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Best Website Monitoring Service – Website performance is critical because it directly affects your company’s bottom line; therefore, selecting the correct website monitoring solution is vital! They do frequent tests and notify you when your site is down, making it easier to identify and resolve problems.

Best Website Monitoring Service

There are numerous alternatives available, ranging from simple uptime or transaction monitoring to comprehensive web performance monitoring solutions. So, if you’re looking for website monitoring software, go no further than our carefully curated list of some of the top alternatives available.

There are numerous approaches to determining what is causing your performance to deteriorate, ranging from monitoring the servers’ resources to employing accurate user monitoring and synthetic monitoring to assess how the website responds to user input.

With so many factors to consider, choosing the proper tool for the job can be challenging. From paid tools to free sources, there are endless possibilities from which to select. While several excellent open-source solutions are available, I’d like to concentrate on the SaaS options because they offer more significant support and can give service-level agreements that most open-source programs cannot.

If you manage a company website, scheduled downtime should be kept to a minimum. Unplanned downtime should be avoided at all costs because it can be both costly and embarrassing. Various actions must be taken for this to occur. Effective website monitoring and administration are among them. Here’s what you should know.

It is critical to creating solid foundations for your website.

Every decision or action you take about your website affects its security. These decisions must be made well before you begin the process of building your website. For example, when you purchase your domain, you must ensure that any privacy options accessible to you are activated. Even if they are not free, they are usually worthwhile. You should also install a lock on your domain so that any essential operation (such as a transfer) requires additional verification.

You must select your host with security in mind (way ahead of budget), and you must choose the appropriate hosting package for your needs and desires. Remember the adage, “you have to spend money to make money?” In other words, budget for security and infrastructure, especially bandwidth. These can have a significant impact not just on the uptime of your website but also on the overall user experience.

If you’re dealing with an existing website, it’s a good idea to conduct a comprehensive security audit of all decisions made regarding it. If there is no documentation for these, you must go through every part of your website until it is fully documented. Then, go over your results and commit to making any necessary changes.

Once your website is up and running, you must constantly monitor it.

Even the most robust defenses can be breached if left unattended for an extended period. This means you can’t just sit back and let your automatic reasons do their thing. Instead, you must check your website regularly and commit to acting on any notifications you receive.

Be mindful that many of them will turn out to be false positives, mainly when you first deploy new software (or update current software), but you can fine-tune your settings to reduce these over time.

A website vulnerability scanner is at the heart of a successful website monitoring approach. These are offered from various providers, each with their take on how to integrate them. However, any good website vulnerability scanner will also incorporate anti-malware scanning and a website applications firewall.

There are a variety of other website monitoring tasks you may perform. Ping testing and DNS tests are arguably the two most crucial. Ping tests will monitor your server’s performance and notify you of any issues as they arise. They have numerous applications and are invaluable for identifying DDoS attacks while there is still time to mitigate them (especially if you have plenty of bandwidth). DNS testing can immediately tell you if your domain has been hijacked. This is relatively infrequent, but it can also be challenging to detect if it occurs, so it’s worth testing.

Monitoring is also required for your servers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Your servers are where your data is housed, and cyberattackers can use your PCs and mobile devices to obtain vital login information. This implies that they require adequate security, such as anti-malware scanning and a firewall. If you have remote and mobile users, a virtual private network is also highly suggested. This will make up for any flaws in third-party internet connections.

Website monitoring is a component of overall security hygiene.

However, website monitoring is intended to supplement, not replace, your general security hygiene. It is not, in particular, a substitute for failing to maintain your software up to date or for failing to manage and monitor your users effectively, particularly your admin users.

These are two of the most common causes of website failure, but they are readily avoidable with proper management. If you are aware that you are having difficulty deploying updates on time, it may be better to employ a third-party provider to handle this for you.

This would free up your time to concentrate on monitoring and managing your users, which is one of the most crucial aspects of website security. Keep in mind that security concerns can be created by both ignorance and malice. In reality, it’s most likely more widespread, at least among your staff. So it is up to you to make the necessary efforts to implement appropriate security policies and educate your employees on why they are essential.

Top 19 Best Free & Paid Website Performance Monitoring Tools

Here are the top 15 free and paid website performance monitoring tools accessible today.



Site24x7 is a SaaS-based all-in-one DevOps and IT monitoring solution. Site24x7 website monitor examines a website worldwide, allowing you to assess its performance and minimize downtime.


  1. From 110+ locations across the world, monitor the performance and uptime of websites and other internet services such as DNS servers, FTP servers, REST APIs, and so on.
  2. In a real browser, record and simulate multi-step user interactions, then improve them.
  3. Please keep track of the time it takes for each static resource on your site to load.
  4. Secure your website by keeping an eye on SSL/TLS certificates, website defacement, and other threats.
  5. Receive immediate notifications via email, SMS, or phone call.

