5 Website Security Services You Need To Know For Your Business

website security services

Terms such as data privacy, website security, and data protection have become more than just buzzwords in the aftermath of the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals. Users are increasingly sensitive and demanding more with regard to security. On your website, pleading ignorance of undetected malware that can infect their systems and hijack their information is no longer tolerated.

Protecting your website as a company not only protects your business data but also builds customer confidence. Your website is your company’s virtual office and often your first touchpoint for clients. Any hint of bad website security hurts the perception of your brand and could lead to a loss of business leads.

It is always better to prevent than cure. While you might recover from a security breach with a little effort, rebuilding trust with your customers would take much, much longer.

Some of the world’s top sites, such as Alibaba.com and BBC.co.uk, are still unable to deploy default HTTPS on their website, according to Google’s Transparency report. What can YOU do to protect your website, then?

Website security services you must know

To maintain your website and to safeguard your visitors and yourself from security threats, there are some website security must-haves.

1. SSL Support

For websites today, whether a small blog or a large scale e-commerce site, SSL certificates are an absolute requirement. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate encrypts all of the sensitive information between the client and the browser, ensuring that the connection is secure. When someone visits instantly, that green lock icon and secure text beside your domain name put a visitor at ease. A correctly deployed SSL certificate also improves your Google search rankings these days.

2. Strong Passwords for Admin

It is not possible to understate the value of a strong password. Weak passwords make it very easy to hack your site, particularly when using open source CMS like WordPress. It is therefore essential to ensure that administrative passwords are long, do not resemble an actual word or represent online information about you that is easily found, such as the name of your pet, for example. Use a strong generator with passwords. Your website should only accept strong passwords in the ideal scenario, and make you change your password every 90 days. Although painful to remember and continually update, at night you’ll sleep easier knowing that your site is safe.

3. Bot Blocking

Google’s friendly spider bots crawl your website to gather data to efficiently index your site. Malicious bots may, however, scrape critical information that can be sold and used with nefarious intent from your website. Bots can also perpetrate distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, whereby multiple systems target a single network, causing it to overload and crash. By unduly inflating it, they also result in a misrepresentation of your traffic analytics.

Avoid all these concerns with security instruments that can provide protection against malware and bots, blocking known troublemakers automatically.

4. Regular Updates to Software in your website

Whenever a software update reminder pops up, it’s easy to hit the “skip” button. In order to patch security holes in the system, however, updates are important. Owners whose websites are powered by open-source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal & Magento need to be vigilant, as websites that are not updated can easily be used by hackers.

Now that you are convinced that website security is necessary and that you can take steps, here is a list of website security services to help you sleep at night better.

Five Recommended Website Security Services


Incapsula is one of the internet’s most popular website security services because it has a number of attractive features, including:

Spam Blocker:

Incapsula has a spam profile database that allows it, even under its free plan, to clean annoying emails. This no-charge plan even includes reputation-based security that profiles the sender of the email before filtering the inbox messages.

IP Blacklisting:

If you find a high amount of undesirable traffic originating from specific geographic locations, this feature is effective.


$59 for a Business Plan and $299 for a Pro Plan

Overall performance:

Incapsula provides great service for its price, operating as website security and content delivery network (CDN), but is still a bit behind top competitors in its specific industry. The performance of the CDN metrics was one factor that most reviewers found lacking. Its capabilities for blocking and security, however, are top-notch. For more information, see the video below:


Sucuri is an excellent choice for any website owner because of the following features:

Available as a WordPress Plugin: Nearly 30% of websites are powered by WordPress today. Also, as part of our website protection plans, we use WordPress and offer it to our customers. Security Activity Auditing, File Integrity Monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, Effective Security Optimization and more are part of Sucuri’s WordPress plugin.

Efficient Bot Blocker: Users have talked about the active Sucuri firewall, which rarely fails to detect blocked IP addresses, recognizable bot activity based on a rich pattern database, and possible infiltration (where it automatically hands out a fix).

