How To Check A Website For viruses?

check my website for malware

How to check a website for viruses?

Computers can work with and perform tasks using viruses. However, this strategy would not work on a web resource, as Google blacklists websites with viruses that alert users about the threat. We will inform you how to prevent such a situation in this post.

What would a virus scan be?

Virus website checks can be split into two main types:

Verifying content. This is the most shallow form, but it is easiest for attackers to infect a page in this way. Just imagine you’ve created a comment area, and the hacker puts a virus file in it. And now, in spite of a user’s right approach, you get a virus.
Checking Code. Thus, it reviews everything that a website consists of. This may be a long process, but particularly when your website is used for commercial purposes and accepts payments, you should not neglect it.