Has My Site Been Hacked

Website attack


In today’s world, hacking is becoming more of a regular activity with frequent hacking of huge numbers of websites. If you believe that your website has been compromised, then you need to act swiftly. Here’s how you can say if hacked:

Been Hacked Site?

On your website, you receive warnings from the Google Search Console about malware

Set up a Google Search Console that sends alerts about any problems Google faces when indexing the website,  and also offers search information on website visits.

Google Chrome notifications or other browsers notifying you of the hack

If a website visitor receives a warning from Google Chrome, or any other browser claiming your website is unsafe, you will realize that your website has been compromised and malware infiltrated.

A customer notifies you of a hack

It’s clear, however, that your guests visit your website more often than you do yourself. If a hack occurs, a customer would most likely identify it first and then warn you even before you get a warning or Google detects the infection. Therefore, when a customer contacts you and notifies you of a hack, you should first inform the customer that the appropriate measures are being taken. Following this, the website should be taken offline for maintenance to prevent any damage to anyone.

Your malware scanner warns you of a hack

Reliable malware scanners, such as Fixhackedwebsite, will warn you if your site has been hacked / infected. A variety of website owners opt for this approach since it usually has the shortest time between infection and hack discovery. When you detect a hack / infection then you will receive an alert via email. Therefore, you’ll need to pay close attention to warnings to make sure you don’t ignore alert messages just because you’re still receiving too many. In reality, you can set which types of warnings you will receive.

Apart from cleaning up your website and getting it back on track, Fixhackedwebsite can also prevent your site from becoming corrupted in the very first place. Many website owners need help with cleaning up a compromised site when they learn that their site is hacked as their browser warns them when they access their own site, or their hosting provider has taken their site offline. This is a devastating issue as it highlights the fact that the hackers have been infected with your site long enough to do damage. The damage caused by these hackers triggered a website shutdown by a hosting provider or led Google to discover that the website is hosting malware, a phishing attack or SEO spam.

Fixhackedwebsite Inspector were designed to monitor and prevent hacking of websites. Fixhackedwebsite Inspector is responsible for scanning a website using the improved malware scanning technology based on the cloud. It monitors a blacklisting website, and provides a warning before blacklisting a website. It also detects bugs and security holes, and searches for malicious codes on a website. To name a few, it’s available with apps including Blacklist Monitoring, PCI Compliance Scanning, Trust Seal and Customer Service and Regular Malware Scanning.