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Cyber Security Degree Tennessee
Cyber Security Degree Tennessee

Web Security Definition

Web Security, also known as Cyber Security, is the protection of websites and servers against online threats. It protects sensitive data by detecting, limiting, and responding to attacks. It is available in English. Website security checkInvolveScanning URLWebsite security software can be used to detect potential vulnerabilities and malicious code.

The web security check informs users of online risks and provides solutions. It is important to recognize and prevent potential dangers before you can ensure safety. It is also important to know about Hacker, Hacking Trojans, Spyware Adware Rootkits, Spyware, Spyware, Spyware and other malware that can damage, disable or disrupt host computers.

Malware virus threats can infect your computer and cause serious damage to your web security and network. Malware viruses silently invade your system and perform many malicious activities that render your website and network unresponsive.

What is Web Application Security Tool?

Website security tools scan websites periodically to detect suspicious activity. When suspicious activity is tracked, the website security tools immediately bring it to the notice of security experts. Not only that but the alert is sent to the top people in the company. The website security tools help in identifying and removing malware from the business website.

Web Application Security Tools

1. Organization

#OWASPOpen Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a worldwide charitable not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to improving software security.

#ironbeeAnother open-source software. It is used to build universal Web Application Security Tools. It provides a framework to help you develop a security system for web applications.

#ModSecurityThe toolkit assists in real-time web applications in monitoring, logging, and access control.

#NAXSIThe WAF for NGINX is a high-performance, low-maintenance WAF. NAXSI stands for Nginx Anti SQL Injection & XSS. NAXSI can be downloaded open-source.

Scanning / Pentesting

#sqlmapThe sqlmap is an open-source penetration testing tool that automates the detection and exploitation of SQL injection flaws, as well as taking control of database servers.

#OWASP Testing Checklist v4OWASP Testing checklist v4 is a better tool for web vulnerability assessments.

#ZAPCombining Web Application Security Tools is easy to use for finding web application vulnerabilities. The Zed Attack Proxy is for security experts who are familiar with a variety of security tools. It is especially useful for functional testers and developers who are just starting to learn about penetration testing.

#w3af: This framework is designed to help you protect your web applications by identifying and exploiting any web application vulnerabilities. It’s a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework.

#PTF: The Penetration Testers Framework is a modular support system for the most current tools.

#Infection MonkeySemi-automatic pen-testing tool to map/pen-test networks. It is similar to a human attacker.

Self-Protection for Runtime Applications

#SqreenSqreen (Runtime Application Self-Protection) is a solution for Sqreen. The app is monitored and managed by the in-app agent. Traffic redirection is not used to block any unauthorized user activity.


#OAuth2 in ActionLearn how to deploy OAuth 2 from the perspective of a client and an authorization server.

#Securing DevOpsLearn how DevOps, Security, and Cloud Services should be used together.

#Secure By DesignLearn about design patterns and coding styles that make security vulnerabilities less likely.

#Understanding API Security: Learn how APIs are assembled and how OAuth protocol can protect them.


#Usable Security course it’s very helpful for those who want to understand the convergence of security and usability.

Big Data

#Data_hackingHere are some examples of how to use Pandas, Scikit and IPython. Learn how to place a bet on security data.

#hadoop-pcap: Learn about packet capture (PCAP), files from the Hadoop library.

#Workbench: The Python framework is useful for security research and development teams.

#OpenSOCOpenSOC is a combination of many open-source big data technologies to provide a central tool for security monitoring.

#Apache MetronApache Metron is a combination of many open-source big data technologies that are used for security monitoring and analysis.

#Apache SpotOpen source software that provides insights from the packet and flows analysis.

#binarypigIt’s a Scalable Binary Data Extraction in Hadoop.


#Securing DevOpsLearn the security techniques for DevOps. This article will discuss best practices in protecting web applications and infrastructure.