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Cross-Site Scripting exploits vulnerabilities to launch attacks. These attacks can be very severe and could result in the closure of a company’s website and all operations. To protect yourself from XSS attacks, it is a good idea to install an XSS vulnerability scanner within your business. A business can make a significant investment in an XSS scanner, which will help them determine their security vulnerability.

The Pros and Cons of the XSS Vulnerability Scanning Tool

These are the benefits of cross-site scripting scanning.

1. Quick results

A tool designed to perform its functions automatically works quickly, as expected. The XSS vulnerability scanner can be automated. It scans and delivers your results promptly. You will always receive the results of your security situation at any time.

2. Repeatable

The XSS scanner can be rewinded to rewind the vulnerability scanning process. The XSS vulnerability scan can be run daily, weekly or monthly basis. You will receive updates on the variations and susceptibilities.

You can repeat the XSS scan if the scanner does not detect the XSS vulnerability attack that you think has been launched on your website or application.

3. User-friendly

The scanners are easy to use because of the clear interface found in most XSS vulnerability scan tools. The scanners are easy to use for system administrators and other users.

You may need to hire a specialist to interpret the scan results, as they may contain specific information. It is necessary to hire a security specialist to interpret the results and take action.

4. Continuous monitoring

Vulnerability scanners are a great tool for keeping your website and applications safe. The XSS scanner is useful in the case of large-scale deployments. It also benefits system administrators, who can be assured of constant awareness of the status of the infrastructure.

Cons of an XSS vulnerability scanner tool

These are the drawbacks.

1.Will does not find all vulnerabilities

Cross-scripting scanning tools can miss XSS vulnerabilities. Because of XSS vulnerabilities, it is impossible to be 100% certain about your system’s safety. Hackers are always looking for loopholes in applications or company websites that they can exploit to their advantage. Hackers can use undetected vulnerabilities to cause harm.

The scanner may not have detected a vulnerability due to two reasons. One, XSS vulnerabilities might have been discovered immediately after the scan was completed. Two, the susceptibility could be too complex for an automated tool.

The scanner tools are not 100% reliable in vulnerability detection. You should therefore not be too confident about the results.

2. Constant update necessary

To ensure that the XSS scanner is always up-to-date, it must be reliable. Continuous updating of the scanner tools allows them to detect the most recent XSS vulnerabilities. Failure to update an XSS scanner means it won’t perform its duties optimally.

False positives

False positives are often due to the inability or difficulty to interpret the results of the XSS scanning tool. The results will not be understood by security specialists if you don’t have the expertise to do so. This can lead to a slow interpretation. False positives can build up, which causes the scanner tool’s functions to be impeded if it is not able to recognize the vulnerabilities. This reduces the effectiveness of vulnerability detection.

An IT infrastructure that is too large and includes many servers, plus many services, could result in too many false positives. This is due to the complexity of its operations and the difficulty of understanding the scan results.

Uncertain Effects of Vulnerability

It can be difficult to understand and interpret the implications of vulnerabilities for businesses. The scanner cannot show or reveal how the vulnerability will affect different businesses. This renders the automated XSS scanner inefficient.


It is now clear what the pros and cons are. When buying the XSS vulnerability scanner tool, know the benefits and drawbacks to expect from it so that you can devise means to overcome or enhance them.