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How To Hack Wordpress Site?
How To Hack Wordpress Site?

Remove Malicious Redirects from Your Site

Malicious software could redirect your Web surfing in many different ways. An infection could cause your computer to monitor both incoming and outgoing requests. This can then stop your Web searches and the URLs that you enter into your browser’s address box. A code is injected into websites to redirect visitors to a new site. This happens even though their system is protected. Hackers may also install other malware, such as browser extensions and toolbars that can block search queries and display an alternative results page with sponsored content and advertisements.

Visual inspection is the best way to detect a hacked site. A banner might be placed on your website by the hacker stating “Hacked By _____”. Or, the website redirects to some “inappropriate to office” websites.

How to fix URL redirect hack?

Website redirects can be caused mostly by adware or other malware on your computer. These unwanted programs are designed to direct you to dangerous codes or advertising that can further damage your computer. This situation can be handled by using a trusted security program such as or cWatch, which Comodo has developed.

  • Comodo Web Inspection scans websites using cloud-based malware scanner technology. It can detect security vulnerabilities and search for malicious code on websites. It detects websites that are blacklisted and warns them before they become blacklisted. It includes daily malware scanning and blacklist monitoring.
  • Comodo cWatch’s Cyber Security Centre is available round-the-clock to monitor websites, provide website malware removal assistance and handle security incidents. cWatch can be used to scan websites for malware and to prevent attacks of any kind. This includes SQL Injection and cross-site scripting as well as DDoS attacks. The Comodo cWatch Web security Stack provides the following features to help resolve website redirection problems caused by malware infections or website hacking:
  • Malware Monitoring & Remediation
    Frist detects malware and provides tools and methods to remove it. This prevents future malware attacks.
  • Security Information and Event Management
    Enhanced intelligence that leverages existing events and data from over 85M+ endpoints, and more than 100M+ domains
  • Secure Content Delivery Network (