Is My Website Hacked?



Anyone who owns a website for his online business would like to ask himself this question once in a while-” Is my website hacked?.

It gets all the more relevant in today ‘s scenario, with hacking now becoming a kind of routine activity. We live in a world where every website can ever get hacked. So the question “Is my website hacked?” gets even more important. It is this question that would make you go for frequent website scanning, to ensure that it is safe and uninfected. It is this problem that would make you think of taking the steps required to stop hacking …

Nonetheless, with all preventive measures in place, your website can get hacked. And how do you know if they hacked your website?

Proactive ways to Spot a Hack Before Google or Alert the Customers

Trust the browser with you!

If your website, or any website you are surfing, is compromised, your browser will most likely warn you. So confide in your browser.

Trust your provider for the hosting!

If a website is compromised, the hosting company will most likely receive complaints from visitors to the website, or receive warnings from their own security software and instantly block the website. They ‘d also inform you as soon as the action is taken.

Above all, Trust Fixhackedwebsite

Fixhackedwebsite is designed to control hacking and to prevent it

Fixhackedwebsite Inspector does website scanning using advanced, cloud-based malware scanning technology. It helps detect holes and vulnerabilities in security, and looks for malicious codes on a website. It also tracks a blacklisting platform, and advises against blacklisting a platform. It has features like Daily Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, PCI Compliance Scanning, Trust Seal & Customer Support etc, all of which help find answers to some kind of questions about the “Is my website hacked?”

Fixhackedwebsite has a 24×7 Cyber Security Center that monitors websites, provides help in the removal of malware from websites, and addresses security incidents. For website scanning, you can use

Fixhackedwebsite to check for malware online and also block attacks of all kinds. That includes attacks from DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc. Professional help is offered round the clock with a team of experts to help you out.

Fighting malware on website with Fixhackedwebsite becomes easy. Check the security of websites, scan for malware and vulnerabilities and fix problems.

Stay on alert, do daily website scanning and take timely action whenever there is a problem. Protect your business!!!