Block Malicious Traffic in 1-Click with our New Bot Protection for Cloudways

Bot Protection for Cloudways


| Did you know that over 40 percent of the site’s traffic is… Bots?

You’ve heard it correctly!

Let’s check out a case.

Traffic-Statistics-of-a-site-1This is a screenshot of a website’s inbound traffic. On 7th August, one could easily believe it had 3000+ guests.

But that’s incredibly misleading!

We noticed that automatic bots were submitting unwanted requests to the site after evaluating the traffic.

But wait, why are pages being targeted by bots? And how do they impact your website?

You need to first realize that there are 2 types of bots to get clarity on this:

Good bots:

Instead, these bots don’t have malicious intent on your web, they help! For example, to assign SEO ranking, Google’s bots scrape your web. Since SEO is an important factor in an online company’s growth, this will help you rank higher and contribute to more traffic and sales.

Bad bots:

It’s quite quick, sadly, to hire bad bots that can cause significant damage to your web. They give spam messages, flood thousands of requests from your servers, and attempt to hack into your website with admin credentials. Your site will quickly get compromised or crashed without a strong security plan in place. And you will pay an immense sum of hosting costs!

Why are bots attacking you?

This may be difficult to accept now, but most of these attacks are totally… random.

What we mean by that is, in fact, most hackers are not targeting your site. They’ve hacked hundreds of sites, and one of them happens to be yours.

There are three key explanations why they are targeting your site:

  • They want the server to overload and make it crash
  • They want to steal your records,
  • They try to switch your website to other unsolicited websites that could sell drugs or cause viruses.
  • They want to learn how best to hack

How Do Bots Affects Your Site

  1. They are slowing the website down:
    Multiple requests are submitted by Bots over a limited span of time. This overloads your server and will reduce the loading time of your site by 30 percent on average!
  2. They raise the risk of being hacked:
    Hackers will program bots to inject ransomware into your database or to use formulas and variations to try and guess your login credentials.
  3. SEO Bots submit requests that are unnecessary:
    SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush send additional load requests to your platform. They even scrape your web information and market it to your rivals!
  4. They raise costs for hosting:
    Hosting services normally bill you on the basis of demands for traffic to the site. The price for you to bear is inflated by these needless demands from bots!

The majority of attacks appear to be sudden and fast, sending thousands of requests per second easily! Your host server would be unprepared for the unexpected demand in most circumstances and would crash.

We’ve obviously seen a rising urge to secure pages from bad bots. And that’s where our Bot Security functionality comes in with Cloudways in collaboration.

Our New Bot Protection Feature For Cloudways

Cloudways and us are heading back Direction. Our team at BlogVault (our sister backup plugin) developed the migration plugin for Cloudways 4 years ago and have been good friends ever since!

So it was only normal that we teamed together when the time came to upgrade the Cloudways Firewall Defense.

Functionality of the Latest Bot Protection:

  • Identifies and forecasts surges in traffic long before they happen
  • Bars Bots from malicious traffic that is detrimental to your web
  • Protects the web from attacks by DDoS and Brute Force
  • Reduces Server Utilization by 50%
  • A Comprehensive Traffic Analysis Collates

In terms of firewall security, this is an absolute leap forward.

Don’t you like us? Check it out

You can see below how 80% of the CPU use of a site hosted on Cloudways without Bot Security is .


This is the CPU usage of the same site with Bot Protection enabled:


The CPU usage has dropped to 24%!

Not just that, here’s a screenshot from the Cloudways dashboard that shows the bad bots that have been blocked.


Doesn’t this look to your ears like music?

A common belief is shared by MalCare and Cloudways:

| Your cloud tools, not any poor bots, are here to serve your clients! |

We spent months working on this feature and are proud to revolutionize firewall security industry norms.

On the Cloudways Blog here, you can learn more about it: Bot Protection Now Available on Cloudways For Improved Security at Zero Additional Cost