Best Website Security Testing Tools Online in 2021


Best Website Security Testing Tools Online 2021

Best Website Security Testing Tools Online – Penetration testing software aids in the discovery of security flaws in a network, server, or web application. These technologies are extremely valuable since they enable you to find “unknown flaws” in software and networking applications that could lead to a security breach. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is the full form of VAPT. VAPT Tools assault your system both within and outside the network as though a hacker was attacking it. The system must be corrected if illegal access is possible.

Best Penetration Testing Tools


Netsparker - website security testing tools online

Netsparker is a simple online application security scanner that automatically detects SQL Injection, XSS, and other vulnerabilities in your web applications and web services. It’s offered as both an on-premises and a cloud-based solution.


  • With the innovative Proof-Based Scanning Technology, you may detect vulnerabilities with pinpoint accuracy.
  • There is only a small amount of setup necessary. URL rewrite rules and custom 404 error pages are detected automatically by the scanner.
  • REST API for syncing with the SDLC, bug tracking systems, and other services.
  • The solution is completely scalable. In just 24 hours, you can scan 1,000 web applications.


Acunetix - website security testing tools online

Acunetix is a penetration testing tool that is completely automated. Its online application security scanner checks HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page apps with pinpoint accuracy. It can audit complicated, authenticated web apps and generate compliance and management reports on various web and network vulnerabilities, including out-of-band flaws.


  • Scans for all SQL Injection variations, XSS, and over 4500 other vulnerabilities
  • Over 1200 WordPress core, theme, and plugin vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Quick and Scalable — crawls uninterrupted hundreds of thousands of pages
  • Integrates with major WAFs and Issue Trackers to help with the SDLC Available both on-premises and on the cloud


Intruder - website security testing tools online

Intruder is a robust, automated penetration testing tool that finds security flaws throughout your IT infrastructure. Intruder protects organizations of all sizes from hackers by providing industry-leading security tests, constant monitoring, and an easy-to-use platform.


  • Threat coverage that is best in class, with over 10,000 security checks
  • Checks for configuration flaws, missing fixes, and application flaws (such SQL injection and cross-site scripting), among other things.
  • Scan results are automatically analyzed and prioritized.
  • Easy to set up and run your initial scans, thanks to the intuitive interface.
  • Proactive security monitoring for the most recent security flaws
  • API connectivity with your CI/CD pipeline using AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud connectors


Indusface - website security testing tools online

Based on the OWASP top 10 and SANS top 25, Indusface WAS provides manual penetration testing and automated scanning to find and report vulnerabilities.


  • Crawler scans Single-page applications.
  • Feature of pausing and restarting
  • Scanner reports from both manual and automated scanners are displayed on the same dashboard.
  • Unlimited proof-of-concept requests provide proof of reported vulnerabilities and aid in the elimination of false positives from automated scan results.
  • WAF integration is an optional feature that allows for quick virtual patching with zero false positives.
  • Crawl coverage is automatically expanded based on real-time traffic data from WAF systems (in case WAF is subscribed and used)
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to discuss remediation standards and points of contact.

Intrusion Detection Software is a tool that can identify a wide range of advanced threats. It delivers DSS (Decision Support System) and HIPAA compliance reporting. This program can keep an eye on suspicious attacks and behavior in real-time.


  • Reduce the amount of time spent detecting intrusions.
  • Provides effective reporting while ensuring compliance.
  • Real-time logs are available.
  • It can detect rogue IP addresses, programs, and accounts, among other things.


Solarwinds - website security testing tools online

TraceRoute is a programme that allows you to examine a network path. IP addresses, hostnames, and packet loss can all be detected using this software. It uses a command line interface to give precise analysis.


  • It can analyse both TCP and ICMP network paths.
  • This programme may generate a txt log file.
  • Both IP4 and IPV6 are supported.
  • Changes in the path will be detected and you will be notified.
  • Allows for continuous network probing.


