How To Add a Video on Godaddy Website Builder?

How To Add a Video on Godaddy Website Builder
How To Add a Video on Godaddy Website Builder

How to add a video on godaddy website builder – Before we get into the topic lets brief something about godaddy website builder.

Due to their ease of use, website builders like Wix and Squarespace are popular choices for many small businesses. With a comparable tool, GoDaddy recently entered this industry. However, before going on board, you should read our GoDaddy Website Builder review because there are some limitations to be aware of.

The fundamental purpose of GoDaddy is to become a one-stop shop for small enterprises. With built-in marketing tools and targeted suggestions for development, the new and enhanced GoDaddy Website Builder promises to deliver on that promise. At the same time, when compared to the competition, its search engine optimization (SEO) and design features fall short.

We’ll go over the platform in further depth in this GoDaddy Website Builder. We’ll focus on its templates, ease of use, and integrations in particular. Let’s get this party started!

GoDaddy Website Builder is now available.

GoDaddy is a well-known internet behemoth that specializes in domain registration and web hosting. This provider, on the other hand, provides a variety of additional services. That includes the GoDaddy Website Builder, which is part of their ‘Websites + Marketing’ tool:

This platform is a visual site builder that does everything. In a nutshell, you pick a template, alter it using a drag-and-drop editor, add your content, and publish it when you’re ready. Apart from that, you can use the ‘Marketing’ component, which includes tools such as an integrated email newsletter and a content design tool for your social media networks.

GoDaddy Website Builder advertises a free package that includes a free domain. It almost sounds too fantastic to be true. Unfortunately, as you delve further, you’ll discover that the marketing is a little deceptive. Instead, you’ll get a free trial with the domain.

You’ll need to switch to one of GoDaddy’s paying plans, which start at $9.99 per month, if you want to keep your site online and claim your free custom domain. Along with the Website Builder, the Basic package contains the following features:

The above characteristics are useful if you’re just starting off, especially considering the price. However, this package does not contain SEO help, which is a huge disadvantage.

You’ll need to upgrade to one of the premium options if you wish to be found online. You can select from the following options:

Standard: From $14.99 per month, includes SEO and increased email marketing options.
Premium: For $19.99 per month, you get advanced online booking functionality.
From $24.99 per month, you may have basic eCommerce features.

If you don’t mind these restrictions, you’ll be able to create a website in no time thanks to the tool’s user-friendly design. Let’s take a closer look at it now.

How To Add a Video on Godaddy Website Builder?

Using video in your website header is a great way to add visual interest to your page and emphasize your products or services. Modify your theme if you want to change the look of your header. The videos in your header are not audible. Customers using mobile devices will just see the thumbnail, which will make your page load faster.

Do you require any additional assistance? A GoDaddy Guide can help you arrange your video production.

  1. Go to the product page for your GoDaddy account.
  2. Select Manage next to your website in the Website Builder section.
  3. To access your website editor, select Edit Website or Edit Site.
  4. Select the arrow next to your cover media, then select your header (the first area of your home page).
  5. Choose Video.
  6. Change the video by clicking on it.
  7. To access your computer, drag & drop your video into the upload area, or select Add a video. You can also use a previously posted video or a stock video.
  8. As you work, your modifications are saved. Publish your website to make the modifications visible to the rest of the world.

Best practices for video headers

    • The banner videos have no sound to avoid distracting the viewer or lengthening the time it takes for the website to load. Add a video to your site if you want the video to play with sound.
    • Short looping videos work best for headers (about 30 seconds maximum). If your movie is only a few seconds long (less than 5 seconds), try to match the starting and finishing scenes so the video doesn’t leap back to the beginning of the loop.
    • The most effective videos assist you in the following ways:
      • Create an atmosphere. Show what it’s like to work behind the scenes or to communicate with your personnel from the perspective of a consumer.
      • Show off your wares. Customers can visualize what it’s like to use your products if you show them how they’re used. Make a digital flythrough to highlight the best features of your product.
      • To begin, set the scene. If you’re an event planner or work in hospitality, take your audience on an adventure. Alternatively, you may conduct a tour of your shop, spa, restaurant, or cafe.
  • Videos should be straightforward, with movement that is smooth and fluent rather than choppy or overly energetic.
  • Make good use of videos. They are effective at attracting attention, but they should not take away from the rest of your website.
  • Make sure your site content’s color doesn’t clash with the colors in your video.
  • Otherwise, your writing will be difficult to read against the background.
    To avoid visual distractions, avoid using text overlay in the video.
  • Adding text to your header fields rather than the video helps search engines find your site.


