4 Best Website Malware Removal Software [2021 List]

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4 best website malware removal software [2021 list]

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Are you in the market for the best malware removal tools for websites?

As hackers prove that they’re not picky, you shouldn’t, either. That is why it is of utmost importance to get the best malware removal tools for your website.

Many company owners have set up shop online, so their brands are home to the Internet.

The explanation is the simplicity of building a website at whatever time of the year they want and releasing products.

Instead of having a full website shop, some companies opt to go with social media networks as a type of online store.

Compared to using content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and others, the impression is that these platforms are much better.

What they do not understand, however, is that a threat remains what it is, a threat, and its purpose is to steal passwords and confidential data in return for something else.

Sadly, since they are still in the process of improving their online security, most of the victims are start-up online companies.

This should belong to both their website and other websites, making them more prone to attacks.

But what can owners of websites do to avoid such breaches of security and/or potential attacks on their sites? And if they have already been compromised, how will they continue to recover?

Well, the first thing is to safeguard their company by using the best malware removal tools for the website.

A program or tool for website malware removal scans the website periodically, looking for any lurking malicious activities.

It raises warnings to the security experts until it picks them out inside the layers. This will immediately trigger investigations to fix the problem without damaging your business.

But how do you select the right malware removal tools for websites?

It is one thing to decide to get a malware removal tool, but it can be a difficult job to pick out the right one for your website because there are so many choices available today.

Ease of use, effect on the competitiveness of your business, how well and/or fast it operates, and its comprehensive reporting capabilities are among the variables you need to consider before choosing the best website malware removal program.

Here is a roundup of the best malware removal tools for websites for 2021.

What are the best malware removal tools for websites?

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a program that offers security services for cloud-based websites, ranging from prevention to recovery.

There’s no software to download or install because all of its resources are in the cloud. Still, by paying on a monthly basis as given in their plans, you get the facilities.

Sucuri works with every form of website and content management system, offering ongoing testing and removal of antivirus and malware, as well as hack repair, brand credibility, DDoS security, and tracking of blacklists.

In addition to the strong security features, through their friendly and efficient incident response team as well as customer service, they also deliver on their promised response times when it comes to malware removal and hack repair.

Sucuri provides website security tools for various customer groups, including companies, for which personalized configurations are available with advanced features such as NBIMS, customized service level agreements, and professional integration with existing security systems.

Sucuri defends you from brute-force attempts to hack your website via its proprietary firewall, with additional support for content management systems and protection against attacks that exploit code vulnerabilities.

Malware protection is also included in the firewall, as malware will damage your reputation once it infects your website.

Run a Device Scan to find possible mistakes

To find errors causing security issues and slowdowns, run a PC Scan with the Restore Repair Tool. The repair process will replace damaged files with fresh Windows files and components after the scan is complete.

If your site gets hacked, depending on your subscription, Sucuri gives guaranteed response times for malware removal and hack repair from 4 to 12 hours.

In order to demonstrate the issue and how to resolve it, analysts review the files and database.

After that, they make the repairs and then harden your site from potential attacks, plus what was discovered and mitigation measures for the future are disclosed in the comprehensive study.


Sucuri promises 100 percent cleaning of your site so that you can get that dilemma out of your mind.


SiteLock is another top malware removal program for websites that provides automatic detection and removal of malware.

SiteLock detects and eliminates pathogens quickly and affordably, through its patented technology.

The SiteLock team of cybersecurity experts scans your files manually in cases where more complicated remediation is needed and fixes the problem if there is an infection.

In addition, several more security problems plaguing the website are contained in its automated removal services.

SiteLock provides malware removal as one of the most trusted brands in website security through its SiteLock911 tool that downloads the website files, scans the code, removes the malware, then uploads the restored files to the server.

Malware removal is included with whatever kit you go for, along with other features such as simple DDoS security, website acceleration, regular vulnerability check, confidence seal, and WAF.

Having a SiteLock


The malware removal program for this website lets you easily get rid of malware, clean and restore your content management system and website.

It has a WordPress plugin installed by more than one million active users and provides resources such as a comprehensive investigation and removal report, a checklist with actionable points, in addition to cleaning and restoring the website, to deter potential attacks.

It also provides an example of how attackers go to your website, and to use this tool, you should sign up for a premium license.

You will work with over 20 blacklists of anti-spam, anti-malware, and search engines, such as Symantec or Google, with Wordfence.

Get Wordfence for Word

Fixing My Website

This malware removal software website provides a dedicated service for cleaning, deleting, and blacklisting malware from hacked pages.

The repair phase begins by checking for bugs and malware on your website, then cleaning up any compromised files, database entries, and backdoors, after which your site is modified and protection hardened.

Malware, including backdoors and spam links, is automatically deleted, freeing your core files from nasty scripts and enforcing steps to ensure that they are never abused again.

If Google has blacklisted your website, this app will ensure that the alerts are deleted.

When all this is completed, you will be sent a detailed report on the process outlining what has been cleaned and website security repair measures.

Get My Site Fix

Is there a great malware removal tool for websites that you use that didn’t make the list? In the comments section below, let us know.

FAQ: Learn more about malware removal tools from websites
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With the best malware and virus removal software, we have an impressive list.

How is it possible to delete a virus from a website?

You will have to use one of our list of the best malware removal tools on the website.

Is there a mechanism for eliminating free malware?

Yeah, there are a few. Only look at our list of the best antivirus software that is completely secure.

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Note from the Editor: This article was originally published in July 2018 and was revised for freshness, precision, and comprehensiveness in January 2021.