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Best DDoS Attack Tool Online Software 2021

DDoS (denial of service attack) is now centered on the app layer (L7), rather than transport and network layers L3 and L4. This makes it more difficult to combat DDoS attacks. These attacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated.

It is therefore essential to have premium anti-DDoS protection software. If you have a limited budget, you could opt for DDoS-free protection software. Both of these anti-DDoS software variants have one end-game, and that is to alleviate DDoS attacks.

Sources and DDoS bots are being spread across the globe to all ends of cyberspace. A device with an IP address can be converted into a bot to launch an attack. This includes smartphones, IoT devices, and servers.

DDoS protection software must be installed on all web platforms. The recent DDoS attack in the world has prompted this resolve. We’ll explain the best DDoS-free protection software to help you choose which anti-DDoS program to use.

What is the best DDoS-free protection software for your web platform?

Below are the Top 5 Best DDoS Attack Tools.

1. Webroot is a DDoS-Free Protection Software

Webroot is a SaaS (Software as a Service) anti-DDoS tool that filters all DNS demands from a framework to limit traffic to domains that are safety threats. Webroot distributes all DNS requests to its secure DNS at the local network level.

Webroot works well with explicit and encrypted requests (DNS, DoH over HTTPS). Webroot’s servers can be found in the Google Cloud data center, which ensures impressive execution, maximum safety, and exceptional privacy.

DoH encryption is essential as it ensures the security of DNS links. Webroot employs DoH encryption to provide security, visibility, and log-in DNS requests.

2. Akamai Prolexic Routed is a DDoS-Free Protection Software

Akamai has a wide range of products, including Akamai Prolexic Routed. This is a DDoS security tool that can be used to protect server farms. Prolexic Routed is widely considered to be one of the fastest DDoS mitigation tools, with Terabit-level security.

Prolexic Routed offers a 24/7 security service that is fully controlled and backed by its security team. Akamai uses its bulk CDN to stop attacks before they reach the target webpage. The L3 network layer traffic from Akamai is bounced to any of its 20 global cleansing centers. There, the traffic is scrutinized and then filtered.

3. Cloudflare is a DDoS-Free Protection Software

Cloudflare’s DDoS Plan provides a comprehensive DDoS protection tool against network layers 3, 4, and 7. It contains key points that enable security professionals to protect their clients and companies against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Security is always on and attempts to stop an attack as soon as possible. You can use the captcha tool to increase safety and prevent bots from accessing your service.

Cloudflare boasts amazing nodes and networks around the globe. This ensures that you can access Cloudflare from any location in the world.

4. Cloudbric is a DDoS-Free Protection Software

Cloudbric’s cloud-based web app firewall (WAF), is regarded by many as the best solution to protect against DDoS attacks, XSS, and SQL injections.

Cloudbric provides safety for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that don’t have the budget to purchase expensive anti-DDoS software.

Cloudbric provides web safety solutions for all businesses. It includes month-to-month reports and real-time dashboards. Sign-in safety, SSL support, and data leakage are just some of the many features it offers.

Cloudbric WAF uses SWAP, smart web app protection. This is the company’s licensed tool. It uses AI (semantics & pattern matching) as well as many rulesets to stop attacks.

5. Bit Ninja is a DDoS-Free Protection Software

Bit Ninja, a server safety tool that is easy to use and installs on your server in just a few minutes. It requires virtually no maintenance. It is both a cloud-based and onsite solution. It’s an administrator that sits on your framework and relays attack statistics to the central server. This server can be found in the cloud.

Bit Ninja now offers a defense network tech feature. This feature ensures that each secured server learns from any attack and relays it to the central server. This makes it possible to improve the safety shield with each new episode.

Final Thoughts on DDoS-Free Protection Software

To sum it all up, the best approach against DDoS attacks is to prepare in advance. This can be done by purchasing a premium antidotes plan. You can also obtain DDoS-free protection software if you have a limited budget. The range of options is very wide, as shown above.