Fix Hacked WordPress

Wordpress Clean Malware
Wordpress Clean Malware

Here’s how to fix a hacked WordPress site

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is free and easy to use. WordPress is used by around 35% of all websites. WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build a website, even if they don’t have any programming skills.

Your website can be hacked. This can be very stressful for your website and your business. You can still fix a hacker website. We will demonstrate how. How to fix a WordPress site that has been hacked.

1. Find the hack.

You must first be calm and focus on the problem. Identifying the problem will be easier if you do certain things. Log in to your WordPress admin panel. Verify that your site redirects to another website. Look for any unlegitimate links to your site. Check if Google has included your site in its Blacklist.

You should be aware of all faults to identify the problem and fix it. Also, it is important to change passwords both before and after you finish the fix.

2. Consult your hosting company

These types of issues are dealt with daily by the best hosting providers. Because they are experts in hosting, they will be able to guide you most efficiently. Ask your web hosting provider for help with hacking.

The hack could have also affected shared hosting. Hosting companies will provide information about the origin, start, and possible backdoor. This information will be very helpful in fighting hacks. In some cases, the host might also be able to fix hacks on your site.

3. Check website accessibility and permissions

Open the user’s area of your WordPress website and make sure that you and only your trusted friends have access to the administrator. You should immediately remove any suspicious users from your website that could cause damage to it and its data.

This is important because hackers can hide your backdoor and gain access to your website, while you are still hidden. You must ensure that your site is secure to prevent hackers from hacking it. Although it is difficult, you must be alert and make the most effective security measures to protect your website.

4. Change your WordPress secret keys regularly

Since WordPress 3.1, security keys have been generated to encrypt passwords. If a hacker takes your password and logs into your website, the cookies remain valid so he can stay logged in. He could also corrupt or steal your data.

By creating new secret keys, you can disable cookies. Create a new security code and add it to your wp-config.php file. This will log out the hacker as well as disable any existing cookies.

5. Backup your website and restore it

Make sure you have backups of your WordPress site. This will allow you to restore your website from the original state it was when it was working properly. This is a quick way to fix the problem but it can also cause damage to your site by causing you to lose any blog posts, comments, or content.

If you don’t have a backup or the hack has been around for a while, you will need to either manually remove the hacker or hire professional help to fix the website.

6. Use malware scanners to remove malware

Hackers hide the backdoor most of the time in inactive WordPress themes and plug-ins. Hackers can use the backdoor to gain access to your website, but they are not detected. It is important to combat the backdoor. Make use of trusted and secure malware scanners to scan your website for malware content and hacks.

Sucuri Auditing and Theme Authenticity Checker are free tools that scan your website and reveal information about the core files. It will alert you to any potential malware and show you where it is located. It will also check all installed themes and plug-ins, and will find any malicious codes. The code must be removed or replaced with the original.

Increase security on your WordPress website

These are the best ways to protect your website.

  • Use Managed Hosting
  • Install a Website Firewall and Monitoring System
  • Limit the number of login attempts for your website
  • Use strong passwords
  • Some directories should disable PHP Execution


Cybercrime is on the rise in today’s digital world. No one is completely safe online. Hackers constantly come up with new ways to hack websites, so it is important to protect them. There is a chance that your WordPress website could be hacked.

This guide explains how to fix a WordPress site that has been hacked you can fix it. You don’t need to panic. By taking the proper steps, you can fix any website. Use proper security measures to ensure your safety online.