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The Top 10 Web Security Solutions

The internet is a constant part of our digital workplace. It’s possible to access information quickly and easily via the internet, which is a huge advantage over traditional methods that can take several weeks. The internet has opened up a new world of virtual communication that allows remote teams to work as efficiently as those in the same office. However, our dependence on the internet can make us more vulnerable. A study from the University of Maryland found that hackers attack computers with internet access every 39 seconds on average.

Businesses should be concerned about this almost daily attack rate, especially if they have remote workers that communicate via the internet. Bad actors can spread malware within minutes if one of the company’s connections is compromised. We have analyzed the most effective web security solutions and discovered that they fall into two categories: browser isolation and web filtering.

There are two types of web filtering available: DNS and cloud-based. Cloud web filtering platforms or “Secure Web Gateways”, also known as “SWGs”, protect internet-connected devices by blocking malicious websites from being downloaded to users’ computers and filtering out harmful sites. They protect your data by scanning for malicious code and filtering harmful URLs.

A type of cloud web filter is DNS (domain name systems) web filtering platforms. They sort internet traffic using DNS lookups. Each webpage has a unique IP address. Browsers can connect to this domain to load the page. DNS filters are placed between the browser’s domain and browser to prevent browsers from loading malicious websites. Many DNS filtering platforms include a pre-configured blacklist that blocks harmful domains from being accessed by protected networks.

Browser isolation is the second type of web security that we have explored. Browser isolation platforms are used to protect businesses by isolating online browsing activity from the local network. Cloud-based browser isolation solutions offer the best protection. They execute web-based commands on a secure server or remote desk’. The remote desktop allows the user to browse as normal, but without any connection to their local computer. This means that malicious attachments and web pages are kept in the virtual environment, and do not reach the user’s computer.

This article will discuss the top ten web security options, including cloud-based and DNS filtering, as well as browser isolation platforms. We will give you background information about the provider, the key features of each solution, and who they are best suited for.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco is a global network, security, and infrastructure vendor. They offer many security solutions that protect digital communications around the globe. The Umbrella solution was launched in 2019 and offers cloud-based security via Secure Web Gateway. Administrators can manage multiple functions from one console. This makes it easy to add or protect devices remotely. Cisco Umbrella comes in three packages that can be used to protect all sizes of organizations, including small businesses and large corporations.

Cisco Umbrella provides DNS security, a Secure Web Gateway, and firewall as a Service (FWaaS), functionality from one console, the Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway. (SIG). Administrators have one portal that allows them to monitor threats and set protection across all areas. Umbrella also includes integrated threat response, so security teams can identify the root cause of security incidents and avoid repeated attacks.

To detect and protect against zero-day and known threats, the Umbrella packages use sophisticated machine learning and threat intelligence from Cisco Talos (one of the largest commercial threat teams in the world). The solution provides powerful web filtering protection against malware and phishing attacks.

Customers have praised Cisco Umbrella for its easy deployment and user-friendly portal. This portal also allows remote monitoring of devices. This solution provides reliable, almost instant security coverage for all protocols and ports. Cisco Umbrella is a great cloud option for organizations looking for web security solutions.

WebTitan DNS Filter

Titan HQ’s web filtering solution, WebTitan DNS filter, is Titan HQ’s web filtering solution. It uses advanced domain name system filtering controls for strong threat protection. WebTitan protects users from malicious websites, viruses, and other web-based malware by filtering over 500 million URLs. It is simple to use and includes a policy engine that can filter content according to any business needs.

WebTitan DNS filter stops users from accessing malicious web content. It has a URL database that covers more than 650 million users. This solution protects against viruses and malware by blocking harmful downloads. The AI-powered engines detect zero-day phishing domains. Administrators can remotely monitor and manage their web security via API without any latency. Administrators can set up granular policies for each user, IP agent, and group through the remote management console. Administrators can generate a variety of reports to make sure that WebTitan detects any threats in their organization. These reports can be used to prove compliance with legal standards.

WebTitan’s platform is highly praised by customers for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and detailed content filtering policies. It is highly scalable and fast, making it easy for organizations to add devices as they grow. It is suitable for both small and large enterprises. WebTitan’s low margin pricing and multitenant environment make it a popular choice for MSPs. WebTitan’s strength in education environments is its ability to allow administrators to set policies that protect students and ensure compliance with educational standards.


boss cloud web security solution is based on node-based technology (which the vendor calls “containerized Gateways”). It provides SaaS network security with all firewall and proxy capabilities delivered within the cloud. Customers’ networks don’t suffer from the problem of the solution running in the cloud. Organizations have the option to adopt the boss’s public cloud service, use containerized gateways in a private cloud, or combine both.

