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Online WordPress Security Check for Vulnerabilities WordPress websites are the most popular target for hackers, accounting for more than 35% of the market share in the content management system. Your website could be next to an attack, even if you're...
How To WordPress Hacked Website

How to Fix WordPress Hacked Website?

How do I repair a hacked WordPress site? Step 1 - Change passwords Step 2 - Contact Fixhackedwebsite support Step 3 - Create a backup (Recommended) Step 4 - Restore a backup (Optional) Step 5 - Remove malware Step 6 - Add a temporary password login to your site Step 7 - Have your site [...]
  Unfortunately, the website has a flaw and has been hacked by a cyber attacker whether you obtained this website from inside Chrome, or a Google search or even an email from Google. The dilemma with getting your website compromised...
ZAP - website security testing tools online

Website Protect

Tips To Protect Your Website From Hackers How can you protect your website from hacking? There are many reasons to do this. Protect your website against hackers. You would most likely have been hacked if you own an eCommerce website. Even...
scan site for malware

Website Malware Scanner

Website Malware Scanner Cybercriminal work around the clock to figure out new ways of getting into your computer system. Many people have installed antivirus software to prevent system corruption. However, with the rise of malware attacks, antivirus software may not be enough. Businesses and institutions have suffered crippling malware attacks over the years. Cybercriminals use [...]
Phil Factor 10 September 2018 10 Comments Guest post This is a guest post from Phil Factor. Phil Factor (real name withheld to protect the guilty), aka Database Mole, has 30 years of experience with database-intensive applications. Despite having once been shouted at by a furious Bill Gates at an exhibition in the early 1980s, [...]
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Cloud Computing How It Works

A brief introduction to cloud computing and its different types The term "cloud" is not a new concept in technology and computing. The cloud is a metaphor for Internet technology. Cloud computing refers to a method of outsourcing computer programs. Cloud computing...
How to Clean a Hacked Joomla Site

How to Clean a Hacked Joomla Site?

If your Joomla has blocked your website host or browser! Website-it means that the malware can be present on your website. You've got to use a Joomla! Malware removal tool to scan and get rid of malware from your...
Mac Virus Scan Free

Mac Virus Scan Free

While Macs are a less appealing target for malware and viruses, they are not resistant to attack. Even if you don't worry about adware or being used to infect users on other sites, ransomware, login theft, or stolen iPhone...
vega penetration testing tool

Vega Pentest

Vega Penetration Testing Tool Vega is a web security scanner and testing platform for testing the security of web applications (Vega Pentest) that is free and open source. SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), mistakenly released sensitive information, and other vulnerabilities...