How to Monitor Content Changes and Security Threats Websites?


Website security is a protection tool against a wide variety of hacking attacks and threats to any website , web application and web server. A good and reliable website protection software will be able to monitor changes to the website, identify the presence of malware, and also provide appropriate and immediate preventive and protective measures to help protect your website and prevent unnecessary modifications.

Monitoring changes to the website is essential, as any major changes to the content of your website will also provide a reason for a search engine to consider how it treats your website. As a website owner, you should always be informed of any changes made to your website, as some changes can have a negative impact on your website, posing a threat to your website’s very security. If the security of your website is threatened, this can result in data breach, loss of significant website visitor data, loss of confidential business data, and other vital details that could include credit and debit card details, user logins and passwords, etc.

Therefore, your website is the very backbone of your business and when it becomes inaccessible and infected with a virus, your business will obviously suffer a big loss. Besides experiencing a loss in sales and reputation for the brand, your website can also suffer from malicious changes that can have unforeseen consequences for your business. New and more refined website security tools are therefore constantly being launched into the IT and business sectors. With the negative effect caused by changes to the website, it is a requirement for you to be aware of what is happening on your website, because this information is necessary to guarantee the safety and health of a website. This means that web security and application tools will continue to evolve, and you will need to select and install a reliable security tool that can prevent hacks and unnecessary changes to your website. Fixhackedwebsite, a cybersecurity company, is one such tool.

What is Fixhackedwebsite?

Fixhackedwebsite Platform is suitable for websites and web applications as Managed Monitoring Software. This security platform is operated by an advanced analytics-driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) process that analyses event data in real time and provides security information for quick response times to incidents, early detection of breaches and threats, log tracking, and compliance reports. The SIEM does all of this by aggregating data from more than 85 million endpoints and 100 million validated domains and then merging it with contextual information on assets, latest threats, users and existing vulnerabilities so that it can be examined first after which actionable insights will be generated. Considered to be the brain of the web security stack, the SIEM sends alerts to the Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) team to detect and mitigate a customer’s threats even before they can occur, thus enabling them to respond more quickly to attacks.

Key Benefits

  • Performs baselining and anomaly detection activities to identify behavioral changes associated with hosts, users, applications and network areas
  • All major incidents and threats are tracked, and links are given to all supporting data and background for easier investigation
  • Performs searches of events and flow data in real time streaming mode or on a historical basis
  • Instant normalization and correlation are carried out to detect threats and to report compliance
  • Scans and detects installed malware

Fixhackedwebsite Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Fixhackedwebsite WAF can remove vulnerabilities in the framework and defend websites and web applications from advanced attacks including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Denial-of – Service (DDoS). The WAF is combined with malware scanning, vulnerability testing, and virtual patching and harding engines automatic.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks websites with malicious bots and brute force attacks.
  • Protects account registration forms and login pages from various attack vectors, and also protects against service denial, web scraping and recognition applications.
  • For all websites under management, updates of virtual patches are constantly provided, including instant response to apply a patch for the zero-day attacks when they become publicly known.
  • Protect vulnerable websites by detecting and eliminating malicious requests and stopping attempted hacking.
  • Focuses on applications targeting attacks, such as WordPress and plugins, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Fixhackedwebsite Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

The CSOC is run by certified security analysts who help customers monitor, ass and defend applications, databases , websites, data centres, networks, desktops , servers, and several other endpoints. The CSOC helps detect and analyze threats, and then executes the actions necessary to maintain the best possible security. The CSOC also has the potential to extend the capacity of a customer’s internal IT team to protect applications, systems , networks and websites, and handle complex investigations of security incidents.

Key Benefits

  • Repair blacklist
  • Monitoring Events in real time
  • Managing and reacting to accident
  • Expert in tuning and managing configurations
  • PCI surveys and vulnerability scans
  • Continued updates on policy and prevention
  • Fully run WAF
  • Analysis and threat investigations
  • Information on risk assessment
  • Oversight by a team of certified security analysts round the clock
  • Hand the malware over and suspect device development

Fixhackedwebsite Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This secure CDN is a global distributed server network specifically designed to enhance the performance of web applications and websites by distributing content to the user using the server closest to them.

Key Benefits

  • Aside from rising search rankings, Fixhackedwebsite CDN is considered to be the only security-built web services platform along with a hardened machine learning core capable of aggregating, analyzing and syndicating real-time threat data from and to each of Fixhackedwebsite secure services.
  • CDN can serve content, with almost unlimited capacity, and traffic can be scaled up and down automatically.
    Uses compression and web caching features to save both consumption and costs on bandwidth.
  • Website information is copied to 29 locations worldwide, ensuring the information has shorter distances to reach a customer regardless of where they are and providing a much faster experience.

PCI Scanning

This scanning enables Fixhackedwebsite security solution to provide online merchants, businesses and other service providers who handle online credit cards with an automated and simple way to stay compliant with the PCI DSS.

Key Benefits

  • No supplementary software license required
  • Global scale potential
  • Potential for scanning over the entire network of an enterprise
  • Centralized administration to implement reliable policies across all applications
  • Submit compliance status reports directly to banks either manually or automatically
  • Resolve weaknesses quickly, with thorough instructions and verified patches
  • Full reporting capacities

Malware Detection Scanning, Preventive Methods, and Removal Services

This service helps companies to take a proactive approach which will help protect their brand image and company against malware attacks and infections.

Key Benefits

  • Gives instant alerts and remedial steps
  • Detects malware and eliminates it quickly
  • Automated zero-day conduct analysis for malware detection
  • Allows on-demand and scheduled scans which may even be unlimited
  • Brings in advanced analytics for human expertise
  • Complete reporting capabilities and multiform reporting including HTML and PDF
  • Blocks malware before it reaches the network by quarantine management of threats found

Protection against the OWASP Top 10

The Fixhackedwebsite offers protection against the OWASP Top 10 including:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Exposure to confidential data
  • Missing access control at function level
  • Components presenting known vulnerabilities
  • Security Breakdown
  • Insecure References to Target Object
  • Broken authentication and the management of sessions
  • Forgery on Cross Site Request (CSRF)
  • Unvalidated forwarding and redirects