ExpressVPN - website security testing tools online

ExpressVPN protects your online activity from three-letter agencies and crooks. It provides unrestricted access to music, social media, and video, with no IP addresses, browsing history, DNS queries, or traffic destination being logged.


  • There are 160 servers in 94 countries.
  • Connect to the VPN without any restrictions on bandwidth.
  • Leak proofing and encryption are used to provide internet security.
  • Hide your IP address and encrypt your network data to be safe.
  • Email and live chat support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • To access secret sites, pay using Bitcoin and use Tor.


Owasp - website security testing tools online

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making software more secure. Multiple tools are available for pen testing various software environments and protocols as part of the project. The project’s flagship tools include

  • Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP – an integrated penetration testing tool) is a program that allows you to test your network for vulnerabilities.
  • Check for OWASP Dependencies (it scans for project dependencies and checks against know vulnerabilities)
  • Web Testing Environment Project (OWASP) (collection of security tools and documentation)

The OWASP testing guide outlines “recommended practices” for penetrating the most popular web applications.


WireShark - website security testing tools online

Wireshark, formerly known as Ethereal, is a network analysis pentest program. It’s one of the most effective penetration testing tools for capturing packets in real-time and displaying them in a human-readable format. It’s essentially a network packet analyzer that gives you minute details about your network protocols, decryption, packet information, and so on. It’s free and open-source, and it works with Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and various other operating systems. The information acquired by this utility can be viewed using a GUI or the TShark Utility in TTY mode.

Among the features of Wireshark are:

  • Capture in real-time and analysis later
  • Detailed VoIP research
  • Gzip-compressed capture files can be decompressed on the fly.
  • The output can be saved in XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text formats.
  • Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and various other operating systems.
  • Internet, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Blue-tooth, USB, Token Ring, and other live data sources can be accessed.
  • IPsec, ISAKMP, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2 are just a few protocols that provide decryption capability.
  • Coloring rules can be applied to the packet for easy, intuitive examination.
  • Many different capture file formats can be read and written.


w3af - website security testing tools online

W3af is a framework for web application attacks and auditing. It has three types of plugins: discovery, audit, and attack, which communicate with one another to find any vulnerabilities in the site. For example, a discovery plugin in w3af looks for different urls to test for vulnerabilities and forwards them to the audit plugin, which then searches for vulnerabilities using these URLs.

It’s also possible to set it up as a MITM proxy. The intercepted request may be submitted to the request generator, and then manual web application testing with various parameters might be performed. It also includes tools for exploiting the flaws it discovers.

W3af has several features.

  • Support for proxy servers
  • Cache for HTTP responses
  • The cache of DNS records
  • Using multipart cookie processing to upload files
  • Basic and digest authentication are used in HTTP.
  • Fake user agent
  • Requests can have special headers added to them.


Metaspoilt - website security testing tools online

This is the most widely used and advanced framework for pentesting. It’s an open-source program built on the concept of ‘exploit,’ which implies passing a code that allows you to bypass security measures and access a system. It executes a ‘payload,’ which performs actions on a target machine, making it the ideal platform for penetration testing. It’s a wonderful way to see if the IDS effectively blocks the attacks we’re trying to avoid.

Metaspoilt can be utilized on a variety of platforms, including networks, applications, and servers. It works on Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows and has a command-line and GUI clickable interface.

Metaspoilt’s Characteristics

  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Import from a third party
  • Manual brute-force attack
  • Penetration testing on a website by hand is a time-consuming process.


Kali - website security testing tools online

Kali is only compatible with Linux machines. It is one of the greatest pen testing tools since it allows you to customize your backup and recovery schedule. It promotes a simple and quick approach to access and update the world’s largest library of security penetration testing data. It is one of the greatest packet sniffing and injection tools available. While using this tool, knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol and networking can be advantageous.


