5 Tips for Keeping Your Gaming PC Secure

5 Tips for Keeping Your Gaming PC Secure
5 Tips for Keeping Your Gaming PC Secure

Online gaming is rising rapidly, which means more newbies are entering the space than ever before. Growing numbers are great for the gaming community, but it spells open season for cybercriminals that like to prey on the weak. Part of having an enjoyable gaming experience is maintaining high levels of security – find out how below.

Be Vigilant When Downloading

The very nature of gaming means that you’ll need to download content. However, you should avoid downloading any content you’re not 100% on. For example, if you’re searching for ways to avoid sourcing games legitimately, there’s a high chance you will download a virus along with your game – just wait for the game to drop in price or borrow it from a friend. After all, there’s no point in investing in a quality Intel graphics card (click here to find out more) if you’re going to destroy it with an avoidable virus.

Have Strong Passwords

When gaming online, you’re likely to have several accounts for different platforms including Steam, Microsoft Games, and EA Play. Each of these will allow you access to games and likely store your details and game save data. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your accounts secure by using a strong password. These days, this means a complex string of letters, numbers, and characters; there’s no getting away with popping a letter at the end of your childhood pet’s name. To help you keep track of all your passwords, you can use one of these password managers.

Keep Operating System Updated

Your operating system, the most common being Windows and macOS, will have a range of security features including defenders. However, these rely on databases of known viruses and malware. Therefore, to ensure these remain effective, you need to update your operating system. If you’ve got Windows, this will happen automatically.

Install a Security Suite

Even though your operating system will likely have a defender and firewall by default, some people argue they’re not that effective. Therefore, you can invest in a dedicated security suite like Norton, McAfee, and Bulldog. These will come with high-end features including password vaults, file shredders, and VPNs. Many of these services will offer free and paid services, and you can always have a trial to find out what works for you.

Don’t Click Unknown Links

Online gaming often comes with chatting online. This can be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, but it can also leave you vulnerable to attacks. If a stranger sends you an unfamiliar link, you should avoid clicking on it because that can infect your computer. If you believe the link is genuine but you’re unsure, search for it on Google to see if anyone else in the community has reported it.

Desktop gaming is a fun experience, but you need to exercise caution and take measures to protect your PC. Keep all your software updated, protect your system with a security suite, and avoid downloading suspicious files or clicking on unknown links.