Fix Joomla Website

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Have you made a website in Joomla and found suspicious activity or even hacking problems? We will help you with a few simple steps to restore your working order account.

After working on WordPress for years, you decide to change the back-end of your website and rebuild it using the Joomla open-source CMS (Content Management System). The second most popular CMS system, Joomla, allows you to combine e-commerce and social networking without too much difficulty. All works great and you enjoy the simplicity with which CMS moderation switching choices have given you. It was a little risk, sure, but your site seems to be working really well. You might tell that you were feeling pretty chuffed. Joomla, the second most common CMS, is very well supported and you’re upgrading your site, installing tonnes of plugins to help make your site easier to navigate. You also add a platform of sorts to the ‘lite’ social networking add-on to encourage your customers to discuss your products and share their experiences. It looks pretty darn good, and it seems to be as simple as pie.

One day, you ‘re browsing your profile, and there seems to be something of a friend. Customers have emailed that their experience with your website has been pretty ‘iffi’ … so you’re going to investigate. It seems that when customers click on an object to add to the list, it will be redirected to another page. They must be hackers. Several of the photos have also been edited … classic hacker techniques.

There are a number of practical steps you can take in case you experience any problems with your Joomla website.

  1. Don’t panic first. That doesn’t fix the problem. You need to concentrate.
  2. Create a copy, yes … of the infected website too. This can be used to look at the issues later and to examine them and how they can be prevented.
  3. By this I mean you can compare your backup data files from pre-hack to post-hack. This way you can see how you access the files
  4. Check with Google for a website test, so you can see if your website is considered a safe browsing experience. Copy the following link to your website and add the bolded section;

This simple step will allow you to see immediately if the hackers have compromised your Joomla. This is from a preceding article I’ve written quite recently, but it applies here.

Sign into the Search Console, log in and check your account. You can then move straight to the ‘Privacy Problems’ tab on the lower-left side of the screen after you have checked your website in Search Console.

This simple tool will highlight infected links or links to a compromised site that will allow you to remedy the situation. You are advised to resolve these problems or your site is likely to be reinfected, further reducing the damage caused to the integrity of your pages.

Following one of the measures I listed, now proceed to remedy your hacking issues with the following steps.

Notify your Website host that malware has infiltrated or compromised your Joomla account. Maybe they can trace this for you.
Follow Google’s advice on how to react to being hacked here.

Restore your Joomla site from a backup, before the hacking issues. If your site has been irrevocably destroyed this may be the easiest and safest method. To do this, all the files must be removed from your compromised site and replaced with the clean version. If you overwrite the hacked site, in the first place you simply place code on top of the scripts that the hacker employs.

Check all of your plugins, and make sure you only use frequently updated plugins.

Enlist help from a trusted security expert by downloading FixHackedWebsite’s free website scanner. You can try it for a month at no charge. If at any point you ‘re stuck or unsure, you can always hire an Expert to help you with the problems you ‘re experiencing. Also, the Fixhacked Expert can help you with advice on how to clean up your hacked site and the steps you need to take if you can not diagnose yourself the hacking source.

Change all details of your log and passwords to the database. This is something you can do on a semi-regular (at least!) basis, as I discussed in other posts. Keep the diligence in this area.

These are the steps to get the Fixhackedwebsite scanner mounted on your Joomla website:

  • Download the HERE exploit scanner which is easy to use. This generates a file unique to the site that will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Link this to your Joomla website and it functions just like downloading a plugin.
  • Trigger the scanner, and allow it to search your files all the way through. It may may have a small impact on the speed of the website, but in the long run it will solve the problems you have.
  • After the scan we’ll tell you which files are compromised and which files can be manipulated. Providing you with a solution to any problems you might have with manipulation.