Detection of Malware-Why Should One Consider This?


A malicious email with a fake email address is not the only way malware can infect your computer and website. There’s a better way of doing that. Hackers become more imaginative when it comes to tricking unwary Internet users. They are viciously targeting vulnerable websites that can do phishing, spamming, and cause attacks from Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS).

Most website owners starting out and online business owners think hacking is just for money. They don’t sometimes realize that the reasons behind hacking can really vary from different hackers. Who says what? A rival could even pay them out.

How to Find Malware on Your Website

Protect Now

It’s good to know if your web site is already compromised before you sign in to any malware detection program. You may wish to review the security of your website by yourself. Here are the few ways your website can detect a malware:

Google Checker for Free Malware

Google has already taken action on that before you could actually know your website was infected. They have malware detection features which protect their valued users and their online company. You can spot any malware that affects your website quickly. The only drawback is that Google Free Malware Checker won’t tell you about any other bugs that a website may discover.

Team Malware Detection: A Great Support

It is good to have experts in malware detection in your staff or to call a support team. A website configuration malware detection expert (ex. programmer) is ideal to help you fix your website. The hosting company can also help you out, as they work with other customers with the same issues. Definitely they can offer great support. They can then do the job of cleaning up after you.

Stronger passwords are required

When you get a warning from Google, and it has a virus on it, you need to update all your passwords. Next time, use a different set of passwords.

Search Deeper for the Undetected Dangers

Even new hackers will use a particular attribute to show malicious links. The display = none attribute prevents tourists and site owners from finding links to the intruders. No-one is looking for ways to remove malware until they have undeniable evidence. A human person may not spot malicious links right away, but search engine bots do. If such links are found, you can be penalised from search engines such as Google. Finding the unwanted links is easy but you need to look for them very carefully. Here is what you should do:

  • Enable a Web browser with your source code. Most browsers allow you to go to the Source of Pages under the View menu.
  • Check for odd ties on the and tags.
  • Look for ties next to the “ display = none ” attribute.

When you know your code, then you can easily find the connections that should not be there. If this is the first time you are looking at it, the malicious code will usually lead to porn or gambling websites. You can check the links you’ve found, or just block them if they are obvious.

The features you need from cWatch

Any IT company can install a malware detection tool that can clean up your website but first you have to pay for your subscription plans. You need to be careful, and search other companies’ malware detection tool for more options. That leaves no chance to decide whether you really need their antivirus. Cwatch offers more benefits than our competitors, uses our leading malware removal tool and see for yourself:

  1. 24/7 Website Surveillance
  2. Superior Threat Investigation Capabilities
  3. CDN (Content Delivery Network) which ensures high website availability
  4. Efficient SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) System
  5. PCI Compliant Scanning Tool

With regard to sites which are malware detection tools, cWatch as one of the free web vulnerability scanner tools can provide you with the following advantages apart from its technological capabilities:

Effort and time saves

You don’t have to worry every day about the pesky dangers of single malware. All you have to do is check the vulnerability tools on your website, and install cWatch on your site. As a website security testing tool it will do the rest of the cleaning and protection.

Risk Minimization

Why wait for hazard moment to come? Through the website security check tool’s comprehensive activity reports, you effectively plan ahead of a malware attack. Prevention is the best cure. Use the Internet now tool for detecting malware on cWatch.

Saving Costs

Trying out the malware detection tool will save you from spending more money on Google’s top paid malware removal service.

The Conclusion

We’ve presented steps that will lessen or protect you from new attacks. Yet you might be left with other security holes on your website. You need to check if you have the latest updates and if your code is free of unwanted links, look in a couple of days. Allocate another week for check-ups, before you can finally say that this is a closed case. If the issue persists, already get the help of a professional.