Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes for 2021

Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes
Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes for 2021 – A few decades ago, the concept of a cordless communication device was deemed nearly inconceivable. Nevertheless, it was featured in several science fiction programs at the time. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are a need in the lives of millennial. We even went a step further than that.

Even though they are termed phones, they are more potent than PCs from the previous decade. Whatever brand and operating system you select, your pocket now contains a multifunctional console that can be used as a music player, computer, movie player, gaming device, and so on. With so much functionality, it’s no surprise that the present generation is known for always being hunched over their phones.

Mobile phones and tablets are used for more than just conversation and entertainment. Indeed, it enables ordinary people to initiate and broadcast entire social revolutions, preserve their most memorable experiences, and have rapid access to knowledge. Given that you can now get everything online going to the store has become a leisure activity.

You can’t afford to ignore the potential of this new media as a website owner. WordPress and other platforms are continually creating new and unique themes that are also fully mobile-responsive. So let’s have a look at some of the most excellent WordPress mobile-friendly themes, shall we?

Finding the appropriate WordPress theme isn’t straightforward, and it may be downright intimidating for many newcomers. However, your theme influences your site’s appearance and how your visitors perceive your entire online presence.

There’s a lot more to consider than just how it looks and functions. The user experience, security, and search engine rankings are all influenced by your theme. It should be easy to customize and use on the back end, so you don’t have to rip your hair out every time you need to move a widget. There’s also the risk of significant theme FOMO, with thousands of free and expensive options.

Here’s a hint to make your search go a little smoother: Toss a theme out if it doesn’t work or look decent on mobile devices. Mobile devices are likely to account for almost half of your website traffic. To suggest you’re missing out if your website doesn’t cater to this enormous customer base is an understatement.

Choose a mobile-friendly theme for your website to help your mobile users. You’ll ensure that your site looks just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop by doing so.

But first, what should you look for in such a theme?

What Makes a Theme Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendly Themes for WordPress operate on mobile devices just as well as they do on desktop browsers. However, two variables are critical for improved mobile functionality.

Mobile-friendly themes, for starters, are responsive. This means that the page’s layout and design are adjusted to fit the screen’s width. Many contemporary websites are excellent examples of responsive design. See what happens if you go to one of your favorites and decrease the browser window.

Simply presenting the same site layout on any screen size won’t enough in WordPress. A good theme should automatically modify the sizes and arrangement of your page elements for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile-friendly themes, on the other hand, are light. Your web server must construct the page and provide the contents to the visitor’s browser every time someone visits your WordPress site. The fewer extra code and features your theme contain, the less work your server must perform to send the page, and the faster your site will load.

Because mobile devices lack the computing capacity of desktop computers, lightweight WordPress websites are significant for mobile viewing. Unfortunately, this can cause content-heavy pages to lag on mobile; select a speed-optimized theme to avoid this issue.

Almost every premium (and many free) WordPress themes will claim to include one or both of these characteristics. Even so, not all mobile themes are created equally. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top options available right now.

In this article, I’ll show you 15 WordPress themes that look great on mobile devices.

Best Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes


Avada is, without a doubt, one of the best WordPress themes available. Hundreds of thousands of people use Avada for their desktop and mobile websites, including novices, professionals, agencies, businesses, marketers, and creative. Avada is mobile-friendly and fully responsive across all devices, with regular updates to keep your site looking great and functioning well at all times.

Try Avada if you want basic or advanced customization possibilities without having to know how to code. Its drag-and-drop visual content editor makes designing, updating, and maintaining content a breeze. You may also quickly examine your designs on a variety of screen sizes with the Global Styling function.

Check out some of our favorite websites that use the Avada theme to see how it works.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Avada


Uncode is another visually stunning theme that is also mobile-friendly. This theme comes with over 40 pre-built layouts that can be imported with a single click and is jam-packed with unique features. The theme’s creators designed it lightweight, so your pages will load quickly, even on slower devices.

Uncode is compatible with several popular WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, and Custom Lightboxes. In addition, a content block portion of the theme allows you to create gorgeous headers, footers, and duplicate content sections.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Uncode


Another popular and responsive WordPress theme for ecommerce sites is uDesign. Even if you have little or no coding experience, uDesign can assist you in creating a professional website for your company.

Choose any of uDesign’s responsive page layouts to make your site mobile-friendly; your site will adapt to tablet, smartphone, and desktop devices. This responsiveness is combined with two mobile menu options and SEO optimization to help your site rank higher in organic search results.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme uDesign


Over one million active users think that Astra is one of the best free WordPress themes available today. The Astra theme comes with a tone of features and mobile-ready starter templates; importing one will help you have a responsive site up and running in no time at a low cost.

Astra offers numerous options for making your WordPress site mobile-friendly. For example, you can vary the size of your typography depending on the device, set breakpoints (widths that cause the site’s layout to change), and change the header for mobile devices. You’ll be well on your way to ensuring that your site works on any screen when you combine this theme’s excellent loading speeds, lightweight design, and compatibility with top page builders.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Astra


Divi is a responsive WordPress page builder and a multipurpose WordPress theme in one. You can quickly change your module location, fonts, and colors with the Divi Builder, then flip between different screen sizes inside the builder to see how your designs react.

Divi also includes hundreds of website packs, pre-made, mobile-friendly layouts for full websites that you can customize with your content. After installing a pack, you won’t have to worry about mobile optimization as much.

Check out our comprehensive Divi review for more information, as well as several Divi website examples.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Divi


Spacious is a simple, responsive theme for small and medium-sized businesses downloaded over 70,000 times. It has four distinct page layout options, four different blog display options, extensive typography options, and over 15 different template websites to choose from. The theme files have been optimized for search engines as well as loading speed.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Spacious


Enfold, one of the most popular themes on ThemeForest helps to reduce friction when designing desktop and mobile websites significantly. With its native builder, in-depth documentation, and narrated tutorials to aid users, Enfold emphasizes ease-of-use in the build process. Enfold also includes dozens of responsive pre-built website designs, as well as mobile-optimized and responsive slider displays that you can apply to your site.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Enfold


ThemeIsle’s Neve is another popular free theme. This theme was created with mobile in mind, so you’ll find beautifully responsive pages, mobile headers, and support for Accelerated Mobile Pages, all of which will improve your mobile surfing experience.

The Neve theme comes with multiple demos for various website niches in the free version, all of which are mobile-friendly and compatible with the most common WordPress page builders. Finally, because it works well with WooCommerce, Neve is ecommerce ready.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Neve


Hestia is a one-page WordPress theme that is simple but stylish. Its clean and minimalist design makes it an excellent alternative for modern internet enterprises and startups that value the simplicity of navigation. And, of course, all of its single-page layouts are mobile-friendly. So you don’t have to start from scratch using these layouts to develop and publish your site swiftly.

Hestia designs offer pre-built sections for your contact information, bio, client testimonials, shop, and more and are compatible with major website builders and the WooCommerce plugin.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Hestia


Another excellent free choice for WordPress bloggers is the JustBlue theme. It’s responsive, fast, and SEO-friendly, and it gives you complete control over the design and feel of your site – everything is handled from the theme options panel. The related posts widget is also worth mentioning because it exposes users to more of your material and helps you grow your readership.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme JustBlue


Try H-Code for a more feature-rich theme for your mobile site. This theme comes with a tone of customization options to help you create a gorgeous site for both desktop and mobile. In addition, with over 50 responsive homepage designs and 20 responsive one-page demos, you’ll almost certainly find a ready-to-use design that you like right away.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme H-Code

Profile Theme

Try Profile Theme, a premium mobile-friendly choice from Organic Themes, if you need a theme for your online portfolio, résumé, professional profile, or any other personal site.

The Profile Theme has all of the essential elements you’d expect from a theme, all of which are oriented toward displaying your best virtual self. Several theme options, a slideshow feature, and social network connectors are responsive, retina-optimized, and customizable.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Profile Theme


Up to this point, we’ve looked at some WooCommerce-compatible themes, but the WooShop theme focuses on WooCommerce-powered online stores. The theme allows you to customize your homepage and product pages in great detail, and any changes you make will be adapted to mobile devices.

WooShop also contains a library of retina font icons to aid navigation on smaller screens while saving space and all mobile-friendly Google fonts.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme WooShop


Kalium is a visually stunning WordPress theme that encourages creativity. Users may anticipate Kalium to receive content updates after purchase, ensuring that your website is always up to date with the newest technological developments. New features include SoundCloud and VK icons, Content Dividers, New Default Fonts, Widgets for Blog Posts, and Pricing Tables.

Your website will, of course, be fully mobile responsive. On the screens of tablets and mobile phones, every feature and page element will look fantastic. This has the potential to boost both the number of views and the amount of money you make. A good website must make every effort to accommodate users from all walks of life. Your well-written content can now be shown in any language thanks to the introduction of .po files. Each feature on your page will also have its own short code. You can browse the complete theme documentation source for additional information about this product. A live preview has been provided for those who prefer a more hands-on experience. It’s worth noting that the Layer Slider Plugin was provided, which allows users to create stunning content sliders and galleries. There will be some stunning, jaw-dropping effects in these.

Kalium wordpress theme


Sitka is a new and respectable addition to the blogging theme space, emphasizing its extensive customization possibilities, layouts, one-click sample imports, mobile-friendly font selections, and easily configurable featured area styles. This option will be beneficial to both new and experienced bloggers.

Sitka’s layouts are all mobile-friendly, and the theme is updated periodically to address any concerns with mobile compatibility.

mobile preview of the mobile friendly wordpress theme Sitka


Making It Work on Mobile

Your WordPress site must be responsive and mobile-friendly these days. You’ll save hours of work trying to fit each page to numerous screen sizes if you use the correct mobile-friendly theme. Consider any of these themes to ensure that visitors have a consistently great experience regardless of how they browse.