How To Choose A WordPress Management Plugin?

WordPress Management Plugins

It’s fantastic that your WordPress sites are now live! Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s time to administer your WordPress site now that we’ve acknowledged the time and effort you put into making a blog. If you believe it’ll be simple, you’re in for a few unpleasant surprises, because WordPress website administration services aren’t so simple to administer!

But don’t be concerned!

WordPress websites may be managed fast and efficiently with the help of tools. Even if you only have one WordPress website to manage, we recommend using a WordPress management tool. And we simply say it because it will make your life easier.

Plus, if you need to handle many WordPress websites in the future, you’ll be prepared! Let’s get started on determining which WordPress Management Plugin is best for you.

How to choose an effective WordPress management plugin?

When selecting a WordPress administration plugin, keep the following features in mind!

White labelling

If you create WordPress websites for clients, white labelling is a fantastic tool to have. You may rename your WordPress dashboard with white labelling.

As a WordPress developer, white labelling allows you to customise the dashboard with your own logo and text. Every time your client accesses the dashboard, you get free advertising. What if your client requests a custom dashboard? It’s no problem! You can do that as well with white labelling!

Client reporting

Data, Data, and More Data

Many aspects must be kept in mind when running a WordPress website, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, CRM, Performance (uptime monitor), SEO, WordPress Security, and so on. The data is used to make all of the judgments. But how many of your clients truly comprehend all those seemingly endless rows and columns of data? If you merely provide them numbers, they’ll probably just open and close your email. Or, even worse, simply “Mark it as Read.”

You MUST be accurate when it comes to client reporting.

Your client should be aware of the work you’re performing on his website. This is how you interact with him, and this is how he knows he’s getting his money’s worth. All of that data will be generated using several tools—for example, Google Analytics will generate one report, AdWords will generate another, and the CRM tool will generate its own report…you get the idea, right? An analytics aggregator tool is introduced. These applications, such as MonsterInsights, ExactMetrics, and Heap, allow you to ingest data from a variety of sources and present it in a comprehensible fashion. In a matter of minutes, numbers are transformed into charts and graphs.

This will save you hours of labour if you maintain a lot of websites.

Ease of use

Using a WordPress administration plugin is all about making life easier. The following are two things to keep an eye out for:

You may access your dashboard from any of the sites you manage.
Multiple sites can be managed from a single dashboard.

This way, regardless of whether you’re on website 1, 2, 3, or 4, you’ll be able to administer any website from anywhere.

User management

Assume you’ve hired an intern. You don’t want him tampering with some things, do you? User management plugins allow you to assign roles to your users and control who has access to what information. This is also beneficial when you want to hide stuff from the admin area that you know your customer will not need.

Integrated backup solutions

You’re putting the finishing touches on your WordPress site. Adding that new feature that your clients have been clamouring for. It’s almost finished. It will go live in 3…2…1…

And then BAM!

Your entire website will be down. Forget about the new feature; you don’t even have a website at this point. It’s great that your WordPress management plugin includes a backup feature.


It’s fantastic to have a backup option for your website. But we don’t want to constantly going back to previous versions because of a plugin issue or a poorly developed feature, do we? It would be fantastic if you could test new features and plugins before they were implemented on your live website. This aids in back-end testing and problem squashing, while the end user sees a website that functions flawlessly. Every time, all the time. As a result, a WordPress management solution that includes the ability to create a staging site is essential.


It’s time to go live with your staging site now that you’ve completed all of your development and problem fixes. But hold on… Is it necessary for me to re-implement all of those changes on my live site? No way! Merging allows you to “blend” your staging site and website in a seamless manner. You are not required to keep track of modifications made on the staging site. All you have to do is press a button, and the WordPress administration plugin will handle the rest! It’s a breeze.

Integrated security solutions

Nothing should infect your website or turn it into a distribution point for malware, adware, ransomware, or viruses! An infected website has a significant impact on your search engine optimization (SEO), not to mention the lost customers who have lost faith in your company. Cyber-attacks are becoming more common by the day, making it even more critical to have a powerful, reliable security solution.

Updating themes and plugins

Having a WordPress website means you’ll need a number of plugins to make it work. Keeping all of the plugins up to date takes time, even if you only have one WordPress website. It’s a task that should be done automatically. It becomes increasingly more difficult as the number of sites grows. Not to mention the security risk that obsolete plugins provide. WordPress management plugins allow you to update plugins and themes for all of your WordPress websites from a single location, making it simple and painless.

A Quick Comparison Between The Top WordPress Management Plugins

Let’s examine the features of the top WordPress management plugins now that we’ve covered what to look for.

Prioritize which plugin you should use based on your urgent requirements. If your website is still relatively new, you’ll probably spend a lot of time optimising it and adding new features. In this instance, rapid and painless staging and merging should be your first goal.

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