How to Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues on Your WordPress Site?

How to Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues on Your WordPress Site?
How to Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues on Your WordPress Site?

Over the years, GoDaddy has faced numerous security threats. It is no joke that GoDaddy is a major target for hackers, with 77 million domain names under its belt. If you’re reading this here, you probably believe there is malware on the GoDaddy account. Here is the way in which you can Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues.

There are chances:

  1. GoDaddy warned that there was malware on your web
  2. Your hosting account with GoDaddy has been suspended
  3. GoDaddy almost keeps the web “at ransom”

What you need to remember in any case is this: you can get rid of malware on your website hosted by GoDaddy quickly!

With their stolen GoDaddy pages, we’ve seen hundreds of users coming to us. They all came with the same questions.

May I vote for Malware Removal from GoDaddy? Will they be able to uninstall tainted files? Is it even tainted with my site?

You’re in the right spot if you can contribute to this.

To determine whether your website has malware and how to uninstall malware on a GoDaddy website, we’re going to take you through the measures.

Skip to this section below if you desperately need to clean up the malware.

Let’s dive inside!

How To Check For Malware On Your GoDaddy Website (Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues)?

You may already have an alert on your site from GoDaddy or your protection plugin about malware.

Yet there’s a fair risk that this warning is a fake one.

You need to check if your site has malicious code on it to remove any misunderstanding.

Using a free WordPress malware detector like MalCare is the easiest and safest way to do this. But let’s look at the glaringly clear signs before we get to it that your site has been compromised.

  • Even with the proper passwords, you are unable to log into your website and can not change your password.
  • You get a warning from GoDaddy that your domain has been flagged for spam and your GoDaddy hosting account is suspended.



  • Your website is being forwarded to other unsolicited pages advertising drugs or selling gambling.
  • Your website shows information that is not familiar to you.
  • If you have an antivirus on your system, when you visit your website, it can display a hacked alert.
  • Added to the dashboard are obscure user identities that you don’t remember.
  • The Google Search Console notifies you of a newly installed property owner or improvements to the Geo-targeting parameters.
  • Suddenly, the web is very sluggish or unresponsive.

This are the most common ways to assess if a site is being hacked. You can also get an alert from Google saying “this site may be hacked” or seeing on your site Japanese keywords.

You need to check that your site has been compromised if you see any of these symptoms.

How to Scan A Hacked GoDaddy Website?

Your website has 2 methods of testing and detecting malicious code.

  • Manually check the site: You need to enter your WordPress files and database and then look for the malicious code manually. As a minor misstep will ruin your website, this approach is very dangerous.
  • Use a WordPress Malware Scanner: Using a WordPress Malware Scanner is a simple and easy way to detect malware on a WordPress site. But how do you pick the scanner you want to use? And here’s our take.

Characteristics of an Efficient Malware Scanner

A good malware scanner has 3 main characteristics that define it.

  • It is comprehensive: any file, archive, and directory on your website should be reviewed by the scanner.
  • No extra load: On your platform, an offsite scanning process would guarantee zero extra load.
  • It is not time-consuming: for hours, you do not want to be caught scanning. Effective malware should be simple to use and the scan should run easily.

Not just that to find even the most complex malware, MalCare uses a self-learning algorithm and 100+ signals (usually missed by other scanners).

Let’s see how to use MalCare to search the web.

How to Scan Your Site For Malware Using MalCare For Free

  • You just need to instal it for free on your WordPress site to use MalCare.
  • Pick Malware > Malware Scan on your WordPress dashboard and hit the Scan button.


  • The scan will automatically run.


  • Once it finds the malware, you’ll see a malware warning like so:


You may be asking “why me” when you’ve confirmed malware on your site? After all, what will a hacker gain from cracking your site?

What you need to remember is that most hackers don’t directly attack your site. They either try to divert the links to other unsolicited pages, take advantage of the details saved on your web, or use your site as a testing ground for new hacking techniques.

Any way, you need to quickly focus on getting rid of this malware!

GoDaddy has a service operated by Sucuri to uninstall malware. For 3 factors, though, we wouldn’t suggest it.

Why We Do Not Consider Using GoDaddy Malware Cleaning

It’s pricey, running upwards of year.

You need to order the plan, file a proposal, and communicate with their security experts. It’s laborious.

