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How To Hack Wordpress Site?
How To Hack Wordpress Site?

Social Media Hacking

Hacking Social Media Account Hacking social media accounts have become a common occurrence on the Internet. The hacking of social media accounts is a common occurrence. Even if you use strong passwords and other security measures, hackers can still access your accounts. This article will show you how to hack social media passwords.

Common Hacking Techniques for Social Media Passwords

DictionaryThis hacking attack attempts to guess every word in a “dictionary” that is defined against your password. This is a small file that contains the most common password combinations. You can use it to create password combinations such as password, password, princess, and 123456.

Rainbow Table
This is often an offline password attack. An attacker may have a list of passwords and usernames that they can use to attack you. However, the passwords are encrypted. The encrypted password is then hashed. It looks completely different from the original password.

The surveillance software can be easily installed on any system. It has the ability to record every keystroke on that system.

Brute Force
An attacker will attempt every possible combination of characters in a brute force attack. The passwords that are attempted will match the complexity rules. For example, the attacker may try one lower-case and one upper-case character combination, your pizza order, and decimals of Pi. Brute force attacks also attempt the most common alphanumeric characters combinations, such as 1q2w3e4r5t and qwertyuiop.

Although this isn’t a hack, it can lead to serious problems. A phishing email generally works in this way:

A fake email claims to come from a business concern or organization.

    • Spoofed emails will require immediate attention.
    • The link to the website actually points to a fake login portal. This fake portal was created to look the same as the real site.
    • An innocent target user enters his login credentials and is then either told to try again or redirected.
    • You can sell, steal, or use your user credentials for illegal purposes.

Another way to lose login credentials is to fall prey to malware. Malware exists to cause massive damage. All of your accounts may be compromised if the malware version includes a keylogger. The malware could also target private data or introduce new viruses. Remote access trojans to steal credentials

After having discussed the most common hacking techniques, you should install security software that can protect your website and provide you with any security-related features. This software should prevent damages and reduce stress. Website security. You can use this tool to protect your internet activities and your computer. Comodo cWatch.

Social Media Hacking Prevention Tool

Comodo has developed cWatch, a Managed Security Service. This web security solution works well for both websites and applications. It is compatible with a Webb Application Firewall (WAF)Provisioned over a Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). It’s a fully managed solution that is available 24/7 from a staffed staff. Cyber Security Operation CenterCertified security analysts and is powered by security Information and Event Management (SIEM).Center capable of leveraging data from over 85 million endpoints to detect and mitigate potential threats before they happen. Malware Removal and PCI ScanningThese are other important features of Comodo cWatch.