  • With the addition of 64-bit functionality, brute-force password cracking is now possible.
  • Back Track comes with LAN and WLAN sniffing, vulnerability assessment, password cracking, and digital forensics tools pre-installed.
  • Backtrack connects with some of the top tools on the market, like Metaspoilt and Wireshark.
  • It also includes pidgin, xmms, Mozilla, k3b, and other programmes.
  • KDE and Gnome are supported in the back track.

Samurai framework

A pen testing tool is the Samurai Web Testing Framework. It works with VirtualBox and VMWare, pre-configured to be used as a web pen-testing environment.


  • It’s a tool that’s open-source and free to use.
  • It is a collection of the greatest open source and free tools for testing and attacking websites.
  • It also comes with a pre-configured wiki that may set up the central data storage during the pen test.


Aircrack - website security testing tools online

Aircrack is a useful tool for wireless pentesting. It breaks wireless connections that are vulnerable. WEP, WPA, and WPA 2 encryption keys are used.


  • Support for more cards/drivers
  • All types of operating systems and platforms are supported.
  • A new WEP exploit has been discovered: PTW
  • WEP dictionary attack support
  • Fragmentation attack support
  • Improved tracking performance


ZAP - website security testing tools online

One of the most widely used open-source security testing tools is ZAP. Hundreds of foreign volunteers help to keep it running. It can assist users in detecting security flaws in web applications during the development and testing stages.


  • It aids in Simulates a real-world attack to identify security flaws in the online application.
  • Passive scanning examines the server’s answers to identify potential problems.
  • It tries to get access to files and folders using brute force.
  • The spidering feature aids in constructing the website’s hierarchical structure by supplying erroneous or unexpected data, which might cause the site to crash or deliver unexpected outcomes.
  • This is a useful tool for determining the open ports on the target website.
  • It comes with an interactive Java shell that you may use to run BeanShell programs.
  • It is fully internationalized and can be used in 11 different languages.


SQLmap - website security testing tools online

Sqlmap is a free and open source tool for penetration testing. The entire process of discovering and exploiting SQL injection problems is automated. It has a variety of detection engines and features that make it perfect for penetration testing.


  • Six SQL injection techniques are fully supported.
  • Allows you to connect to the database directly without having to go via a SQL injection.
  • Users, password hashes, rights, roles, databases, tables, and columns can all be enumerated.
  • Recognition of passwords in hash formats and assistance for breaking them automatically
  • Support for dumping whole database tables or selected columns
  • Allows for the establishment of a TCP connection between the impacted system and the database server by allowing users to pick a range of characters from each column’s entry.
  • Support for searching across all databases and tables for certain database names, tables, or columns.
  • Allows you to run arbitrary commands on the database server and obtain their normal output.


Sqlninja - website security testing tools online

Sqlninja is a tool for penetration testing. It’s designed to take advantage of SQL Injection flaws in a web application. The back-end is Microsoft SQL Server. It also allows remote access to the susceptible DB server, even if the environment is hostile.


  • Remote SQL Data Extraction Fingerprinting, time-based or via DNS tunnel
  • Allows for integration with Metasploit3 in order to gain graphical access to a remote database server.
  • Upload of executable through VBScript or debug using only standard HTTP requests.
  • TCP and UDP bindshells, both direct and reverse
  • Using token kidnapping, create a bespoke xp cmdshell if the original isn’t available on w2k3.


BeEF - website security testing tools online

The Browser Exploitation Framework is a set of tools for exploiting browsers. It’s a pentesting tool that concentrates on web browsers. It keeps track of bugs and hosts its git repository on GitHub.


  • Using client-side attack vectors, it is possible to assess the current security posture.
  • BeEF has the ability to connect to one or more web browsers.
  • It can then be used to launch directed command modules and other system-level attacks.


Dradis - website security testing tools online

Dradis is an open source penetration testing framework. It enables for the storage of information that may be shared among pen-test participants. The data gathered assists users in determining what has been finished and what still needs to be completed.


  • Report generation is a simple process.
  • Attachment assistance
  • Server plugins allow for seamless integration with current systems and tools.
  • Independent of the platform

Rapid 7

Rapid 7 - website security testing tools online

Nexpose Rapid 7 is an effective vulnerability management tool. It continuously monitors exposures and adjusts to emerging dangers with new data, allowing users to take action at the point of impact.


  • Get a Real-Time Risk Assessment
  • It provides creative and advanced solutions that assist users in completing their tasks.
  • Know where you should concentrate your efforts.
  • Boost the Effectiveness of Your Security Program


Hping is a pen testing programme that analyses TCP/IP packets. This interface is based on the UNIX command ping (8). TCP, ICMP, UDP, and RAW-IP protocols are all supported.


  • Allows testing of firewalls.
  • Scanners for advanced ports
  • Different protocols, TOS, and fragmentation are all used in network testing.
  • MTU discovery through manual path
  • Advanced traceroute with all protocols supported
  • Fingerprinting of the operating system from afar and estimating uptime
  • Auditing of TCP/IP stacks


SuperScan - website security testing tools online

Superscan is a closed-source penetration testing application that is only available for Windows. Ping, traceroute, whois, and HTTP HEAD are among the networking utilities included.


  • Excellent scanning speed
  • Support for an unlimited number of IP addresses
  • Multiple ICMP approaches were used to improve host detection.
  • TCP SYN scanning should be supported.
  • Easy HTML report creation
  • Scanning of source ports
  • Banner grabbing on a large scale
  • A large database of port list descriptions is built-in.
  • Randomization of IP and port scan order
  • Enumeration of Windows hosts on a large scale

ISS Scanner

ISS Scanner - website security testing tools online

The IBM Internet Scanner is a pen testing tool that provides the cornerstone for any business’s effective network security.


  • The Internet Scanner reduces corporate risk by identifying network flaws.
  • It’s one of the greatest pentesting tools for automating scans and finding vulnerabilities.
  • Internet Scanner reduces the danger by finding the network’s security flaws, or vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Management in Its Entirety
  • More than 1,300 different types of networked devices can be identified by Internet Scanner.


Scapy is a pen-testing tool that is both powerful and interactive. It’s capable of scanning, probing, and network attacks, among other things.


  • It is capable of transmitting incorrect frames and injecting 802.11 frames, among other things.
  • In addition, it employs a variety of combining techniques that are difficult to achieve with other tools.
  • It enables users to create exactly the packets they desire.
  • Reduces the number of lines required to run a certain piece of code.


IronWASP - website security testing tools online

IronWASP is a web application vulnerability testing tool that is available as open-source software. It is designed to be user-customizable, allowing users to construct their security scanners.


  • It’s GUI-based and very simple to use.
  • It boasts a strong and efficient scanning engine.
  • Login sequence recording is supported.
  • HTML and RTF reports are available.
  • Checks for over 25 different types of web security flaws.
  • Support for detecting False Positives and Negatives
  • Python and Ruby are supported.
  • Extensible using Python, Ruby, C#, or VB.NET plug-ins or modules


Ettercap - website security testing tools online

Ettercap is an all-in-one pen testing solution. It is one of the best security testing tools available, and it allows for both active and passive dissection. It also has a lot of networks and hosts analysis features.


  • Many methods can be dissected both actively and passively with it.
  • ARP poisoning is a feature of ARP poisoning that allows two hosts on a switched LAN to sniff each other.
  • Characters can be injected into a server or a client while the connection is still active.
  • Ettercap is capable of sniffing a full-duplex SSH connection.
  • Allows sniffing of HTTP SSL-protected data even when the connection is conducted over a proxy Ettercap’s API allows the building of custom plugins.

Security Onion

Security Onion - website security testing tools online

Penetration testing software called Security Onion. It’s utilized for network security monitoring and intrusion detection. In addition, it offers an easy-to-use Setup wizard that allows customers to create a distributed sensor army for their business.