Limitless Malware Cleanup: Has your website detected malware? No worries, it can be helped by Sucuri security experts. A safety expert can cost you $250 an hour, but it’s more affordable with Sucuri.

Price: for a single website, $199/year

Overall Performance: They blocked about 450,000 WordPress attacks in the first three months of using Sucuri and its WP plugin, according to WPBeginner. That speaks volumes about this service’s efficacy.


The rave is on about Cloudflare’s useful CDN and website security features. Take a look at why:

File Optimization: Similar to Incapsula, for quicker website loading, CloudFlare can compress file sizes and distribute the files in caches across its data centres. Cloudflare will present a backup of its latest interactive “screenshot” if a website is down.

Free service with all the benefits: Cloudflare’s free account offers excellent CDN service for your website, SSL encryption but without a certificate, website analytics, firewall for a website application, access rules (block users, bots, IPs, or email accounts based on profiles you have created), hotlink protection, encryption of email addresses, and more! Speak of a steal!

Price: At $0, it offers a great basic plan that is perfect for personal blogs or websites. Paying $200 per month for their business plan, however, provides you with added security features such as web application firewall, custom SSL certification, and more.

Virtually compatible with any website: Most of the existing blogs and small business websites use Cloudflare. In their survey, 71.6 per cent of websites use Cloudflare for their website security and CDN, according to W3techs.com.


The AlertSite website security service from Smartbear makes the list because it has all the features at a very affordable price that you need.

Easy to Use Interface: The platform allows users to display customizable summaries instead of overwhelming users with data that they can gradually expand in detail where necessary. The interface also displays any security vulnerability at high priority first before other low-priority activities are detected on your website. For effective viewing and navigation, the ability to group monitors together is genuinely useful.

Blocking: Mail Server Monitoring, Availability Testing, Uptime Reporting, IP filtering, and others enable the security service of the website to implement adequate site security to prevent DDoS attacks and the entry of potential malware.

Price: $99 per year for a professional and $999 a year for a small to medium-sized business.

Overall performance: In comparison to Cloudfare’s features that are available for free, the security offered by Smartbear’s Alertsite paid service pales. However, by strengthening its foundations, the ability to monitor multiple website variations, activities, and other metrics allows your online presence to remain consistent. To see how AlertSite works, you can watch the video below:


For SMEs, AppDynamics is a great choice because their websites monitor performance in all areas, in addition to security, for a better and more effective website experience for audiences.

Monitoring: All front and back-end operations are unified in a single monitoring display, measured by APM, Real User Monitoring (RUM), Mobile RUM, Database, and Server monitoring software products from AppDynamics. These characteristics are useful for finding gaps in the efficiency of your protection and website.

Business Impact Analytics: This function displays failed transaction instances and their likely causes. It works well with its report on Customer Win-Back Analysis that updates the specific user’s entire website journey. This is a great way for your website to sniff out some possible bugs.

Security Measurement: In all fields, real-time monitoring helps to assess if the metrics are being inflated by a bot. It can also block the origin of addresses and blacklist IP addresses for these bots.

Multiple Websites: Support for multiple websites is unbeatable because of its price. All features of blocking and monitoring are applied immediately with a single click on all sites owned by an enterprise.

Price: Free or per purchase per unit. For a one-time payment, every unit costs $3,300.

Overall performance: The item may be a little too expensive, but it is very useful for integrating your website’s security and metric monitoring features. It may not work for all company websites, but its one-time payment and unlimited support per unit use makes AppDynamics a worthwhile investment.

Up Wrapping

Real security threats to your website are bots, spam emails, and possible downtimes. It is helpful to have reliable website security and monitoring service to identify patterns and trace the sources of your potential attackers. Data monitoring also helps to measure the possible damage caused by vulnerability exploitation, which helps you to quickly switch to plan B.

Multiple services such as Sucuri and Cloudfare are WordPress Maintenance to provide a security and maintenance package that allows our clients to sleep soundly at night. We can help if you’re not tech-savvy and don’t want to juggle multiple accounts to manage your security on your website! In order to easily manage your website security, our Website Maintenance package can offer you peace of mind and technical know-how.