Associate’s in Internet Security Degrees

Internet Security Degrees

Internet security is a subset of computer security that focuses nearly exclusively on the Internet. The terms “Internet security,” “cybersecurity,” and “network security” are frequently interchanged. This is because all three safeguard a computer against viruses, hackers, Internet fraud, malware, spyware, and other incursions that can be discovered on the Internet and destroy a network.

Multiple Types of Cybersecurity Programmes at the Associates level

An associates degree with a cybersecurity emphasis can be found in fields like computer science, computer forensics, or as a separate designation. Salaries for jobs that need an associate’s degree range from $50,000 to $80,000, depending on the specialisation and area. These degrees are frequently transferable to a Bachelor’s programme or can be used to sit for a certification exam.

The field of internet security is continuously expanding. Learn how an associate degree in Internet security can help you break into this field.

School Level Program Admissions
Campbellsville University Associate AS in Criminal Justice Administration Website
Point University Associate Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Website
Point University Associate Associate of Science in Information Technology Website

Length of Internet Security Programmes at the Associate Level

Associate degree programmes in internet security normally take two years to finish. In most cases, the student must complete at least 60 credits. Some of the 60 credits are general education courses, while others are major-related courses.

Technical and community institutions, rather than universities, typically provide associate degree programmes. Internet security programmes are available at a number of institutions across the United States. The curriculum deals with and covers Internet security, even if the words “Internet security” aren’t in the title.

Florida State College at Jacksonville has an AS in IT Security

Through FSC’s accelerated curriculum, an Associate in Science in IT Security can be earned in as little as 20 months. The degree-specific curriculum is only accessible at the Downtown, Kent, and South campuses. General education courses are available at multiple locations and online, but the degree-specific curriculum is only available at the Downtown, Kent, and South campuses. Students can earn certification from a number of companies, including CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft.

What Courses You Might Take

The two-year curriculum requires a total of 60 credit hours. Various courses in intrusion detection, network foundations, and hardware and software setup will make up 45 disciplinary credit hours. Mathematics, humanities, social and behavioural sciences, and communication make up general education; students will pick between two levels of English composition.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the degree with a 2.0 cumulative GPA, including transferred credit, in order to get the degree. All courses must have received a grade of C or higher. A minimum of 25% of the total credit hours must be completed on the FSC campus.

Graduates of the associate degree programme can transfer to a bachelor’s degree programme in a relevant field. With an associate’s degree, you can work as a web developer, a computer network support professional, or an information security analyst. Computer Information Technology is another associate programme at the institution to explore.

Typical Curriculum for Associate’s in Internet Security Programs

Fundamentals of network security, Internet forensics, CCNA routing protocols and principles, and introduction to Linux and security are among the courses available to students in this programme. Students will be prepared to receive a variety of industry certifications as a result of this programme. Because the two are so closely intertwined, internet security is frequently included in information technology projects. Information technology is the process of editing, storing, and retrieving data and information, whereas Internet security is the act of protecting that data and information when it is available over the Internet.

Although some community schools offer an associate degree in cybersecurity and networking with a database development concentration, associate degree Internet security programmes rarely offer concentrations or tracks. However, other computer-related degrees may include cybersecurity, network security, or Internet security as a concentration.

Online Associate’s in Internet Security Degrees

Bachelor’s degree with honours Distance learning programmes are also available for internet security. This curriculum is available online through a number of schools. The learner can work from home with online learning. Instead of attending college classes, students can get their assignments via email, online lectures, discussion boards, and videos. As capstone courses, online programmes may still need completed internships or externships; colleges may aid students in locating approved internships.

Schools with Associate’s in Internet Security Programs

Forsyth Technical Community College offers a Cyber Crime Technology Associate in Applied Science degree. Cybercrime, networking ideas, network vulnerabilities, security concepts, and computer crime investigations are just a few of the courses offered in this curriculum, all of which are focused on Internet security. A capstone course is required for this programme, as it is for many other Internet security associate degree programmes. This course may resemble an internship in nature. The student must demonstrate his or her ability to analyse and determine a company’s security needs, as well as to integrate suitable security into the network and network architecture.

The St. Petersburg College provides a computer and information technology associate degree programme with a network security specialisation and an associate degree in information technology security. The CSN curriculum teaches students about information technology while also allowing them to concentrate on network security.

The University of the Potomac offers an associate degree in security management online that focuses on network and IT security.

Vista College offers an online information technology curriculum. This degree focuses on information technology, but it also includes courses in Internet and network security. In as short as 18 months, Vista’s curriculum can be completed.

Career Options

A frequent approach to a career in cybersecurity is to combine an associate’s degree with certification. Individuals with an associate degree will be better prepared to take certification exams. A Certified Ethical Hacker certifies a candidate’s ability to recognise malicious hacking efforts as well as understand the rules and regulations that govern any hacking activities.

Vendor-specific certifications, such as those offered by Microsoft or CompTIA, will highlight potential employees’ expertise of information technology security jobs. Cryptography, risk management, and vulnerability detection are some of the abilities learned through the CompTIA Security+ certification, which is prominent in the cybersecurity profession.

Traditional web development is one of the entry-level occupations in cybersecurity. When they design websites and applications for a company, they also include security features to keep these services safe from criminal invasions.

Security auditors will examine a company’s network on a regular basis to assess the efficiency of its security procedures. This involves detecting any unusual network activity and verifying whether all access points are protected. They come to a conclusion about whether the current implementations are sufficient and suggest any adjustments that will eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

A computer network support specialist is an expert in the security procedures used to protect a company’s network. They are familiar with the network’s architecture as well as the flow of information inside the company. This involves being aware of the legal and ethical difficulties that can arise while detecting intrusions, as well as assisting in the prevention of potential attacks.

Salary Information

Pay in the cybersecurity area varies depending on the specialisation followed by the individual with an associates degree. Web developers in computer systems design earn an annual mean income of $72,050, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is comparable to all types of web development jobs, which pay an average of $73,760 a year.

New York, Georgia, Minnesota, Colorado, and California are some of the higher-paying states in the US. Web development in Washington pays an average of $134,310 per year, thanks to a number of Fortune 500 tech companies in the Seattle area. Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom, a major clothes retailer, are among these companies.

According to Payscale, the average salary for other occupations, such as an information security auditor, ranges from $55,000 to $83,000. Networking experts earn an average of $56,925 per year, with the top 10% earning roughly $84,000. They perform administrative and troubleshooting activities concerning the network, which sometimes involves security measures.