When you file a ticket, it takes a security specialist 30 minutes to look at your GoDaddy malware removal submission. It takes time. After that the cleaning process will take anything from 4 hours to a whole day.

This could seem to be a good operation. Frankly, it does vacuum the site at the end of the day, considering these points.

But the thing is here.

Our 3-step malware removal process from your GoDaddy website

Our suggested steps for cleaning your site are here.

Using MalCare’s 1-click malware removal, the first step is to clean the site.

Yep, you read that correctly-just a single key!

Step 1: Auto-clean Using 1-click Cleanups from MalCare

  • There is an alternative called ‘Auto-Clean’ when MalCare detects and views hacked data. Tap on the tab here.
  • The compromised files are erased by MalCare and any evidence of malicious code on your site is lost. The finest part? It just takes 30 seconds—1 minute to do this! You don’t really need to be on the same page. When MalCare cleans the web in the background, you can do other things.
  • MalCare gives you a warning until the web is safe.

Note: A luxury feature of MalCare is Immediate Malware Elimination. At just $99/year or $8.25/month, it can be used.

A potential alternative: Instead you can attempt to manually clean the site using our WordPress Site Guide to Manually Delete Malware. However for WordPress, this method is laborious and needs a lot of experience. This includes changing the WordPress code and like many items that can go wrong can require troubleshooting.

If your account has been suspended by GoDaddy, the next thing to do is email them and uninstall the suspension.

Step 2: Remove Host Account Suspension Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues

  1. Take a screenshot of the state of “Your Site Is Clean” by MalCare.
  2. Via email, phone, or talk, contact GoDaddy and share the screenshot and the measures taken to clean up the malware with them.
  3. GoDaddy would then check if the suspension is clean and delete the site.
  4. Your platform is coming back online now.
  5. The next move is to make sure the God of Google thinks your website is safe.

Step 3: Remove Google Blacklist Warning

If you have malware, Google might have blacklisted your GoDaddy account. You’ll need to apply the platform for review in this situation. You should check our Google Blacklist Alert Elimination Guide.

So you’re going there! Now your website is spick and span.

We have five steps that we highly recommend introducing on your platform to ensure it remains that way.

How to ensure that the GoDaddy site will never be compromised again? (Fix GoDaddy Malware Issues)

It is awesome to get rid of the malware on your GoDaddy account, so you need to take action to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Here are the top 5 acts to take:

Use a Security Plugin

Your site would remain a convenient target for hackers without a solid layer of defence. In order to hold hackers at bay, a malware cleaning and firewall plugin like MalCare can provide you ample security. MalCare scans the web web and tracks it. Your site will be proactively secured by its firewall which will block malicious IP addresses, hackers and bots. And let’s not forget, you can clean up malware with only one press!


New patches containing security fixes for vulnerabilities are routinely issued by plugins, templates, and core WordPress. The upgrades also add new functionality and boost the software’s performance. You will use it to run bulk updates through several websites if you have MalCare enabled.

Harden Your WordPress Site

To protect your website easier, you can use WordPress hardening steps. This entails introducing 2-factor authentication, limiting access attempts, removing the file editor, resetting, among other things, passwords and encryption keys.

Technical competence is needed for some of these steps. But you can enforce hardening steps straight from the dashboard in just a few clicks if you have MalCare enabled!

Be Mindful of Your Plugins and Themes

Ensure that you never use themes and plugins in pirated copies. Typically, pirated software is used to distribute ransomware by hackers. The malware will infect your site and computer once installed. The notorious WP-VCD Malware offers a clear example of this.

Deleting any unused plugins on the web is another safe thing. On the web, this would delete unwanted elements that can make it insecure.

Use An SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate guarantees the security of data transmitted from and to your site. It provides encryption of this information, so they will not be able to decrypt it, even though a hacker tries to intercept the data. This avoids violations of records. Use our guide to convert HTTP to HTTPS on WordPress if you have not already done so.

Such moves would make it very difficult to hack into your web. You can rest assured that your WordPress page is safe!

What Next?

Take any of the 8 random websites and GoDaddy will host at least 1 of them.

What does it imply? To protect your GoDaddy website, you completely need to!

Although this article will help keep malware away from your GoDaddy website, you need to have a solid protection and backup plan in place. At all times, it will help you keep your site hack-free and safe.

This is why MalCare is a solution that is all-in-one. It is the best line of defence for your site, with its routine scans, advanced firewall security, and 1-click cleanups.