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  Cybersecurity has gained ample attention through hacking and vandalizing several government and private websites. Sadly, 60 per cent of cyber attacks in 2014 were targeted by SMEs. This is because its website protection is still being developed by small...
DDOS Attack

DDoS Attack Prevention Method

Distributed denial-of - service (DDoS ) attacks are malicious attempts to interrupt a single server, network or service's usual traffic by overloading the target or its surrounding networks with a flood of Internet traffic. Any DDoS attack aims at...
Website Back

Get Your Suspended Liquid Web Website Back

Is Liquid Network, the hosting company, suspended your website? To learn how to repair your website, read on. If your bills are not late, and the utilisation of services is not off the top, since your website may have been...
Best WordPress Malware Scanners

15 Best WordPress Malware Scanners In 2021

8 Best WordPress Malware Scanners in 2020[Updated] #security #malware #wordpress #scanner Larson Reever Aug 19, 2019 ・Updated on Jun 15, 2020 ・7 min read Select any WordPress Malware Scanner from the list given below, Click for more info. Wp Hacked Help Sucuri WordFence Quttera Theme Authenticity Checker Exploit Scanner Anti-Malware WP Antivirus Site Protection WordPress [...]
Cyber Security Degrees

Remove Browser Hijacker

How do I remove a browser hijacker? browser hijackers aren't always malicious, or at least not intentionally. However, it can have unwelcome consequences. Here's what you should know. What is a browser hijacker and how can it be used to your...
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Check Website Vulnerability SQL Injection

Website Security What is SQL Injection Check Website Vulnerability SQL Injection SQL Injection (SQLi) is one of the most common attacks in the cyberspace. SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious SQL statements (also commonly referred to as a malicious payload) that control a web application’s database server [...]
Metaspoilt - website security testing tools online

Secure Website Checker

These are the Top 8 Tips for Performing a Website Safety Review Allow HTTPS Remove/Disable Unnecessary Plug-Ins Backup Files You can manage and control your file integrity Comodo Web Inspector to Check if the website is secure Change your...
Cyber Security Degrees Whois

Expired WHOIS Server We often cover SEO spam attacks on compromised sites. A blackhat technique is rarely used to hack into a WHOIS result for a domain. This makes it difficult and unusual to reveal. "WHOIS" is a protocol that is...

What is WordPress Firewall & Why You Need it?

WordPress firewall: Learning that your website has been compromised is one of the worst feelings a company owner can have. Hacking has become more complicated over time, making it more difficult to detect and defend against. As a result,...
WordPress is a well-liked target: WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering over 30% of all websites. Anyone considering creating a website, whether a small company or a big corporation, would consider WordPress. And...