How Do i Fix This Website is Not Secure?

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How to fix the “website not secured” error

Your website may have an expired SSL certificate, but that does not necessarily mean it is not secure. Some of the most dangerous websites have the most up-to-date SSL certificates. They do not appear to be insecure from the front. What is an insecure website? How can you make it safer?

Insecure websites could include sites with insecure authentication systems, unsecure databases, malware extensions, embedded scripts, and poorly written code. If not detected quickly, any of these vulnerabilities can cause a serious breach.

How to tell if a website is insecure (End user’s perspective)

If a user visits a website, they can tell if it is unsafe by looking at the following:

1. Inadequate HTTPS- SSL Certificates

Although SSL certificates are not the best indicator of website security, they can indicate that website owners don’t take security seriously. Modern web browsers like Firefox and Chrome will warn you that your website is not secure. They may even block access to your site unless they opt to ignore the alert.

A current SSL certificate shows that you care about security and protect your visitors’ data. It is important to ensure that all links on your website have an up-to-date SSL certificate. Open SSL or Let’s Encrypt can be used to obtain a free SSL certificate.

2. Constant Redirects

Your website may have too many redirects. This could indicate that it is not secure. When users visit your website to search for something, they don’t like being redirected elsewhere. Redirects can also indicate that your website has been compromised and used to attack other websites. You should ensure that redirects to your pages are secure and open in a new tab. This will warn the user that they are navigating towards a different website. Webmasters should also make sure to check their internal pages and homepages for any unauthorized websites.

You should make sure your website is scanned for malicious code and corrected if you discover untrusted or unknown redirects. Any attacks coming from your URL could land you in serious trouble with your host or the authorities.

Constant pop-ups and full-page advertisements

If your website has persistent and annoying pop-ups that are difficult to remove and full-page ads, visitors will avoid it. While they may appear safe for you, and that is a good thing, they can be dangerous for search engines and users. Google and other search engines may flag your site as potentially dangerous and lower it in the rankings.

Be careful about what advertisements you allow on your website. Only allow ads from trusted and white-hat vendors such as Amazon, Google AdSense, and other known sponsors. A single malicious advertiser could expose your website to further attacks, such as XSS or malware hosting.

Webmaster’s perspective: How to tell if a website is insecure

Website security is a complex topic that requires careful attention. These are some of the things you should be aware of:

Database Security

Websites that are not static HTML pages require a database to store their data as well as the data of visitors. If your database isn’t encrypted, or if backups are not enabled, webmasters will be able to tell if your website has security issues.

Unencrypted databases are dangerous, especially if you deal with customer data. If you are found guilty of a breach, you could face severe fines from the authorities.

Server misconfiguration

A simple error in configuration can make your website vulnerable to attacks. Make sure your web servers are set up according to the security guidelines. If you are unsure, have your web servers scanned for possible vulnerabilities and fixed.

Malicious Extensions and Scripts

Webmasters are responsible for maintaining the technical aspects of websites. This could include installing extensions, additional tools, and scripts. You should be cautious about malicious scripts and extensions that could slow down your website or redirect users to another site.

Your website security is dependent on how you detect and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited. If in doubt, it is a good idea to get external assistance.