  • Network Security Monitoring is based on a distributed client-server approach that enables the monitoring of security-related events.
  • It has a full packet capture feature.
  • Intrusion detection systems that are network-based and host-based
  • It features a built-in system for deleting old data before the storage device fills up.

Personal Software Inspector

Personal Software Inspector is a free computer security program. This utility can detect flaws in apps running on a PC or a server.


  • It’s accessible in a total of eight languages.
  • Updates insecure programs automatically.
  • It detects vulnerable programs automatically and covers thousands of programs.
  • This pen-testing application checks your PC for susceptible apps automatically and regularly.
  • Detects and alerts programs that cannot be updated automatically.


HconSTF - website security testing tools online

HconSTF is an Open Source Penetration Testing tool that uses various browser technologies to perform penetration testing. Any security professional can use it to help in penetration testing. It includes online tools for XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, and LFI, among other things.


  • Toolset with categories and a large number of options
  • Every option has been set up to allow penetration testing.
  • They are specially designed and developed to provide complete anonymity.
  • It’s useful for evaluating web apps.
  • It’s simple to use and collaborative. System of Operation

IBM Security AppScan

IBM Security AppScan - website security testing tools online

IBM Security AppScan aids in the enhancement of web and mobile application security. It promotes regulatory compliance while also improving application security. It assists users in identifying security flaws and generating reports.


  • Control which applications each user can test by allowing development and quality assurance to test within the SDLC process.
  • Reports can be easily distributed.
  • Boost visibility and have a better understanding of your company’s risks.
  • Concentrate on identifying and resolving problems.
  • Information access might be restricted.


Arachni - website security testing tools online

Arachni is a Ruby framework-based open source penetration testing and administration tool. It’s used to determine how secure modern online apps are.


  • Because it is such a versatile instrument, it may be used in a wide range of situations.
  • This includes everything from a simple command-line scanner to a worldwide high-performance scanner grid.
  • Multiple deployments are an option.
  • It provides a code base that is verifiable and inspectable to ensure the highest level of security.
  • It is simple to connect with a browser environment and provides extremely detailed and well-structured results.


Websecurify - website security testing tools online

Websecurify is a comprehensive security testing platform. It has a user-friendly interface that is simple and straightforward to operate. It uses a hybrid of automated and manual vulnerability testing techniques.


  • Testing and scanning technology that works well
  • To detect URLs, a powerful testing engine is used.
  • It may be customized with a variety of add-ons.
  • It’s compatible with all of the major desktop and mobile operating systems.


Vega is a web security scanner and pen testing platform that can be used to test the security of web applications.


  • Security testing might be automated, manual, or hybrid.
  • Users can use this pen testing programme to detect vulnerabilities.
  • Cross-site scripting, stored cross-site scripting, blind SQL injection, shell injection, and other methods may be used.
  • When given user credentials, it can automatically log into websites.
  • It works well on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Modules for Vega detection are written in JavaScript.


Wapiti - website security testing tools online

Another well-known penetration testing tool is Wapiti. It enables the security of online applications to be audited. For the vulnerability check, it accepts both GET and POST HTTP methods.


  • Vulnerability reports are generated in a variety of formats.
  • It has the ability to pause and continue a scan or an assault.
  • Activating and deactivating assault modules is simple and quick.
  • HTTP and HTTPS proxies are supported.
  • It allows you to limit the scan’s scope.
  • In URLs, a parameter is automatically removed.
  • Cookies are being imported.
  • It has the ability to enable or disable SSL certificate verification.
  • URLs can be extracted from Flash SWF files.


Kismet - website security testing tools online

Kismet is an intrusion detection and wireless network detector. It works with Wi-Fi networks, but it may be expanded with plugins to handle other types of networks.


  • The client/server modular architecture of this penetration testing software enables conventional PCAP logging.
  • Core functionalities can be expanded using a plugin architecture.
  • Support for multiple capture sources
  • Remote sniffing over a network using a lightweight remote capture XML output for integration with other tools.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux - website security testing tools online

Offensive Security maintains and funds Kali Linux, which is an open source pen testing tool.


