Hacked Website Repair

Website attack


A Web site gets hacked every five seconds. Having hacked your website could make you feel one of the worst but don’t worry and just stay calm. There are a range of steps you can take to fix a hacked website and you can also avoid potential attacks on your website by installing successful software that can detect such attacks even before they can happen. Taking the measures below will assist in restoring the hacked website.

Steps for repairing a hacked website:

  • Find Out Exactly What Happened: Test to see if any of your data is missing or whether anything has been added to your database.
  • Contact your host: Tell your host that your site has been attacked and is currently down, before you start diagnosing the problem. They can figure out what happened to your site and how to retrieve it.
  • Check for Support on Twitter and Google: If the support staff of your host assures you nothing is wrong with your computer, then you can search the internet for specific answers.
  • Check your user accounts: You’ll need to search user accounts of your site to check if a new user has been created. Delete the new account to prevent the hacker from causing future harm. Adjust both your account and user passwords.
  • Take your site offline: It is important to take your site offline, for two reasons:
  • It does not allow the hacker to inflict more damage to your site.
  • Users are not interested in visiting a website that provides them with a scary malware warning Stop     your webserver or point the DNS entries from your website to a static page on a completely different server that uses a 503 HTTP response address. If you are not sure how to take your site fully offline, contact your host again for help.

Website security is tremendously important because a hacked website may actually cause considerable damage to your site’s very reputation, particularly if Google puts a alert on it that “this site can harm your machine.” Proper website security education followed by the ability to invest in technologies will make a major difference in prevention of hacking. Fixhackedwebsite is a security website that is available to anyone who operates their own websites.

Here are the benefits that you’ll get from using Fixhackedwebsite:

  • Website Hack Repair: Website hack repair offers a comprehensive report on areas you need to deal with by using the website malware removal tool.
  • DDoS Protection: It increases traffic on your website and stops hackers from exploiting bugs in the program.
  • Managed Web Application Firewall: Functions on all web servers, serving as a point of customer review to identify and then delete content including malicious website code embedded.
  • 24/7 Cyber Security Operation: Trained professionals use advanced technologies to help you handle security incidents more quickly.
  • True Content Delivery Network: Delivers web content at a faster pace by caching in a regional data center to manage traffic spikes, shorten distances and provide protection for websites.
  • Fast Malware Removal: Allows you to know the exact malware that keeps targeting your website.
    SIEM Threat Detection: Trained professionals who use sophisticated technologies to help you handle security incidents more quickly.
  • Daily malware and vulnerability scan: Ensure a regular report is sent to track website protection.
    Website Acceleration: It allows the website to run at a much faster pace.
  • Bot Protection: This is responsible for monitoring legit website users to protect themselves against irritating delayed pages or CAPTCHA pages.
  • Complete Blacklist Removal: Once the website scanning is completed, all the blacklists will be added to your website.