ManageEngine Applications Manager


ManageEngine Applications Manager allows you to track and monitor all areas of website performance. It has four separate monitors for dynamic website monitoring (URL monitor, URL Sequence Monitor, Website Content Monitor, and Real Browser Monitor).


  1. Track the performance of a single or a series of web pages.
  2. Before launch, keep an eye on crucial page workflows and test apps.
  3. Keep track of unlawful content updates.
  4. Simulate and analyze the end-user experience, as well as track website performance from a variety of angles.
  5. Automated application discovery, tracing, and diagnostics let you find and fix problems faster (ADTD).
  6. With machine learning-enabled analytics, you can predict future resource use and growth.


updown ioUpdown is an online uptime monitoring application that sends an HTTP request to any URL to check the status of a website on a regular basis. If the website does not reply properly, you will be notified via SMS or email.


  1. It provides multilingual assistance.
  2. Updown provides an API that may be used to create custom integrations.
  3. It accommodates downtime from a variety of areas.
  4. Instead of HTTP status, this software looks for the presence of a string.
  5. You’ll get notifications if your certificates are about to expire or if they’re invalid.

Paessler Website Monitoring

Paessler Website Monitoring

Paessler Website Monitoring is a programme that can track a site’s availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This application can determine how long it takes for your website to load.


  1. It guarantees that your website runs smoothly and without errors.
  2. This tool can easily monitor many URLs.
  3. It has a built-in alarm system.
  4. Paessler can assess the uptime of a website.
  5. It has the ability to track mail, databases, and mail servers.


solarwindsThis uptime monitor program provides a single dashboard for troubleshooting issues. Customize the web-based performance dashboards, charts, and views with this tool.


  1. Performance can be tracked from multiple locations.
  2. It generates a comprehensive load-time report.
  3. For improved visibility, you’ll get entire website performance monitoring.
  4. It has a transaction recorder that is linked to the browser.
  5. Any website or software, both inside and beyond the firewall, can be tracked.


StatusCakeWhen a user’s website goes down, StatusCake delivers an instant alert. It can also send out alerts if any technical issues, such as delayed loading, are discovered.


  1. You may test the availability of your website from over 28 different countries.
  2. Monitoring services for domains and servers are provided.
  3. It examines how quickly your webpage loads.
  4. You can renew your certificate using StatusCake’s SSL monitoring.
  5. It assures that the website is free of viruses, trojans, and other security risks.
  6. A complete report will be sent to you through email.
  7. It includes 48 locations for website testing.


alertbot-logoAlertBot is a powerful website monitoring tool with simple use capabilities for checking your websites, online apps, servers, and APIs. They provide extensive data that assist you in pinpointing website issues and identifying bottlenecks so you can take immediate action.


  1. It’s simple, intuitive, and simple to set up, plus it comes with excellent customer service.
  2. It includes a real-time browser transaction web recorder that can be used to replicate multi-step user interactions such as shopping carts, forms, logins, and other procedures.
  3. Emails with thorough summary reports are sent to you.
  4. They provide immediate notification via text, email, or phone call.
  5. They provide testing in more than 100 places across the world.


uptimeUptime software determines whether or not your website is down. If your website is down, this software will notify you via email, phone call, or SMS. It examines the availability of your website from more than 30 distinct locations on six continents.


  1. It generates a full server report every day, week, or month.
  2. It scans the webpage for viruses.
  3. HTTP(s), API, TCP, DNS, and real-time user monitoring are all possible with this software.
  4. You can create a bespoke app or choose from one of our existing applications.
  5. It integrates with a variety of services, including Twitter and Slack.


SmartBear is a software development tool used for application performance monitoring, software testing, and API management. It features a 350+ private monitoring option network.


  1. It detects website or web application performance issues.
  2. Without creating code, you can use this tool to evaluate multi-step API transactions.
  3. It keeps track of SLA (Service-Level Agreement) requirements and reports on them.
  4. Checks the performance of web apps, responsive design, and mobile-enabled sites via mobile monitoring.
  5. It improves mobility by keeping track of cloud-based applications.


solarwinds pingdomPingdom is a website uptime monitoring service that aims to make the internet faster and more dependable. Customers are notified of any issues using this technology, allowing them to focus on their everyday tasks.


  1. It evaluates every aspect of a website.
  2. This app gives you an overview of your performance.
  3. You can look up your previous performance records.
  4. It enables you to test from a variety of locations.
  5. It can monitor and analyse the time it takes for crucial pages on a website to load.
  6. False alterations can be filtered out.
  7. Pingdom integrates with REST APIs.