  • Kali ISOs may be fully altered using live-build to create customized Kali Linux images.
  • It provides a number of Meta package collections that group together various tool sets.
  • Other Kali Recipes and the ISO of Doom
  • Multiple Persistence Stores and Disk Encryption on the Raspberry Pi 2 Live USB

Parrot Security

Parrot Security - website security testing tools online

Parrot Security is a tool for penetration testing. For security and digital forensics specialists, it provides a fully portable laboratory. It also aids users in maintaining their privacy by providing anonymity and cryptographic technologies.


  • It comes with a comprehensive set of security tools for doing penetration tests, security audits, and more.
  • It includes pre-installed, useful, and up-to-date libraries.
  • Provides strong global mirror servers.
  • Allows for community-driven development and provides a distinct Cloud OS developed exclusively for servers.


OpenSSL - website security testing tools online

The Apache-style licence governs the use of this toolkit. It’s a free and open source project that offers a comprehensive toolset for the TLS and SSL protocols.


  • It’s written in C, although wrappers for a variety of programming languages are available.
  • Tools for generating RSA private keys and Certificate Signing Requests are included in the library.
  • Check the CSR file
  • Remove the Password from the Key completely.
  • Allow Certificate Signing Requests by creating a new private key.

Download link:


Snort - website security testing tools online

Snort is a free and open-source intrusion detection and penetration testing tool. It combines the advantages of signature protocol and anomaly-based inspection approaches in one package. This program aids users in obtaining the best possible security against malware threats.


  • Snort acquired popularity for its ability to detect threats at fast rates properly.
  • Protect your workspace against new threats as soon as possible.
  • Snort may be used to construct customized network security solutions that are one-of-a-kind.
  • Examine the SSL certificate for a certain URL.
  • This pen test software can determine whether specific encryption is accepted on a URL.
  • Check the certificate signer’s ability to submit false positives and negatives.


Backbox - website security testing tools online

BackBox is an Open Source Community initiative aimed at improving the security culture in the IT environment. Backbox Linux and Backbox Cloud are two different versions of the software. It contains some of the most well-known and frequently used security and analysis tools.


  • It’s a useful tool for reducing company manpower requirements and cutting costs associated with managing different network device requirements.
  • It’s a pen testing tool that’s completely automated. As a result, no agents or network configuration are required to make modifications.
  • In order to execute automated configuration on a regular basis,
  • Devices with Secure Access
  • Organizations can save time because individual network devices do not need to be tracked.
  • Credentials and Configuration are supported. Encryption of files
  • Offers Self-Backup and Automated Remote Storage Access Control Using IP
  • It comes with pre-configured commands, so there’s no need to write them yourself.

THC Hydra

Hydra is a multi-threaded login cracker and pen tester. It’s quick and adaptable, and adding new modules is simple. Researchers and security professionals can use this tool to find unauthorized access.


  • Rainbow table generation, sort, conversion, and look up are all included in full time-memory trade-off tool suites.
  • It supports any hash algorithm’s rainbow table.
  • Support for any charset’s rainbow table
  • Rainbow table in compressed or raw file format is supported.
  • Support for multi-core processor computation
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • On all supported operating systems, a unified rainbow table file format is available.
  • Support for both graphical and command-line user interfaces

Reputation Monitor Alert

Reputation Monitor from the Open Threat Exchange is a free service. It enables professionals to keep track of their company’s reputation. Additionally, businesses and organizations can use this tool to monitor their assets’ public IP and domain reputation.


  • Monitors infrastructure in the cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises.
  • Delivers constant threat intelligence to keep you up to current on new threats.
  • Provides the most comprehensive threat detection and incident response directives.
  • Deploys quickly, easily, and with fewer resources.
  • TCO is lower than with standard security systems.

John the Ripper

John the Ripper - website security testing tools online

JTR, or John the Ripper, is a well-known password breaking programme. Its primary purpose is to carry out dictionary attacks. It aids in the detection of weak password flaws in a network. It also protects users from attacks such as brute force and rainbow cracking.


