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It might seem too good to be true that free website monitoring is possible. Well, if you’re a business, it’s probably fair to say that free website monitoring is not a good option as your main solution. However, it can be used to test web monitoring software that you may want to purchase on a subscription basis. Here are some facts about website monitoring software.

How to get the best out of a website monitoring service that is free

A free website monitoring will allow you to enter your website details for an anti-malware scan. It’s basically a service that you can use on an as-needed basis. This is fine for hobby websites, but it’s unlikely that it will be enough for a business website that requires 24/7 protection.

However, it can give you an indication of the quality of paid-for services. It is reasonable to expect that a company will put more effort into the free website monitoring software than it does into the paid-for services.

How to choose a paid site monitoring service

Website vulnerability scanners are sometimes called paid website monitoring services. Each vendor will have their own ideas about how they want to implement them. However, all reputable vendors will include an anti-malware scanner as well as a web application firewall. These two components are essential for any website monitoring system.

How to assess the quality of an antimalware scanner

You should look for evidence of depth and breadth of scanning when evaluating the quality of anti-malware scanners. Also, you want to see the ease of use. You should check to see which web technologies and software it can scan and whether it can scan mobile optimized websites.

It is also important to understand what threats it can detect, and what remedies it can provide. You should also know the scanning method it uses. Is each scan done in a separate location or does the company use the scan results to inform other scans? This is a good idea as it reduces the number of false-positive alerts that you get and makes life easier for your IT team (or managed IT services vendor).

It should be easy to use. Security software is meant to be used by people and make their lives easier.

How to assess the quality of web applications firewalls

The quality of a web applications firewall really comes down to a combination of robustness, flexibility, and customizability, and, again, user-friendliness. You want to be able to adjust the settings to match your website’s traffic. This should be easy and quick. You also want the confidence that your firewall will withstand any attack (within reason).

Enhance your website monitoring service

Website monitoring services tend to be focused on the prevention of malware. This makes perfect sense, but it does mean that you need to make separate arrangements to protect yourself against DDoS attacks. Although your firewall may play an important role, the sheer power of modern DDoS attacks will overwhelm it.

This means that it’s a very good idea to partner it with a DDoS mitigation service. These are similar to firewalls but are optimized for DDoS. They activate only when DDoS attacks occur.

Your mobile devices and local computers will also be protected. Although you won’t store sensitive login credentials, they will still be used to log in to the back-end website. Protect them with a strong anti-malware solution that includes an integrated firewall. A VPN is also necessary if you have mobile and remote users.

Prerequisites to use a website monitoring system

Website monitoring services are meant to complement your security measures, not replace them. You must ensure that all software is up-to-date, regardless of its niche. Your admin users and users must be monitored, vetted, and managed. You must assume that your defenses may be compromised at some point. Make sure all sensitive data is encrypted.

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