How to Clean a Hacked Magento Site?

Website hacked


When your Magento Server was hacked, you’ve come to the right place to clean up your hacked account and patch it. For an eCommerce retailer, a hacked website means lack of confidence in your website as well as monetary loss. Customers would not like to have business interactions visited or conducted on any hacked website.

If your website allows payments via credit card, then website visitors will not be likely to share credit card details / credentials. In the event that data is stolen and misused, customers can then file litigation suits that you may face. And you’ll also face the consequences of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Protection Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines.

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is open source. It is regarded as having robust security features and is a secure , stable platform. Magento websites get hacked though.

First, confirm that your Magento Site has been hacked and that this is not due to problems with hardware , operating system or software. Please keep your Magento website updated. Immediately search and upgrade the latest compatible edition of your Magento web site. Outdated and unstable plug-ins and extensions may have issues, too. If you’ve done that scan for the symptoms below.

Hacked Magento Website / Webstore-Compromise symptoms

  • Homepage Defacing-Your homepage has been broken down. That may be because of an attack of hate or just for fun.
  • Your host website is suspending your account for malicious activity
  • Major browsers blacklist your site / block it
  • Unauthorized account with administrator
  • Clients raise concerns about misuse of their credit card details
  • Your shopping page reveals criminal behaviour
  • Increase in dropout shopping cart
  • Unauthorized code on your homepage

If it shows any of the above mentioned signs, your Magento website has been hacked.

What you have to do to get your Magento website clean and restored

You can fix your default webpage by retrieving it from a clean backup. Unless the defacement is connected to a ransomware attack it is very simple to fix this type of problem. Your website would however suffer from a bad reputation.

Immediately take complete backup of the files from your server logs, email, and website. You may be taking regular / automatic backups, but this backup is extremely necessary.

These logs are essential to analyze the compromising details.

Check admin / user accounts: Check all user accounts and administrator accounts. Delete all accounts which were not generated by you or other designated staff. Having only one administrator account is recommended as best practice. Probably, the hacker would have created an administrator account to conduct nefarious activities. Delete all other unsolicited user accounts.

Check for changed files: Threat actors may have inserted malware, so you need to search for any changes to the code. It could undermine the core integrity.

Updated Magento Software / Plug-ins and Extensions: Update your Magento, the plug-ins you are using on your website, and the extensions. Keep only essential ones, and delete all others.

Shared hosting: If your website has been hosted by a shared hosting provider, then you should consider opting out of it. In other websites on the same server, vulnerabilities could allow attacks on your website, too.

Install Fixhackedwebsite Security:

  • Next, you must obtain Web Security from Fixhackedwebsite. You need to buy a license and have it installed on your system.
  • It features a powerful firewall for web applications (WAF), which serves as a barrier to block all advanced persistent threats. SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and targeting applications are blocked from attacks.

Set up Web Security at Fixhackedwebsite:

  • Enroll your domain on Magento. Next, the appropriate HTTP protocol is selected / provided. You must provide the website certificate details, and that completes the initial setup.
  • The Asdo Fixhackedwebsite Web Security dashboard shows your webstore / domain name.

Fixhackedwebsite-scanning configuration:

  • You will need to upload a.php file to your website to allow Fixhackedwebsite to scan your hacked Magento webstore, as mentioned in the Fixhackedwebsite interface.
  • This scan will find all the vulnerabilities and malware on your website. Then, you can take appropriate corrective action.
  • Fixhackedwebsite features an automatic malware removal facility, where experts at Fixhackedwebsite Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) check and delete all malware.

Server log / Log Analysis of Activities

Experts at CSOC can review your logs and include a malware report and hack information.

Detection of data misuse

If a data breach has been reported, then it is recommended that you alert your customers that their data can be compromised.

Revoke suspension of website

When your website has been cleaned and patched you must file an application with your hosting company to lift the suspension.

Policy on Backup and Restructuring

You must store your backups in at least two separate locations as a good policy for backup and restore.

Absolute Protection of Sites

Fixhackedwebsite Security is a security system focused on the cloud, completely operated by the Fixhackedwebsite Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC). It is provided as a model of security-as-a-service delivery (SaaS), which offers monitoring and support 24/7/365. The managed security services offer your website complete protection and allow you to concentrate on your core business.