9 DDoS Protection Companies

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Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS) is a form of attack involving the use of multiple compromised networks to threaten a single web site. Hackers perform DDoS attacks by hijacking unprotected computers, and malware installation. Hackers target a single web-based application or website by using thousands of these “bots” or “zombie computers,” flooding it with a huge volume of traffic and causing the target to become unavailable for legitimate users.

DDoS security has become increasingly difficult recently with DDoS attacks now becoming sophisticated. DDoS attackers have moved their emphasis from network and transport layers to the application layer, where it is difficult to sustain DDoS security. Exponential growth is seen in the size of the attacks and most organizations lack the financial resources to scale up their security systems and provide sufficient defense for DDoS.


Let’s Look at the 9 DDoS Security companies:

Verisign DDoS Protection Services

When Verisign detects a DDoS attack, support staff automatically notifies customers of it and suggests an appropriate mitigation strategy. In addition to monitoring functionality, Verisign also provides mitigation on-demand. It includes Open Hybrid API which enables organizations to use their existing security systems to send threat information to the cloud-based service of Verisign for possible mitigation.

Akamai DDoS mitigation

Akamai’s DDoS mitigation approach involves components based on CDN, DDoS scrubbing, and DNS, depending on the needs of each customer. Apart from safeguarding DNS services from DDoS attacks, Akamai mitigates DNS-based DDoS attacks. This includes automatic rate controls, monitoring software, custom firewall (WAF) web application rules, traffic profiles and workflows that avoid unwanted mitigation behavior.


The website protection company gives its customers an automated option of “always on” DDoS mitigation vs. “on demand.” All options are a paid service, rates differ, and the “always on” approach, the company’s technology claims to handle DDoS attacks “hit and run.” Such attacks include brief bursts of traffic over a long time at interval rates. SiteLock takes full responsibility for both identification and prevention of the attack by automatic detection and activation.

Cloudflare DDoS Protection

The cloud-based DDoS security framework that this firm provides can handle layer-seven attacks as well as layer-four and layer-three attacks. Instead of employing dedicated anti-DDoS equipment, DDoS mitigation includes all devices in its global network. It has capacities of more than 15 Tbps.

Arbor Networks APS

Arbor Networks secure by using hybrid, multi-layer defenses against all forms of DDoS attacks. Arbor’s APS offers security at the premises and tackles state-exhaustion attacks on the application layer and TCP. It uses its detection and mitigation technology to block attacks automatically, easily.

Neustar SiteProtect NG

Neustar SiteProtect NG provides DDoS protection with hybrid and cloud-based solutions to scrubb malicious traffic — with capabilities to enforce countermeasures to protect the uptime of a site, restrict access, and provide automated mitigation across multiple vectors of attack.

Radware DDoS Protection

This company provides essential protection of application and network. This company’s Attack Mitigation Software is a hybrid DDoS security system that comes with ‘always-on’ detection and mitigation with cloud-based volumetric DDoS attack prevention, scrubbing, and 24×7 cyberattack and DDoS health.

DOSarrest DDoS Protection

DOSarrest also focuses on HTTP / HTTPs, in addition to defending websites. The TCP ports 443 and 80 also provide security for APIs and mobile application servers. It provides cloud-based security that includes DDoS protection, a web application firewall, a performance-enhancing CDN, website monitoring and support.

F5 DDoS Protection

F5 protects the networks, cloud, and applications against DDoS traffic, including DNS attacks. This can examine 3-7 layers of a network. F5’s DDoS Hybrid Defender is capable of handling sophisticated device attacks and mixed network attacks while allowing anti-bot, SSL decryption and advanced detection capabilities.