 threats every day can be identified and blocked by this program. It can clean devices infected by threats.


  • The software can warn when the server, network, or website is infected.
  • Malwarebytes enables you to discover all networked endpoints.
  • This tool provides a centralized management facility.
  • This free malware software offers a safer browsing experience.
  • This anti-malware software can conduct a privacy audit for all apps.
  • Support many languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and more.
  • It can find and remove adware.

2) iolo System Defense

In order to delete the malware, iolo System Protection is software that uses behavior tracking techniques. The tool lets you scan for malicious software programs and delete them.


  • It offers cloud-based malware analysis
  • The tool can detect the latest threats.
  • iolo System Defense software provides a user-friendly interface.
  • This application helps you to protect your online privacy.
  • This anti-malware software helps you to erase your hard drive.

3) Advanced System Protector

Advanced Device Protector is a program that can prevent malware from protecting your PC. It helps you to search your computer system for malware infections and to uninstall them.


  • It helps you to secure your data.
  • The software can detect internet browsing history and browser cookies for privacy.
  • It can isolate suspicious data from other files to prevent further spreading of infection.
  • Advanced System protector does not consume system resources.
  • This application never slows down your system while performing a scan.

4) IObit Malware Fighter

IObit is a program that can detect malware that is quick and easy to use. It allows you to clean your device, speed it up, optimize and secure it. Also, the tool helps you to protect your privacy online.


  • The tool can block real-time threats.
  • It provides privacy and browser protection.
  • Advanced SystemCare can stop the malicious process running in RAM.
  • IObit Malware Fighter increases system security and refresh your web browsing.
  • Drive Error Resolver & Repair windows
  • It has a single click removal of Software leftovers.

5) Avira

Avira is a tool that keeps viruses, malware, and spyware-free on your PC. It is capable of detecting more than 350 000 threats. It will clean the memory and storage of your computer to run the machine quickly.


  • This app can check whether your email id or account is leaked or not.
  • It provides the best malware protection and can show the apps which request to access sensitive data.
  • This free malware scanner provides a pin to protect your calls, chat, Skype, calls, and more.
  • Avira can regularly scan for viruses and remove threats.
  • You can scan your memory, storage, and optimize your computer.

6) McAfee

McAfee is a tool that helps you defend against phishing and malware on your PC. Before they enter your computer, it also helps you to intercept malicious programs.


  • Prevent various types of viruses, malware, and ransomware from infecting your computer.
  • It helps you to secure your firewall and block hackers from accessing your home network.
  • Enables you to store and manage all your online passwords in a single location.
  • Keep sensitive files private by storing them on your system with 256-bit encryption.

7) Avast

Avast is one of the best free malware removal programs that can protect your PC from malware and viruses. It will block your machine from all possible threats. You can find browser bugs with this app.


  • This free malware removal tool can detect malicious software before you install them.
  • This program can protect malware-infected links on the web.
  • You can easily perform a regular scan in order to detect vulnerability and threats.
  • Avast can verify the security of the Wi-Fi network.
  • It is available for iOS, Android, and Mac.

8) Wise Anti Malware

A malware cleaning tool that can improve the speed of your machine is Wise Anti Malware. This tool will provide protection against malicious software in real-time.


  • It can remove pop-up ads.
  • This malware tool can defend against all kinds of threats like malware, virus, phishing, spyware, and more.
  • Cleans Internet history and other traces on available your computer.
  • It can protect your privacy.
  • Increase computer performance by defragging and re-arranging files on your hard disk.
  • It scheduled automatic disk cleaning.
  • Automatically update software.

9) Malwarefox

Malwarefox is a tool that offers protection against malware from computers. Files affected by a rootkit may be restored. The tool can avoid infection threats in real-time.


  • The tool provides a browser cleanup facility.
  • This free malware software offers 24×7 day protection.
  • You install the software without any hassle.
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is a lightweight application hence does not occupy more space in your PC.

10) Security Event Manage

The SolarWinds Security Event Planner is a tool that will help you improve the security of your device. This framework will detect threats, track security policies, and secure your network automatically.


  • This network security software has inbuilt integrity monitoring.
  • It has an intuitive user interface and dashboard.
  • SolarWinds contains integrated compliance reporting tools.
  • It has a centralization log collection.
  • The tool can find and respond to threats faster.

11) STOPzilla

STOPzilla is a program that prevents new infections and can kill malware. To safeguard against malicious pages, it offers web filters.


  • The application is easy to use.
  • It helps you to increase the speed of the computer.
  • STOPzilla is compatible with the Windows operating system.
  • Prevent infection of malware.
  • You can get protection from malicious sites.

12) Xvirus

Xvirus is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to defend your PC from unwanted threats. This tool helps you, without any hard work, to search your computer.


  • The tool can protect your computer in real-time.
  • It uses low system resources.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Xvirus automatically update in the background.
  • It is compatible with your current antivirus solution.

13) Panda Security

Panda Protection is a tool that, when you are working or browsing online, will protect your device against malware. Your system, emails, networks, and other private information can be protected via this application

  • The tool provides Wi-Fi protection against hackers.
  • You can scan the external device for threats.
  • It offers an initiative interface.
  • Provides Wi-Fi protection
  • You can monitor threats in real-time.

14) GridinSoft Anti-Malware

GridinSoft is a program for malware security that can search for malware on your computer. This program ensures that your device is clean from malicious attacks and saved from them.


  • You can perform an unlimited scan for threats.
  • This anti-malware software has a startup guard that can accelerate computer startup.
  • GridinSoft can protect your browser from phishing websites.
  • It can block annoying ads and clear automatic tracking cookies.

15) Bytefence

Bytefence is software that helps protect your system from malware. It provides protection in real-time that keeps you safe against unwanted apps.


  • It can protect against malware and remove harmful trojans, spyware, and worms.
  • Bytefence provides 24/7 protection.
  • You can scan your PC with just one mouse click.