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What are Kickass Torrents?

Kickass torrents, also known as KAT or Kick-ass or Kickass, is considered to be one of the most common torrent meta search engines in the world, dating back to 2008 when it was launched on the kickasstorrents.com domain name. Kickass torrents continue to live on at kickasstorrents.to and other alternate domains, although the original domain name is not currently available.

KickAss soared to prominence and took The Pirate Bay ‘s throne down. But the KickAss website encountered the wrath of US law enforcement in 2016 with the arrest of its owner Artem Vaulin. Several KickAss copycats have emerged and vanished since, some of which have even managed to confuse users for a while.

But the piracy-fueled torrent ecosystem has begun to diminish with the rise in streaming services. There really is a long way to go. There are several alternatives to KickAss Torrents available and some of these are discussed briefly below:

Leading Alternatives Torrent Kickass

• Zooqle

Zooqle serves as a spectacular and compelling alternative to KickAss. This torrents platform provides a wide range of torrents to its users, distributed across a number of categories. Zooqle’s user interface is clean and tidy too.

• iDope

iDope is a relatively new torrent site, whose homepage features a torrent search bar capable of gathering content from the various torrent categories it hosts. It’s seen as a perfect alternative to the KickAss Torrents. Actually this website presents itself as a tribute to KickAss.

• LimeTorrents

In the torrent culture, LimeTorrents is a common name and serves as a decent alternative to KickAss Torrents. With its green-colored interface, this torrent site has managed to hit the top torrents sites list for 2018 and for previous years as well. Limetorrents also consists of a large catalogue of torrent, which is updated almost every hour.

• TorLock

This torrent alternative site is so popular it has everything from a decent looking UI to thousands of well-indexed torrents in a variety of categories such as movies , games, music, apps etc. One advantage that you may reap from using TorLock is that this torrent site lists only the checked torrents. All these advantages make TorLock a worthy alternative to Kickass torrents which can be used in 2018.

• SeedPeer

A torrent platform named Meganova was later called SeedPeer, which was used for more than a decade. This is considered to be an excellent alternative to KickAss torrents, since it is accessible with an eye-catchy look and a wide variety of torrents of superior quality.

• Monova

Monova belongs to group of Kickass Torrents and Alternatives. It helps you to easily explore your favourite torrent files by name or hash. However, if you wish to determine the site’s secret attributes in depth, you will need to register first.

• BTScene

BTScene is best known for its clean interface which makes the site an interesting choice for users of torrent. You will be able to explore your favourite torrent files on categories such as movies , games, apps, music, anime, eBooks, and others by selecting BTScene. This torrent alternative offers torrent files on various types, as well as solutions that can help circumvent torrent blocking when you encounter torrent blockage issues.

• Tor-cr.org

Tor-cr.or, another useful alternative to KickAss torrent, has recently made its way into the clone website marketplace and provides a full list of KAT torrents for all content. This website is accessible from all areas, unless local ISP restrictions limit this version of KAT. The clone also provides modified blog posts and authentication with 2 factors.

• Kat.li

Kat.li, formerly known as the Kickass Torrents website, is another hit clone, offering a fast and efficient Meta-Torrent Search Engine like the original. It indexes the torrents across the internet from over 63 different domains.


RARBG is currently based in Amsterdam and was originally a Bulgarian torrent tracker. It is capable of indexing all manner of torrents, and is up-to – date in addition to providing a thriving group of users commenting on torrents.

How to maintain Website protection when testing alternative sites for Kickass Torrent

With the exponential rise in the amount of fake website scams, it is becoming a matter of concern to download stuff from the internet and the internet itself is becoming an unsafe location. The above-mentioned Kickass Torrents are considered to be secure and trustworthy, but as users of these sites we still need to be very careful to watch favourite shows, play games, download eBooks, etc. Website protection thus plays a critical role and you will need to use an effective website security tool such as Fixhackedwebsite to achieve this.

Fixhackedwebsite is a Websites and apps Managed Monitoring Service. This web protection tool can detect malware, include the removal resources and methods and help deter potential malware attacks even before it reaches the network. Using this method, enforcement reports can be downloaded and sent to banks manually or automatically through the Fixhackedwebsite console, allowing customers to remain PCi DSS compliant. Customers are also provided with cloud-based security and an intrusion detection framework capable of removing vulnerabilities in the application and defending against advanced attacks.

The main features offered by the Fixhackedwebsite security stack are listed below that will help you navigate through the Kickass Torrent Alternative Sites while offering website malware detection and safety services that will ultimately enhance the security of your Website.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Strong, real-time edge protection ideal for web applications and websites that provide increased filtering, authentication and defence against intrusion

Malware Monitoring and Remediation

Identifies malware, provides the removal methods and tools and avoids any potential malware attacks

Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

A team of cybersecurity experts trained to provide 24 hour monitoring and remediation services

PCI Scanning

Enables service providers and merchants to keep PCI DSS compliant

Secure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A global distributed server infrastructure that can improve Web applications and Websites efficiency

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Enhanced intelligence capable of leveraging current events and data from 85M+ endpoints and 100M+ domains