Envira Photo Gallery Plugin


Envira Photo Gallery Plugin enables you to create a stunning, sensitive photo video gallery in minutes for a WordPress account. This means that all gadgets (mobile devices, smartphones, notebooks, and computers) will still look fantastic in your picture gallery.

The developer of the Envira Photo Gallery plugin has confirmed that their plugin has discovered a cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw. It’s a loophole that might cause malicious code (usually HTML or JavaScript) to be imported into site material by an attacker. And this would also affect someone who is reading an infected page of a site.

But don’t be scared. A fix has been released by the developer. What you need to do is automatically upgrade the plugin.

Are You Affected By This Vulnerability?

If your website is running version 1.7.6 of Envira Photo Gallery for WordPress, then this weakness could impact you.

How does the edition know you?

When you log into your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugins, and you will see the version described in the overview of the Envira Photo Gallery plugin.

How Does Stored XSS Vulnerability Affect Your Website?

Hackers target insecure input fields like the comment section or communication type in cross-site scripting or XSS attack.

Suppose you have enabled a contact form plugin for guests to contact you on your website. Contact forms do not accept JavaScript codes, but a weakness in the contact form is believed to cause the code to be accepted. In any case, the flaw can be quickly abused by hackers to obtain access to your website.

If a hacker has access to the site, they could use the site to perform malicious practises like redirecting the user to other malicious pages, sending out spam emails, targeting other websites, using black hat SEO tactics to rate their own brands (recommended read – pharma hack), etc.

They will blacklist the site if Google knows of these malicious practises and the hosting companies can suspend the site until it is patched.

But you can defend your website from vulnerabilities of this kind.

How to Protect Your Website From Envira Gallery Vulnerability?

To secure your WordPress website from Envira Gallery Weakness, you have two steps:

1. Update the Envira Gallery Plugin (Mandatory)

An update that will patch the flaw has been released by the developer of the plugin. Therefore, upgrade the plugin immediately. How to Securely Upgrade a WordPress Website (Recommended Reading)

2. Enable X-XSS HTTP Security Headers

Enabling X-XSS HTTP Protection Headers on your WordPress website is another way to defend your website from this vulnerability. The browser would actually not load the page until it is allowed and a hacker attempts to attempt to access your website. And check out our X-XSS Defense WordPress guide to read more about X-XSS HTTP Authentication Headers and how to enforce them.

Has the WordPress account been compromised already?

Wondering if it has already hacked your website?

For sure, with our WordPress Security Plugin, you can check your website.

1. On your website, instal MalCare.

2. Then, pick MalCare from the left-hand menu on the WordPress dashboard.

3. Then enter your email ID, select Search for malware, and then press the Check Site button. MalCare will quickly begin searching the website.

You should go ahead and clean the website using the same plugin if the plugin finds malware on your domain.

Instant cleaner for MalCare, yet to disinfect your website, you would need to update.

4. All you need to do to clean your website is click on the Auto-Clean button and the plugin will start cleaning your website.

It will take a few minutes for MalCare to disinfect your hacked website.

Ultimate Thoughts

We hope the article really helped you protect your website. But you need to take steps to ensure that your website will stay safe in the future from vulnerable plugins and hacking attacks.

So to keep your website safe, add a WordPress protection plugin like MalCare.

MalCare helps you keep your website updated periodically. It comes with a firewall and login security features that shield the site from attacks by brute force. In addition, it checks your website on a regular basis and warns you if your site is compromised before Google blacklists it or your hosting company suspends it.