Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)

This depends on the amount of harm caused, the choice of CMS/Non-CMS and how to clean the server is. If we need to search old files, creation pages, unused plugins and themes across mountains, it can take a great deal longer. Generally the next day but it can take up to a week to uninstall all malware occasionally. In general, the platform will be live within 24 hours.
We will restore your site to the most recent backup (which is why you need regular backups) Check your web logs to find the entry point(s) Delete all malware to ensure the website is not hacked again Adjust all Admin, FTP, cPanel and database passwords Take away unused themes Take off unused plugins And, we may need to replace with better known vulnerable plugins, but this will be approached separately.
We need some stuff from you to launch any hack rescue. We just can't do anything without them. Stay track of: Access details for your website via FTP or SFTP Access to CPanel or Hosting Control Panel (usually the same as the details of your FTP) Name and password for your CMS 'administrator.' I.e. Admin WordPress or Joomla! Management Accounts After we get started we may need further details depending on what we find.
You'll be in a better position once we tighten your security, but your site will need daily attention to track attacks and keep them up to date. We have 2 plans to match your needs.
We should absolutely clean up the infected website of your WordPress malware. If re-infections take place within 30 days then our team will free of charge clean up your "WP" website and provide recommendations to secure your website further. No case for refund or cancellation is a re-infection.
Yes, all of the infections are detected using multiple antivirus checks and malware checks. All websites are also monitored by our expert staff. If it is actually compromised, we will efficiently Repair hacked WordPress website.
Every file we touch is backed up. We 're going to save the entire thing. All the files and all your database are included.
No, the website won't be damaged by the cleaning. Often a virus injects code at various places. It is really difficult not to notice. Everywhere a virus injects the code, we do our best to detect this. We avoid destroying websites during our clean-up process. Few times, however, occur when they do. This may be attributed to the purification. It is often due to the way the malware has been integrated into the heart of the website, however. We will need to restore your website in this situation. Reconstruction would lead to higher costs. You may opt either to refund or to pay for the restoration costs difference.
To connect to your account, we use your current FTP/SFTP credentials (server, username and password). Our WordPress backups come with a daily snapshot that matches your website fully. You should back up the files from the archive and from the website. Backups are not cut. Starting on day one, all your website backups are open.

Our Advanced Features

Website Malware Removal & Fixing Hacked Website Processes

  • Repair malware notification from google (red screen)
  • Fixing illegal redirecting pages to other sites
  • Fixing phishing notice
  • Scanning & removing all malicious codes
  • Fixing Google blacklist (for SEO)
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Where are you at?
Where are you at?

Malware affects client networks but uses innocent web servers to reach other customers. You might not see any malicious activities on your site. Still, someone may have secretly modified your website by installing malicious code, inserting iframes, adding links to another Website that host the malware, or created third party advertising that appears on your site. Please chat with us to remove it instantly.

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The cost of your services?
The cost of your services?

You will also investigate the hacking of your website to identify blind points inside the code and remove them as soon as possible. It would be best if you even remembered that hackers often reserve ways to further hack your website after having access to your site. Only a professional can find these paths. Let’s do it for an affordable price to restore your hacked website almost instantly!

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