All features, functions, and security of the iboss platform are available as a cloud-based service. This includes web filtering and malware defense, as well as DNS protection. The cloud-based security solution allows users to access their internet at any time and from anywhere. This is especially useful for companies with many remote employees. Security teams can create filtering policies and configure data loss prevention rules. These will be applied automatically to end-users.

boss’s solution is easy to deploy and has 100% API-based integration. It’s compatible with Office 365 and MS Cloud App Security CASB as well as Azure. This solution is ideal for enterprises with many remote employees because of its easy setup and cloud-based protection.


Forcepoint, formerly Websense offers a wide range of cybersecurity products including Secure Email and Web Gateways as well as firewalls and behavioral analytics. Secure Web Gateway is available both as an on-premise solution and as a cloud-based option. You can also create a hybrid service to protect your office and on-premise data. It is suitable for all companies, regardless of their cloud migration status. Forcepoint’s management console allows for reporting on each of these deployment environments.

Forcepoint’s SWG employs over 10,000 analyses to support advanced threat detection. This includes real-time analysis for data theft. The comprehensive cloud application security feature allows organizations to monitor cloud app behavior both during work hours and online to identify security gaps and uncover potential risks.

This solution provides excellent logs and filters with custom categories for activity monitoring. This granular control allows organizations to adjust the protection level to meet their company policies.

Forcepoint’s admin controls can be a bit complicated, and customers have reported that this solution requires a steep learning curve. The solution offers its customers many benefits. Forcepoint’s Secure web Gateway is a solid solution for organizations of all sizes looking for cloud-based filtering platforms.


McAfee offers a range of SWG solutions. These include an on-premise or cloud-based platform to perform web filtering. The Web Gateway Cloud Service (WGCS), is easy to use and deploy. It is customizable and can take some time to deploy. It provides sophisticated protection and reporting once it is configured.

McAfee’s Web Gateway Cloud Service employs an embedded browser code emulator and an antimalware feature to offer strong, customizable protection against malicious software. Its policy engine is rule-based. This allows organizations to configure it according to their policies. Administrators may take time to set up filtering policies, which can lead to increased protection and reporting.

McAfee’s SWG uses global threat intelligence to perform powerful web filtering. This is based on a profile that includes secure web pages and keywords. This prevents employees from accessing restricted content. This allows for greater productivity and security.

McAfee’s SWG can be used outside of the company network to protect remote users as well. McAfee’s Web Gateway Cloud Service provides strong web filtering solutions for enterprises, especially those that use McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator. These companies will already be familiar with the granularity and details of the filtering policies. Its keyword filtering capabilities make it an excellent solution for educational institutions, where restrictive access controls can protect vulnerable users.

Menlo Security

Menlo Security is a market leader in providing web security via isolation. The technology eliminates the risk of web-based threats and email attacks by isolating all content and then executing it on secure servers. This technology protects users against malicious content without affecting the system’s performance and changing how users browse. Menlo’s cloud-based platform is fully compatible with Office 365.

Menlo’s Security Isolation Platform is built on its Isolation Core technology. The secure cloud proxy acts as a firewall between the user’s computer and potential attackers. Menlo ensures that only secure information can be transmitted to the endpoint device from the cloud. Users work all their work through a remote web browser. Administrators have the ability to block other websites, popups, and adverts. Users are therefore unable to interact with phishing sites. The solution also protects Software as a Service (SaaS), applications. You can use any SaaS app, such as Office 365 on a direct-to-internet connection at full speed without worrying about security.

Menlo’s approach was built “in the cloud for the cloud” and allows them to guarantee security with zero compromises. The solution is flexible enough to support any organization, although customers range from small businesses to large corporations.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a global cybersecurity leader that offers enterprise-level security via AI, analytics, and automation. URL Filtering with Web Security is Palo Alto Networks’ internet security solution. It provides secure web access via a powerful URL filter and PAN-DB. This solution protects phishing websites, HTTP-based command & control, malicious sites, and pages that contain exploit kits.

