Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy governs all use by any individual or entity (each “User”) of products and/or services provided by Web Support Revolution LP.

1.Illegal use

The Service may be used only for lawful purposes.

Transmission, distribution, storage or any other usage in illegal, disruptive, damaging, offensive, intrusive or abusive purpose is prohibited. Including, without limitations, DMCA and other copyright violations, fraudulent content, computer viruses; drugs, child pornography or other materials that are obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat; websites that send SPAM or use SPAM advertising.

2. Security

Unauthorized eavesdrop, monitoring, access or attempts to use of data, accounts, systems, software, networks or any other property of fixhackedwebsite, fixhackedwebsite’s Users and affiliates is prohibited. Including, without limitations, probing, scanning or testing vulnerabilities; impairing or breaching authentication and other security measures.

3. Load

Any actions that imposes an unreasonable load on systems, networks or any other property of fixhackedwebsite, fixhackedwebsite’s Users and affiliates are prohibited.

4. Reports

In the case of any circumstances or actions that might cause User should immediately inform fixhackedwebsite’s Support.

5. Abuses

Individuals or copyright holders concerned with content served through fixhackedwebsite’s network or other possible law violations may submit a complaint:

A complaint should contain detailed information about specific violation, commonly necessary proofs of violation and your rights to complain, your contact information.

By submitting a complaint, you acknowledge that, at fixhackedwebsite’s sole discretion, copies of the complaint may be provided to the User, the User’s hosting provider, posted on fixhackedwebsite’s website, and/or provided to third party services.

6. Violations

We consider that misunderstandings, misleading attempts, events that not depend on User and other such cases are always possible. That is why WSR policy is to make every commercially reasonable effort to save each our User from any damage in any circumstances, including possible Policy violations.

  • Only serious security violations of this Policy may result in instant User’s account deactivation without notice, criminal and civil liability.
  •  Any violation of this Policy that may cause damage for the Service, fixhackedwebsite, fixhackedwebsite’s Users or affiliates may result in instant deactivation of some abilities for account or particular websites.
  • Any other violations of this Policy may result in preliminary notice that get you time to stop infringement or safely transfer website.

7. Changes

fixhackedwebsite may change this Policy. Any and all changes to this Agreement will be posted on You are deemed to accept and agree to be bound by any changes to the Policy when you use the Service after those changes are posted.