Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malicious or Unwanted Software

Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malware
Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malware

If you’ve arrived here, Google Ads/AdWords has rejected your ad. Your Google advertisements have been blocked due to malware, but your website is safe. When establishing a campaign, this failure is far from ideal, especially when Google’s disapproval notice [Google ad disapproved: dangerous or unwanted software] is unclear. Google AdWords has policies in place, and any violation from these policies will result in mistakes and your ads being suspended by Google owing to Malware or Malicious Unwanted Software.

It’s sometimes because a malicious script has been introduced into the website code, redirecting visitors to dangerous pages. This post will point you in the proper direction so you can get started on your campaign and ad as soon as possible.

WordPress site ads getting disapproved due to malicious links

If Google Adwords determines that your WordPress site is a carrier of malicious or unwanted software, they will not allow any of your existing advertising to appear on that site, and any new ads directed to that site would be rejected as well.

Even if you don’t have many plugins installed and your security scan identifies your site as clean, this problem can occur on your WordPress site. It depends on the security plugin you selected to check for harmful code on your site in this scenario. Most harmful links are placed deep within your website’s files in decrypted form. A deep scan will not be performed by free plugins.

The malicious URLs are usually concealed in the theme or plugin files of the nulled plugin/theme that you have installed on your website. More information can be found here. Another option is that you’re running an outdated plugin with a vulnerability that has been exploited by a hacker.

If you are unable to clean the code from the main core file and database, be aware. It has the potential to regenerate over a period of time, resulting in the suspension of your Google Advertising account and the disapproval of all of your Google ads.

For a quick remedy, Google Ads support is your best bet. Their customer service can explain why an ad was rejected and provide recommendations for how to resolve the issue. We’ve put together a helpful step-by-step guide to help you figure out why your Google Ads account has been suspended due to malware on your WordPress site.

Google AdWords employs regulations in order to adhere to industry standards and to strengthen valid ones. Any violation from these restrictions will result in mistakes and the suspension of your AdWords account.

This can happen when a malicious script is inserted into the website code, redirecting visitors to malicious pages (also known as WordPress malware redirect hack). The reasons for the suspension may vary, and the suspension may be waived in some situations.

Why Your AdWords account has been Suspended?

  • AdWords Policy Deviation
  • Account with infection or malicious content
  • Misleading Ads
  • Cloaking activities
  • Quality of your ads
  • Misleading Ads
  • Cloaking activities

Malicious content or malware?

The following is how Google considers malicious/malware content:

“Malware is a piece of software or a mobile application that is expressly designed to harm a computer, a mobile device, the software it runs, or the people who use it.”

Malware is software that performs malicious actions, such as installing software without the user’s permission or installing destructive software, such as viruses. Because some webmasters are unaware that their downloaded files are malware, these binaries may be hosted inadvertently.”

In fact, as mentioned above, your landing page is unlikely to include malware or software. Google’s sophisticated procedure for detecting dangerous information or malware, on the other hand, is completely automated!

It gathers data from respectable businesses that detect dangerous content and malware, then concentrates on analysing that content in specific geographic areas where the most malware is found.

Google uses a massive network to ensure that only safe and high-quality material is available, as seen in the overview of Google’s secure surfing. Errors occur since the process is mechanised, and “harmless” material is frequently captured.

When Google Ads incorrectly believes your ad/page is dangerous, the only method to have Google rethink your ad is to sign in to support, complete the instructions to establish that the ad is incorrect, and then return the ad for review.

Possible causes of Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malicious or unwanted software

  • When the landing page is secured through https, outgoing URLs on the landing page use http.
  • Images hosted on Google Ads-unapproved software.
  • Redirects to the domain or landing page URL are present.
  • Google considers WordPress plugins to be harmful.
  • Google considers external content to be dangerous, thus custom scripts added to the landing page refer to it.
  • On the landing page, you’ve incorporated automatic downloads: “The software download should only commence when the user has consented to the download by clicking on a clearly labelled download button,” according to Google.
  • You’ve provided form fields where the visitor can enter sensitive information: “The software must not collect sensitive information like bank details without sufficient encryption,” according to Google.
  • “An ad that has simply the words “Download” or “Play” without specifying the software for which it is advertising,” for example, is a false depiction of expected content.
  • There’s a “Play” button that takes you to a download page.
  • An ad that looks like it belongs on the publisher’s website and claims to offer content (such as a movie), but instead directs users to third-party software.
  • Website images can also contain malware or embedded code, resulting in a RED FLAG in Google and the disapproval of your adverts.

Other Reasons

If you own more than one Google AdWords account for the same company. AdWords will suspend your account if your company has trademark difficulties. We have a team of security professionals at Wp Hacked Help that deal with disapproved Adwords advertising on a daily basis. We also communicate with the Google staff in order to have the ads approved.

