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With the availability of computing resources — networking, servers , databases, applications, analytics, and more — over the Internet, companies find it less difficult to get their business services completed in the cloud than an option on-site. While cloud computing offers a number of advantages, when security comes to mind, there are a few challenges to encounter. Providing through defense in the cloud is a challenging challenge for security experts. With a great demand for cloud security – security experts are constantly working on the methods and techniques for providing cloud protection to the IT administrators as needed by the organizations.

What is Cloud Security

Cloud storage security is growing exponentially to provide optimum protection, with state-of-the-art technologies that are more comparable to conventional on-site IT security. This ensures security from data theft and massive online security breaches to protect confidential business and customer information.

With cloud security, data is stored within data centers as required by providers with multiple data centers to assist organizations in achieving that. For example, if companies are inclined to store credit card numbers and other confidential consumer relevant information, there is some enforcement to be followed when storing a specific collection of data. Most cloud providers ensure that independent third-party audit records are delivered as evidence that a specific process exists to manage data security effectively while the sensitive data of the organization is stored.

How Cloud Is Secure?

Commercial cloud storage system encrypts the data with a specific encryption key. Only in this way will they translate the file to a readable format. When the user logs in, the cloud security system provides access to the security keys-to help unlock and gain access to the specific data so that specific data can be used.

Considering the number of benefits on the one hand, there are also some associated risk factors as the services may have flaws in their security practices methods which leave user data vulnerable to any malware attack.

Fixhackedwebsite Cloud Security Services

Fixhackedwebsite Platform provides a comprehensive cloud security solution to provide prompt network security and app security. The security system is made available in a range of contexts, be it on-premise, cloud or hybrid, while implementing the same. Fixhackedwebsite Cloud is developed to centrally manage the confidential data and assets available over the cloud and provide consistent protection. Wherever the data is, Fixhackedwebsite ends a physical security expert ‘s requirement of securing the valuables over the cloud. It combines dynamic analysis with machine learning techniques to provide real-time threat security, application profiling and traffic behavior analysis to recognize unusual and abnormal activity by means of robust analysis to detect and mitigate zero-day attacks and emerging threats, enforcement, real-time correlation and notification to deliver timely notification created by ma Along with this Fixhackedwebsite Security Operations Center , in addition to multiple deployment options, it provides network intrusion detection. Fixhackedwebsite Security Operations Center and provides network intrusion detection to track and control the cloud-based intrusion detection framework for diverse deployment options. Above all, it benefits the organization as it also eliminates the costs of running an IT security center and the expenses for maintenance.

Fixhackedwebsite platform is a managed cloud protection solution that offers application and network security for multiple delivery, on-site, cloud, or hybrid scenarios. Fixhackedwebsite Cloud is a fully managed service designed to safeguard any cloud-based assets and data you have. This removes the need for experts in technology to secure your valuable assets wherever your data resides.

Advanced Machine Learning Analysis

Fixhackedwebsite team provides service using state-of-the-art in-house tools that not only detect real-time threats, but also help prevent zero-day attacks and emerging threats using Dynamic Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques. Fixhackedwebsite global R&D team continually develops new content and algorithms as a pioneering new techniques to combat cybercrime.

Application Profiling and Traffic Behavior Analysis

Behavioral analysis and detection of anomalies is an effective and robust way of detecting malicious activity in the web, network or client environment. Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape makes identification of anomalies a necessity, rather than a cybersecurity option. For abnormalities to be observed, you have to identify what is natural. And the definition of normal changes from environment to environment, even from configuration to configuration from application to application. Fixhackedwebsite top level engineers are constantly addressing these challenges and producing best-in – class solutions for application profiling and traffic behavior analysis to identify and mitigate zero-day attacks and emerging threats.

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is a core item for any proactive security insurance operations nowadays. With the help of Fixhackedwebsite Threat Center and Fixhackedwebsite AVLab, the Fixhackedwebsite team monitors current trustworthy threat information, including known exploits and patterns of attack, continually tests (and retests) to assess changing infrastructure against the latest threats, and benchmarks security posture, tracks, and proves security over time. By combining threat intelligence, statistical techniques, machine learning and profiling to ensure the highest level of intelligence at the fingertips of our analysts. This results in highly efficient security services which strengthen the security posture of all our customers.


Fixhackedwebsite Cloud is a comprehensive security solution for a variety of environments that fulfill many compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI DSS almost immediately after subscription. Fixhackedwebsite Cloud ensures a secure IT environment for you, and provides compliance authorities with a comprehensive set of reports.

Fixhackedwebsite Cloud’s log management, network threat detection, and application security management capabilities, coupled with top-level security expertise, result in easy compliance with the IT security regulations issued by almost all authorities.

Real time correlation and alerting

Timely alerts are generated for malicious events, user or network behavior with automated correlation and alerting. Such real-time warnings are then manually evaluated for escalation process by security experts, and customers are notified due to incident handling and response procedures. There are dedicated experts at Fixhackedwebsite SOC who are committed to creating new rules for static and anomaly based correlation and Fixhackedwebsite R&D engineers are continuously researching new ways to automatically detect threats using advanced computing techniques such as machine learning.

Intrusion Detection

Completely monitored and managed by Fixhackedwebsite Security Operations Center, our cloud-based intrusion detection system provides network intrusion detection for various deployment options. Fixhackedwebsite SOC has dedicated experts committed to keeping our intrusion detection program up-to – date with threats that are evolving recently. We have a comprehensive set of rules with very low false positive rates, a threat intelligence analytics engine that reduces even more false positives, and experts at the top level who analyze each escalation alert.

24x7x365 Surveillance, incident handling and response

Without human interaction, no solution to security is complete. There are several advanced techniques which attempt to reduce false positives and generate meaningful alerts bu nothing beats an expert human eye when it comes to identifying and classifying.

Fixhackedwebsite Security brings top-level security experts to your company, so that when you are contacted you can be sure of the importance of the incident. To ensure that your precious time is spent in the right place, we remove all other events and only escalate the necessary ones with well-defined automated and manual procedures.

Predictive and Actionable Security Service

IoC Based Surveillance and Alert

An Compromise Indicator (IoC) is any piece of forensic data, as found in system log entries or files, which helps to identify potentially malicious activity on a system or network. Compromise indicators are also used to exchange information about threats among the greater security community , leading to strong efforts to standardize them.

Fixhackedwebsite Security Operations Center’s security analysts are dedicated to identifying and publishing new vulnerability indicators and developing new requests, dashboards, reports, rules for correlation and IDS signatures. Malware developers are not standing still, so why is your protection solution expected to? By investing time and resources to understand new vectors of attack and develop new indicators, Fixhackedwebsite ensures that today ‘s threat center provides the highest level of protection, anticipating and preventing threats as they emerge in the future. Our safety analysts are dedicated to constantly tracking Risk Indicators including but not limited to the list below.

  • Unusual Inbound/Outbound Network Traffic
  • User Account Activity Anomalies
  • Geographical Anomalies
  • Authentication Anomalies
  • Anomalies Specific to Backend Applications
  • Web Traffic Anomalies
  • Malware File Checking
  • Port-Application Traffic Anomalies
  • Suspicious Registry Or System File Changes
  • DNS Request Anomalies
  • Mobile User Profile Anomalies
  • Signs Of DDoS Activity
  • Long-Term Trending
  • Detection of Autonomous System Behavior

Business Benefits
Reduce costs

To keep your company secure you don’t have to hire and retain costly, highly trained security professionals! We provide a more efficient way called protection as a service that will hold you above any cyber threat without operating an IT security center. