Cheapest DDOS Protection


What is a DDoS Attack and how can it be prevented?

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), a type of attack, involves multiple compromised networks being used to attack a single website. Hackers use malware to hijack unprotected computers. Hackers use thousands of these “bots”, or “zombie computers” to attack a website or web application, flooding it with traffic that causes the target to be unavailable to legitimate users.

DDoS protection has become more difficult in recent years, as DDoS attacks are now sophisticated. DDoS attackers are shifting their attention from the network and transport layers towards the application layer. This is where DDoS protection can be difficult to maintain. Exponential growth is seen in the size of attacks, and most enterprises lack the capital resources to scale their security programs to provide suitable DDoS protection.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 DDoS Protection Vendors.

1. Comodo 

cWatch is a Managed Security Service that protects web applications and websites. They handle all security matters on your behalf. It is the most affordable option on our list and comes with a Web Application Firewall, (WAF), provisioned over Secure Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Comodo will notify you if your website is subject to a DDoS attack.

cWatch’s cyber experts keep an eye on your website 24 hours a day. Comodo’s Cyber Security Operation Center team uses cyber technology to immediately prevent an attack and provide you with a detailed post-event forensic report. Their WAF’s virtual patches and hardening engines allow them to provide real-time threat mitigation, without affecting your site. The free plan provides lite DDoS protection with its complimentary CDN service.

2. Verisign DDoS Protection Service

Verisign immediately alerts customers when a DDoS attack has been detected and suggests a mitigation strategy. Verisign offers both monitoring and on-demand mitigation. Open Hybrid API allows organizations to use existing security systems to transmit threat information to Verisign’s cloud service.

3. Akamai DDoS mitigation

Akamai’s DDoS mitigation solutions include CDN, DDoS cleaning, and DNS components. Each customer’s needs are met. Akamai mitigates DNS-based DDoS attacks, besides safeguarding DNS services from DDoS attacks. It provides automated rate controls, monitoring tools, and custom web application firewall ( WAF) rules. These are combined with traffic profiles and workflows to prevent any unnecessary mitigation actions.


This website security company offers its clients a choice of automatic “always on” DDoS mitigation vs. “on-demand.” Both services are paid and prices can vary. The company’s technology claims it can handle DDoS attacks “hit-and-run” and automatically “always-on”. These attacks are short bursts in traffic that occur over a prolonged period. SiteLock is fully responsible for the detection and activation of these attacks.

5. Cloudflare DDoS Protection

This company offers cloud-based DDoS protection that can handle layer-seven and layer-four attacks. Instead of employing dedicated anti-DDoS hardware, all machines in its global network take part in DDoS mitigation. It can handle more than 15 Tbps.

6. Arbor Networks APS

Arbor Networks employs hybrid, multi-layer defenses to protect against all types of DDoS threats. Arbor’s APS provides on-premise protection and targets application-layer attacks and TCP state exhaustion attacks. It uses its mitigation and detection technology to block attacks quickly and automatically.

7.Neustar SiteProtect NG

Neustar SiteProtect NG offers DDoS protection using hybrid and cloud-based options to scrub malicious traffic. It also has the ability to implement countermeasures to protect a website’s uptime and limit exposure.

8. Radware DDoS Protection

This company offers integrated network and application security. This company offers an attack mitigation solution. It is a hybrid DDoS protection system that includes ‘always on’ detection and mitigation, cloud-based volumetric DDoS attack prevention and scrubbing, as well as 24×7 cyberattack security.

9.DOSarrest DDoS Security

DOSarrest protects websites but also HTTP/HTTPS. Protect APIs and mobile applications servers via TCP ports 443 or 80 are also available. It offers cloud-based security that comprises DDoS protection, a web application firewall, a CDN for improved performance, website monitoring, and support.

10.F5 Protection from DDoS

F5 protects against DDoS traffic that targets networks, clouds, and applications. This includes DNS attacks. It can scan network layers 3-7. F5’s DDoS Hybrid Defender can address sophisticated application attacks as well as blended network attacks. It also enables anti-bot capabilities and SSL decryption. Advanced detection is possible.