How To Check For Ads disapproved by Adwords due to malware?

The website only displays ads

Google may suspend your website and Google advertisements if your website contains too many adverts for the sole purpose of luring visitors.

Any site whose primary goal is advertising is thoroughly scrutinised by Google. Make sure there aren’t too many advertising and that the landing pages have been checked.

Due to malicious code/programs

If malware is found in Ad Words or on the website, Google suspends the ads immediately. Google monitors ads on a regular basis to see if they lead to malware-infected websites or aid in the spread of malware. It will be suspended if Google discovers such a declaration.

Google AdWords Account Suspended – How To Fix?

When advertising are suspended, the first objective is to repair them. You will be able to take suitable measures to remedy the issues once you have identified the causes. The steps below will walk you through the process of delivering the adverts online.

Possible Ways to Find Malicious Code in WordPress:

  • With the use of a scanner tool, go through all of your WordPress files and databases and look for any modifications made near the time your ads were rejected.
  • Check any changes done by the developer or hosting business near the date of ad disapproved, such as installing, updating, or adding any code/plugin/file/js/css, etc.
  • Check the Google Console to discover if your website has been blacklisted. More information about Google’s blacklisting warning message can be found here.
  • To find the code, use a variety of plugins.
  • Remove any suspicious base64 decode, eval, referrer, decoded payload, and similar functions.
  • Request assistance from your hosting company or hire a security firm that specialises in WordPress to scan your site for you.
  • Use our malware scanner to examine your website. Because malware is the most common reason of ad suspension, this scan will discover any malware that has been disguised.
  • Repair the files that have been contaminated. You will be able to spot the malware or viruses in your advertising or on your website after you have evaluated it. We can also assist you in removing malware from your WordPress site and correcting files related to online ad delivery. You must resubmit your advertising once all infections have been removed. The permission must be automatic if the infections have been entirely eradicated.

If your advertising have been rejected by AdWords due to malware, you can fix them by doing the following:

  • Open Adwords on Google >> Search for your ad on your Ads & Extensions page.
  • The reason for the suspension is listed in the ad’s “Status” section. You can get a link to the policy explanation by hovering over the “Disapproved” status.
  • A pencil icon can be found in the advertisement. Select it by clicking on it.
  • AdWords’ regulations should be followed when editing the ad.
  • Finally, press the “Save” button. This page contains further information.

If clearance is still not accessible, go to the “Dismissed” area in the balloon next to the report and click the “Submit my ads” option. The majority of advertising are assessed within one business day, however some may take longer if they require a more thorough examination.

Other policy issues at Google

Please visit this page and fill out the form if you still have questions about AdWords policies. Google will provide you with all of the information you require.
If the issue is caused by something else, you should contact Google directly to rectify it. It is preferable not to submit it for review unless you are certain you have solved the problem in the advertising.

If you still have questions about AdWords policies, go to this page and fill out the form.

Request a review from Google On Suspended Ads – Template

You can resubmit it for evaluation with the AdWords team when you’ve completed the procedures. Our security specialists have designed a Request a review template that you may use for your convenience.

Contact Google Adwords Team

If you still can’t find any infractions in your advertisements, you should contact the Google AdWords staff directly.

There are two ways to get in touch with them:

  • The first option is to use their Google AdWords account, which has been suspended.
  • You can also contact Google Adwords Support.

Once you’ve discovered a team member, you need to show that you’re serious about business and advertisements. Then tell them about any ad violations you encountered and what you did to address them.

Make sure to include any pertinent information, as this will assist them in better understanding your issue. After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have to wait a few days for the problem to be processed and resolved. If you persevere, you will undoubtedly see results.

Tips for removing malware or unwanted software

  • In the Google Search Console, check the status of your website. If this is your first time using Search Console, input your website’s URL and click “Add Property” to check its status. You may need to confirm that the site is yours.
  • Even if Search Console indicates no concerns, Google Ads may have discovered security issues on your site. To narrow down your search, talk to your webmaster or web hosting provider, and use programmes like Stop Badware. You can also use a product like Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware to detect any malicious or unwanted applications.
  • This is how it detects malware or undesirable software and then removes it. With aid for hacked websites, Google gives tools and guidelines to assist you in repairing your site.
  • If you are unable to repair the ad’s destination, replace it with one that complies with this policy and resubmit for approval.

Fix the Google Ads disapproved malware or unwanted software wordpress issue with our assistance.

It’s possible that your Google AdWords account was suspended or that your advertising were rejected due to malware since your website appeared suspicious to Google. Hackers put dangerous content into your advertising and content, causing AdWords to suspend your account.

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This way, you can keep your account safe and keep running your adverts.