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Verify if a website is safe/legitimate or if it’s a scam/malicious.

Spam is any unsolicited, unwanted digital communication. It is often delivered in the form of an email and distributed in large quantities. Spam is irritating at best, and a wasteful of time. Most email providers have applications that filter spam.

Spam is difficult to identify on websites. It comes in the form of comments that are not relevant to a post. Spammers post comments to generate backlinks to websites. These comments are often generic or meaningless text with a link that takes you to another page that is not relevant to the original post.

Spamming can happen in many ways. To find out if you are being spammed, use a search engine to check for spam. This can affect your SEO ranking as well as your site visitors.


Hidden spam pages or cloaking websites present different URLs and content for search engines and humans. Visitors see a visually appealing website with little text, but lots of multimedia and graphic elements.

Many people don’t know their websites have been hacked or that spam pages were generated. This can harm your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will result in your website being penalized by Google. It could also reduce your chances of ranking. You may not be able to detect spamming until it is too late if you don’t use a website spam checker.

Hidden Spam Links

Many website hacks occur without owners realizing until they lose clients and their SEO rankings. Hackers could target your website to steal SEO rankings and insert links to gain better positions for their malicious projects.

Doorway pages and iFrame Spam

Hackers may create Doorway pages to sell fake goods or services. Hackers could target your website to create multiple pages that increase their website’s rank on search engines. Google indexes pages are created by hackers when they install malicious code on your site. Your website will be blacklisted and removed from search results.

Japanese Spam

This attack is also known as the “Japanese Keyword Hack,” the “Japanese Symbol Spam” or the “Japanese Search Spam.” Hackers use your website to spam Google and rank their low-quality sites on Google.

There are other ways to prevent spamming

You can prevent spam by using a spam checker.

1. Keeping Your Domain Private

Your email address will be in the public domain if you do not make it private when you register your domain name. Every domain name has records. Anyone can view your email address. Your domain name might be private. This means that your email address is not public. You can also change the email address on record to the one that you don’t care about spammers flooding it with spam.

2. All forms should be submitted using the CAPTCHA

You can prevent spambots from filling your forms and sending spam by adding CAPTCHA to all of your forms. CAPTCHA is a question or challenge that proves you are not a bot.

3. Use a Honeypot

honeypot question is hidden in your online form. It can be spotted when it is filled out and you can tell that it is a bot. Hidden questions are invisible on websites. They can only be seen in website code. A human can’t see them, but bots can.

4. Mitigate Email Harvesting

Bot programs are likely to harvest your email address from websites that have listed it. These programs scan the web looking for sites with email addresses. These programs collect all emails and send spam to the address later.

You can prevent this by not listing your email. This is because clients won’t be able to reach you. The email can be listed on the website. However, there are some ways to avoid harvesting. An email image can be used to replace the email. These bots can only read text, and cannot see the address as an attachment. Humans can.

Another option is to hide the email with code so that the bot cannot decipher the code. The code can be seen in a browser and appears to be an email address to a human.

Spam Checker on cWatch Online

Spam can be very annoying and you will not know if you are spammed until your ranking is affected or you are banned by Google. To prevent spam from getting on your site, it is a good idea to use a spam scanner to scan it.