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Is Wordpress Site Hacked Redirecting to Another Site? Or perhaps worse... Fix Wordpress Site Hacked Redirecting to Another Site Issue Is your WordPress Dashboard taking you to a different website? If you have Quttera mounted, you may be seeing something like this: Of...
12 popular online vulnerability scanning tools We've included both free and commercial options to meet your unique needs. Observatory Mozilla It is one of the most effective vulnerability scanners online around. This security scanner, founded by the Mozilla Foundation, will evaluate your website using various methods to find possible vulnerabilities and security holes within your [...]

How to Remove Google Blocklist Warnings?

How to Remove Google Blocklist Warnings? How to Remove Google Blocklist Warnings? - Before we get into the topic, lets discussed about some basics about the topics to understand it in a better way! Every day, Google blocks roughly 10,000 websites....
Hackers Hack WordPress Site

Top Torrent Download Sites

  What is The TPB (The Pirate Bay)? The Torrent website of Pirate Bay is the king of torrent sites. For many users it is one of the best and most popular torrent sites. Many users find it easier to download...
How to Repair Bluehost Account Suspended issue

Bluehost Account Suspended?

Bluehost Account Suspended? Bluehost Account Suspended? - A nightmare, it muBluehost Account Suspended?st be! Owing to the existence of ransomware, websites are frequently suspended. Website operators know this all too late in most situations. But don't be scared. We will...
Best WordPress Malware Scanners

15 Best WordPress Malware Scanners In 2021

8 Best WordPress Malware Scanners in 2020[Updated] #security #malware #wordpress #scanner Larson Reever Aug 19, 2019 ・Updated on Jun 15, 2020 ・7 min read Select any WordPress Malware Scanner from the list given below, Click for more info. Wp Hacked Help Sucuri WordFence Quttera Theme Authenticity Checker Exploit Scanner Anti-Malware WP Antivirus Site Protection WordPress [...]
Hack Joomla website hacked redirect: Symptoms Joomla Website Malware Redirect - It may often be difficult to detect a Joomla redirect hack. The web administrator may have been ignorant for a long time. He / She may only be notified...
How To WordPress Hacked Website

How to Fix WordPress Hacked Website?

How do I repair a hacked WordPress site? Step 1 - Change passwords Step 2 - Contact Fixhackedwebsite support Step 3 - Create a backup (Recommended) Step 4 - Restore a backup (Optional) Step 5 - Remove malware Step 6 - Add a temporary password login to your site Step 7 - Have your site [...]
Are you looking for the best website maintenance services for your WordPress website? Website maintenance services manage your WordPress site for you. This includes taking care of backups, updates, security, and website edits. In this article, we’re going to share some of the best website maintenance services that you can use for your WordPress site. [...]
Website Security

Website Security

  Both websites are prone to attack anywhere anywhere. This is true because when they intend to launch an attack, cyber criminals do not have a specific website at their disposal. They 're using algorithms to automatically detect insecure websites....