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Fixhackedwebsite provides robust website security against hackers – thus helping you stay calm while online. It not only ends with security but also helps to immediately delete malware while searching the website. It is the best website security tool that delivers state-of-the-art protection techniques from simple to complex threat landscape to ensure the security of SMB websites. It guarantees early detection of risks, urgent response and sophisticated preventive measures.

It is a comprehensive suite of managed services and security solutions that provides malware protection and detection; instant attack response and rapid recovery; enhanced performance rate and prevention of distributed denial of service ( DDoS) attack for servers and websites in web applications.

As a managed security service provider, it also offers a 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center), employed with the best website security experts who are equipped and experienced with the readiness to provide support for platform implementation and monitoring, as well as to investigate incidents and provide quick response and therefore suitable for SMB website security. Fixhackedwebsite Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosts and secures the Website.

Fixhackedwebsite vs Basic Version: Which one is best?

Fixhackedwebsite enables hack repair and restore malware, full blacklist removal of sites, spam and website filtering, regular vulnerability scanning, trojan detection and security, repair and restore vulnerability, brand reputation tracking, traffic hijacking recovery, SEO poisoning recovery, automatic advanced threat identification, automated malware removal, and Detection of server commands and controls although the basic version of Fixhackedwebsite does not feature full elimination of the blacklist tab.

Fixhackedwebsite provides security information and event management services that offer real-time threat and violation protection, advanced persistent threat recognition, incident management and remediation, search and track anomalies, although Fixhackedwebsite Basic does not support this service.

Fixhackedwebsite provides a 24/7 cyber security operation center with dedicated CSOC analyst, expert tuning and configuration management, reverse malware and suspicious engineering, threat detection and analysis, multi-incident connections, integration with threat intelligence and alert and incident escalation while Fixhackedwebsite Basic does not have CSOC analysts, expert tuning and configuration services.

How You Should Protect Your Website

On the internet there are just over 1.9 billion websites, and one-third of the world ‘s population visits these websites every day.

Given the vast number of people visiting websites, website owners need to make sure their websites are safe places for their users. Internet security data shows that more than 50,000 websites are targeted daily.

For example, this is why you should make sure your website is safe.

Strengthen customer trust

When website owners make sure their sites are free, their customers will have them trusted. That will turn into more sales, a good reputation online and more income.

Hackers on the web target websites from which they can easily gain personal information from individuals. Secure websites are more optimistic than websites which are vulnerable.

Your website is getting more visitors

When you visit a website which is poorly protected, your browser will let you know it is not safe.

For most people, once they see this message on a website, they shut it down immediately and look for alternative websites.

Search engines trust

Search engines will trust your website after you’ve secured websites. Improved website security helps improve your search engine optimization ( SEO), which in turn leads more people to your website by allowing higher ranking on the results pages of the search engines.

Your website remains live

Numerous website attacks result in the website being washed off from the internet.

No one wants to invest their time and money in building up a loyal following and clients on their website and then one day all their hard work is washed out for something they’d done to prevent the happening.

Types of attacks targeting your website

The websites can face different types of attacks. Every day, hackers discover new methods to exploit vulnerabilities on your websites.

Here are some of the common attacks which help to prevent proper website security.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS applies to distributed service denial. This is a website assault marked by an influx of visitors spoofing the website. This kind of attack overwhelms your website making it inaccessible to your visitors.

Malware and Viruses

Most people know their personal computers are affected by virus attacks. Websites are also affected by virus and malware attacks. There are various kinds of viruses and malware which affect websites. There are many

Viruses and malware will get compromised by links to your websites. They will affect your website and your client ‘s computer. Viruses can infect computers of visitors to the website by clicking on the link.

Attacks by automated website

It is not just websites that hackers attack. They create the viruses and malware which they use to target websites afterwards. Once the viruses and malware are created, their deployment is automatic for attacking any vulnerable websites.

Theft of usernames and passwords

Another common attack against the website is username and theft of passwords. Successful admin username and password theft lead to attackers taking over your website.

Attackers may also steal the website visitors’ usernames and passwords, and may compromise certain aspects of their online activities.

You can adopt methods to secure your website

Now that we’ve seen the advantages of the best security on the website and the different types of attacks you may experience on your website, let us see the different methods you can use to secure your site.

  • Regular security and vulnerabilities checks on website
  • How to use HTTPS protocols
  • Update the Software
  • Receive SSL Certificates
  • Pick a secure host
  • Backup Website

Regular security and vulnerabilities checks on website

It ‘s important that you search and review your websites periodically for any threats and vulnerabilities that may impact your website through automated attacks.

Fixhackedwebsite is one of the leading tools you can use to search and delete any malware that aims to compromise your website’s integrity. It is available freely, and you can upgrade to advanced security premium use to prevent future attacks.

How to use HTTPS protocols

HTTPS protocols are specialized security measures for websites which are accepted. Search engines label all websites that have not adopted HTTPS protocols as vulnerable websites, for example Google.

Without those protocols, hackers can easily access your website and steal information from your user.

Update the Program

If you are using CMS systems or have other applications and plug-ins installed on your website, it is vital that you always keep them updated. Updating software means you don’t use outdated software to leave your security vulnerabilities on your websites.

Receive SSL Certificates

This is an important method of Website security. This encrypts all information made available on the website against unauthorized users’ access. It is widely used by e-commerce websites to protect against theft of credit card numbers and websites for their customers which require access to username and password.

Select a stable host

When choosing a hosting platform for your website, choose one that has sophisticated security measures for its servers and websites for its customers. This is critical, as once security is compromised on your hosting platform; your website is vulnerable to attacks.

Backup Website

If an intrusion can not be stopped and your website is compromised, you ‘d better have an easily accessible and retrievable backup. This means that in case of an attack you will be back online within the shortest time possible.


Website security forms an integral part of online business and life. It is an imminent threat and is at risk on all websites.

Therefore it is important for all website owners to start adopting the best methods of website security from the very first day that their website is on-line.