Creating a Website with GoDaddy’s Website Builder (three main features)

Let’s take a look at the value you get for your money now that we’ve introduced the GoDaddy Website Builder and discussed its different plans and pricing. We’ll go over the three most significant elements in our GoDaddy Website Builder review:

1. Customization possibilities for templates

Templates are a useful business tool

GoDaddy Website Builder includes a library of templates that you can customize right away. You don’t need to enter your credit card information to try out a design, play around with the options, and see if you like it before committing.

Choose from a variety of categories to locate the ones that most suit your sector, like photography, professional services, online stores, and more. Each group contains a number of design options that you can explore or modify:

Templates for GoDaddy’s website builder

If you’re unsure which template to choose, you can use GoDaddy’s Website Builder wizard, which allows you to enter your niche and site name. After that, the system will choose a template that best matches your description. If you choose, you can alter the name of your site later:

The wizard of the GoDaddy website builder

Unfortunately, the patterns are pretty simple and all follow a similar pattern, which may not be acceptable if you want something more elaborate or distinctive. Regardless, each template is neat and simple to customize.

2. Customization possibilities

GoDaddy’s Website Builder is simple and easy to use. In the primary editing page, you can simply access the settings menu on the right-hand side, as well as click and modify various sections:

The UI of the GoDaddy website builder.

The UI is very simple, with the navigation menu clearly outlining all of the options. You may then add your blog entries, schedule appointments, connect your social network accounts, and more:

Dashboard for the GoDaddy website builder.

If you don’t like the layout of your current template, you can choose from a variety of “themes” that offer different versions of the same design. You can, for example, choose a theme with a larger header, various menu positions, or alternate styling:

Themes for the GoDaddy website builder.

You may also modify the global typefaces of each theme, apply different button styles, and pick a dominating color. Individual elements, however, will not be able to be customized or repositioned.

You can also include photo galleries, calendars, appointments, social feeds, and other sections (or content blocks) on your site. You’ll also be able to pick from a variety of layouts for each part, which might help you get your site up and running quickly.

Furthermore, if you make a mistake, you can undo earlier changes:

Content blocks are being added.

Finally, the Website Builder includes a fantastic mobile app that allows you to edit your site while on the move.

3. Tools for business

The Settings section provides you access to a number of useful features that are simple to set up. You can, for example, enter your Google Analytics or AdSense information without writing a single line of code. You can also use Facebook Pixel to connect your site and integrate Facebook and Pinterest meta tags.

You can also use your dashboard to access numerous marketing tools. For example, there’s a Content Creator option that assists you in creating visuals for social network posts:

The Content Creator option is available.

Unfortunately, even on higher tiers, SEO functionality is limited. Apart from improving your headline, page title, and page description, you won’t be able to do much. Even so, for newcomers, the accompanying wizard can be useful:

SEO mastermind.

This software especially excels when it comes to the GoDaddy Insight function. After you’ve published your site, the tool will create a customized action plan for your company based on the goals you set in the wizard. You’ll receive a to-do list as well as data-driven recommendations to assist you in improving your website.

You’ll also be able to include a useful WhatsApp chat button on your site, which your mobile users will love. Depending on the plan you choose, you can send your subscribers between 100 and 25,000 emails per month. You may drag and drop various elements or add stock photos to the newsletter editor, which is simple to use:

Creating a newsletter design

Finally, the most expensive package includes some eCommerce capability if you wish to build an online store. You’ll be able to sell your products directly from your website, as well as establish shipping choices, discounts, and promotions. However, you’re confined to the built-in connectors that come with your plan, which could cause issues as your business grows.