URL Filtering by Palo Alto uses a combination of static analysis and machine-learning through PANDB to protect users from threats. Palo Alto’s cloud-based URL databank, PAN-DB. This global threat intelligence provides automated protection against new malware and exploits sites.

Palo Alto’s solution provides multiple URL categories and a risk rating for each website. This allows administrators to develop more detailed policies. Credential phishing protection is also available to protect against suspicious URLs that may contain malicious content. Palo Alto’s URL filtering also includes firewall integration. This allows for easier policy configuration and administration, without slowing down any web-based applications.

Customers love Palo Alto’s URL filtering for a web security solution. It provides clear visibility into URL traffic and offers effective protection. Palo Alto’s integrated platform allows for the protection of mobile devices, clouds, and networks. This solution is recommended for large companies looking for powerful URL filtering tools, especially those that have remote employees.


Symantec is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for cloud-based and appliance-based web security solutions. They hold the largest market share of all SWG vendors. Symantec’s Web Security Service offers all-inclusive web security solutions, including a Secure Web Gateway as well as browser isolation. This service can be used with Microsoft Office 365. Administrators can also create separate policies for different Office 365 apps.

Strong SSL inspection is used by the cloud-based Web Security Service to identify malware in encrypted web traffic and prevent it from reaching end users’ devices. Symantec’s sophisticated proxy architecture allows it to provide a Secure Web Gateway that inspects and controls web traffic and terminates advanced threats. It also secures user’s data regardless of their location. As an additional feature, the solution offers a cloud firewall service that covers all protocols and ports. This ensures consistent policies across both on-premise devices and remote devices. The solution also features browser isolation capabilities that allow uncategorized URLs to be directed to an isolated environment. The pages are then sent as images to the browser by this point.

Administrators have access to the web portal and can view reports. However, customers find that reporting and configuration capabilities are limited. Symantec does offer an enhanced reporting and management console but it is not included in their web security product. Customers must add it to their order.

Symantec’s Web Security Service protects both mobile devices and desktops. This makes it attractive for companies that have workers who regularly access company data remotely. By checking your email on a personal mobile phone. This solution is recommended for enterprises looking to invest in a hybrid (cloud-based and on-premises) web security solution.

Trend Micr

Trend Micro has over 30 years of experience in creating simple, reliable, and secure cybersecurity solutions. InterScan Web Security is a software-only Secure Web Gateway, which customers can either deploy on-premise or in the cloud. This is possible thanks to the synchronization between policies for both cloud and on-premise users.

InterScan Web Security uses URL filtering, botnet detection, and URL filtering to protect users from advanced threats like malware and zero-day exploits. It also protects cloud-based applications. Cloud-based users also have the benefit of machine learning technology. Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network provides real-time protection to protect the system from new and emerging threats. Administrators can set protection settings for more than 1,000 applications at a fine level. This makes it easier to enforce acceptable use policies. Administrators can also view reports from the management console that provide complete visibility into web usage. These reports allow you to monitor web usage in real-time, which allows for immediate remediation.

Trend Micro’s InterScan Web security is a powerful solution that SMBs can use to protect mobile endpoints. Customers report that the product is easy to use and manage, and they are generally happy with Trend Micro’s support services. It is usually sold as part of the vendor’s Smart Protection Complete Suite. We recommend it to those who are looking for an SWG that can be integrated into a larger security suite or who already have a strategic relationship. Trend Micro has a strong channel partner platform with many partnership opportunities. MSPs can also leverage this solution.


ZScaler is a market leader in cloud-based web security solutions that grow with customers’ organizations. The ZScaler Internet Access (ZIA), a Secure Web Gateway, proxies and filters all web traffic from the head office, branches, and mobile devices. To further increase their web security, customers can purchase optional features such as firewalls and cloud-based Sandboxing. ZIA’s lack of hardware makes it fast and simple to install, so customers can be protected in minutes after investing in the solution.

Advanced malware detection is possible with the ZScaler Internet Access SWG. It works on all web content including SSL and TLS traffic. ZIA, a cloud-based app, can use powerful machine learning technology to protect against new zero-day exploits. It also provides a basic firewall, DNS filtering, and CASB functionality that protects cloud-based applications and web browsing. Customers can upgrade and add features at an additional cost. The management platform is easy to use and allows admins to access real-time analytics and reporting. Each user view can be used to enhance protection.