Best Website Vulnerability Scanner

DDoS Attack

We know that every website is hackable. But are we regularly performing security tests on our web applications? For some of us, this is often achieved by conscientious hackers who report attacks. But sometimes we can only be taken advantage of by a black hat hacker, one of the evil guys.

Companies that handle financial information storage, sensitive user data, or private content are becoming frequent targets for hacking. For example, we offer only one online payment, such as bank account numbers, credit/debit card information, and our login identifiers and passwords in all private details. These organizations have to protect all these private data, but with hacking methods becoming more and more advanced nowadays, all this information are not guaranteed to be well protected. Thus, website owners must be vigilant of all the latest vulnerabilities and should find ways to detect and avoid these weaknesses. A vulnerability scanner is an effective way to achieve this.

An efficient website vulnerability scanner will identify any dangerous vulnerabilities and will start every scan by testing the device on your website. It is essential because no matter how carefully coded your page is, your site is at risk if your host equipment is vulnerable.

Website Vulnerabilities Code the web pages are verified for:

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • File Disclosure
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • PHP / ASP Code Injection
  • Directory Traversal

Hackers use their versions of automated scanners to detect vulnerabilities in web applications. Through using an automated web application security audit, a company may conduct a vulnerability check to ensure that attackers can not target the website. The only way to avoid attackers from targeting your website is by using automated safety tools to detect vulnerabilities before they occur.

Fixhackedwebsite, a cybersecurity firm, has created a useful tool to help you achieve this. This Fixhackedwebsite Web security tool is the best website security scanner for your website. The app uses the Content Delivery Network ( CDN) to host the free web vulnerability scanner tool on servers located strategically around the world. This technology is called the high-capacity cloud of Fixhackedwebsite.

Fixhackedwebsite has an excellent technical design that provides advantages such as easy deployment and agile response to threats. Mitigation of DDOS is one feature that fights DDOS attacks that can crash or shut down your website to deny your regular website customer service. The free Web vulnerability scanner feature prevents a shutdown when website traffic is stabilized. This will indeed help you to attract more satisfied customers.

The websites that are enabled by Fixhackedwebsite Web will be able to leverage Fixhackedwebsite secure CDN to enhance its performance and traffic to be monitored through the SIEM. The SIEM delivered by the Fixhackedwebsite platform ensures that violations and threats are identified early, log management, compliance monitoring, and quick response times are reported. This feature is carried out with information on threats from Fixhackedwebsite 85 million global endpoints and more than 100 million validated domains to detect risks even before they occur.

As the best scanner for website vulnerability, Fixhackedwebsite Web will discover and map all devices and web applications on a network and then run a complete scan with Six-Sigma accuracy. The results of the identified vulnerabilities are prioritized, along with detailed instructions to remedy any security threats identified quickly. Alerts are immediately sent to the Fixhackedwebsite Security Operations Center, which contains a team of certified analysts that work around the clock to deploy firewall updates to the Web Application Firewall (WAF).

This web protection system also has an outstanding malware detection feature, which can recognize malware, provide removal methods and instruments, and deter potential malware attacks. You can then download compliance reports which are automatically or manually submitted to banks via the Fixhackedwebsite Web platform. PCI ‘s scanning mechanism enables customers to remain PCI DSS compliant. People who visit your website will have cloud protection and an intrusion prevention program that is capable of removing application vulnerabilities and of defending them against sophisticated website attacks.

Therefore, Fixhackedwebsite Web not only provides you with an excellent website vulnerability scanner but also offers other key web protection features that run the requisite scans, protecting your site from any website attack. Now get Fixhackedwebsite!