  • Proactive password strength checking mechanism in John the Ripper is free and open source software.
  • It allows you to browse the documentation online and supports a variety of extra hash and encryption types.
  • Allows you to browse the documentation online, including a comparison of two versions.

Safe3 scanner

Safe3 scanner - website security testing tools online

One of the most powerful online vulnerability testing tools is Safe3WVS. It’s a result of web spider crawling technology, which is particularly useful for web portals. It’s the quickest way to detect issues like SQL injection, upload vulnerability, and other security flaws.


  • Basic, Digest, and HTTP authentications are all fully supported.
  • An intelligent web spider automatically removes repeated web pages.
  • An automatic JavaScript analyzer can extract URLs from Ajax, Web 2.0, and other web applications.
  • Support for scanning SQL injection, upload, admin path, and directory list vulnerabilities.


CloudFlare - website security testing tools online
CloudFlare – website security testing tools online

CloudFlare is a CDN with a high level of security. Comment spam and excessive bot crawling are two examples of online risks, as are harmful attempts like SQL injection. It protects against spam comments, automated bot crawling, and harmful attacks.


  • It’s a DDoS prevention network for businesses.
  • The collective intelligence of the entire network aids the web application firewall.
  • Using CloudFlare to register a domain is the safest technique to avoid domain hijacking.
  • The Rate Limiting feature safeguards the user’s vital resources. It blocks visitors who have an unusually high number of requests.
  • CloudFlare Orbit is a security solution for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Zenmap - website security testing tools online

The official Nmap Security Scanner program is Zenmap. It is a free and open-source application that runs on multiple platforms. Beginners will find it simple to use, but advanced users will appreciate the complex capabilities.


  • Results can be viewed in an interactive and graphical format.
  • It presents information about a single host or a whole scan in a user-friendly format.
  • It can even create a topological map of the networks that have been detected.
  • It is capable of displaying the differences between two scans.
  • It enables network managers to keep track of new hosts or services that arrive on their systems. Alternatively, keep an eye on any existing services that fall.

The following are some other tools that may be useful for penetration testing:

  • Acunetix is an online vulnerability scanner that is specifically designed for web applications. It is a more pricey solution than others, but it includes features such as cross-site scripting testing, PCI compliance reporting, SQL injection, and more.
  • Retina is a vulnerability management tool rather than a pre-testing tool.
  • Nessus: It focuses on compliance checks, sensitive data searches, IP scanning, and website scanning, among other things.
  • Netsparker: This programme includes a powerful online application scanner that detects flaws and suggests remedies. Limited free trials are offered, although the majority of the time it is a commercial product. It also aids in the use of SQL injection and LFI (Local File Induction)
  • CORE IMPACT: This software can be used to penetrate mobile devices, crack passwords, and penetrate networks, among other things. It is one of the most expensive software testing tools.
  • Burpsuite: This software, like others, is a commercial product. It works by intercepting proxy traffic, inspecting online applications, scraping content and functionality, and so on. Burpsuite has the advantage of being compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X environments.

Best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Tools

Name Features Link
Netsparker • Netsparker Automate security tasks
• Scan 1,000 web applications in just 24 hours
• Automatically find SQL Injection
Learn More
Acunetix • Fast & Scalable
• Scans for all variants of SQL Injection
• Detects over 1200 WordPress core, theme, and plugin vulnerabilities
Learn More
Intruder • API integration with your CI/CD pipeline
• Checks for configuration weaknesses, missing patches, application weaknesses
• Automatic analysis and prioritisation of scan results
Learn More
Indusface • Pause and resume feature
• 24×7 support to discuss remediation guidelines/POC
• Crawler scans single page applications
Learn More
Intrusion Detection Software • Deep & Intelligent Web Application Scanning
• Zero False Positive Assurance
• Business Logic vulnerability checks
Learn More