UptrendsUptrends is a website, server, and API uptime monitoring application that allows you to manage the performance, uptime, and functionality of your websites, servers, and APIs.


  1. SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SQL, and MySQL are among the protocols supported by the application for website and server monitoring.
  2. Automatically delivers dashboard reports in PDF or Excel format to the recipient you specify via email.
  3. You can track the uptime of your API and create API calls to double-check the data it returns.
  4. Multi-step transactions such as login, search, shopping carts, and forms can all be monitored using this online tool.
  5. It detects web performance faults in browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Host-TrackerHost Tracker is a thorough online monitoring tool that lets you discover where your website is weak and strong. This tool may also be used to determine the response time and page speed of a website.


  1. You can verify the website’s availability from over 140 different locales.
  2. It lets you save the final report as a PDF, XML, or CSV file.
  3. You can be notified of issues via Skype, email, voice call, or Google Hangouts.
  4. This utility can track the expiration of domain and security certificates.
  5. If your website is down, Host-tracker will immediately suspend your Google Ads.
  6. You can see if a domain or IP address is blacklisted.


Freshworks is a cloud-based service that can track more than 50 URLs from ten different locations across the world. It provides protection against false alarms. This programme allows you to obtain alterations without requiring a login.


  1. It sends out quick downtime notifications.
  2. Customers can get real-time updates on the status of your web service and incidents.
  3. More than 30 users get weekly reports and downtime alerts in real time.
  4. It supports many notification channels, including Slack, SMS, Twilio, and Email.
  5. This tool can look at URLs, UDP, TCP ports, DNS, and other things.
  6. You may add customer troubleshooting instructions to each and every check in Freshworks.


uptime robotUptime Robot is a website monitoring programme. It checks your websites every five minutes and sends you an alert if they go down.


  1. It can perform port, ping, and HTTP checks (s).
  2. You may check the uptime, downtime, and response time.
  3. It allows you to disregard downtimes.
  4. You may check for downtime from a variety of places.
  5. With Uptimerobot’s REST API, you may execute monitoring operations.
  6. You can share statistics with visitors or coworkers using this app.
  7. You can pick a time period during which you will not be tracked.


Siteuptime is a cloud-based service that monitors your website from over eight different locations. Multiple servers can be monitored using this programme.


  1. It generates a monthly report that may be accessed via the account management panel at any time.
  2. FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, and FTP can all be monitored.
  3. It contains a graphical button icon that you can use to show the status of your monitoring on any website.
  4. It enables you to alter the alert failure threshold.
  5. You can make monitoring statistics available to the public.
  6. You may use this app to send email alerts.


AppBeat is a website and server monitoring tool. It allows you to see if any of your services are offline or unresponsive.


  1. It looks for an HTTP(S) response that is legitimate.
  2. TLS or SSL monitoring is provided by this tool.
  3. POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols can be used to test your email server.
  4. It sends a ping request to the server to see if it is responding properly.
  5. The UDP or TCP protocols can be used to test port connectivity.
  6. AppBeat checks domain server entries to make sure your addresses are resolved correctly.


Monitis is a programme that assists you in optimising your website and avoiding system outages. It also monitors the health of your website on a regular basis.


  1. It gives you real-time information.
  2. This programme keeps track of web transactions.
  3. It can detect and fix any website’s performance issues.
  4. Monitis can assess the health of servers and network performance.
  5. It sends out a notification by Twitter, SMS, or email.
  6. TCP protocols such as SMTP, SIP, HTTP, UDP, and others are supported by this programme.

New Relic

New RelicNew Relic APM is a DevOps tool for monitoring uptime. This analytics tool allows you to monitor the application’s performance and give real-time statistics.


  1. External Service Performance Should Be Monitored
  2. It enables full-stack notification.
  3. With in-depth analytics, you can organize, visualize, and assess your data.
  4. Give a clear image of systems that are always evolving.
  5. The dashboard for the external service shows graphs with response times.
  6. Make your own queries based on metric data and names.
  7. To handle and track all key business or corporate transactions, use the Principal Transactions Monitor tool.


AppDynamics is software for managing application performance. It keeps your business running smoothly by detecting irregularities. In order to fix app issues, this programme allows you to visualise income paths along with customer and app experience.


  1. It allows you to keep track of every key click, swipe, and tap.
  2. This programme uses machine learning to detect anomalies automatically.
  3. It has enterprise-level security.
  4. You can set up, configure, administer, and manage the system.
  5. It can be installed on-premises or as a cloud-based service.
  6. Appdynamics works with public, private, and multi-cloud apps.