How To Check A Website For Malware With Google ?

check my site for malware

How to Check a Website for Malware With Google?


Cyber security is an increasingly critical consideration for small business.

Malware is a computer code that is installed and executed without your permission on your computer. Malware infections can cause loss of intellectual property, consumer data, economic fraud and property destruction for a company. It will kill your online credibility and scare customers away in droves if the website of your company is contaminated. Thankfully, Google offers a range of resources on your company website and websites that you visit to identify and prevent malware.

Check a Website URL

1 Locate the site URL that you would like to search for malware. This can be found in the green text underneath the blue link in Google search results. Notice that do not click on the blue connection if you believe a website might be serving malware. Do not include in the URLs “http://”. Example URLs include ‘’ or ‘’ Note that in the Google results, certain long URLs can be truncated in the green text. “Copy Link Location”Copy Link Location

2. Enter the following URL into your browser’s address bar, replacing “WEBSITE_URL” with the site URL in question.

3. For signs of malware, analyze the returned data. The results show whether the site is considered suspicious, what happened in the past 90 days when Google bots indexed the site, whether the site was used to spread malware and whether malware or other malicious software was hosted by the site.

Check Your Google-Indexed Website

  1. Navigate to Google Webmaster Tools (link in Resources) and log in using the account you use to manage your company’s website with Google.

      2.  Click the “Health” menu, followed by “Malware

3.   Select the “Request a Review” option to have Google analyze your site for the presence of malware. This             is   the primary means of removing the Google warning notifying visitors that your site may be serving                malware. Of course, any malware on your site should already have been removed. If your site was flagged             in error, you should file a reconsideration request rather than a malware review.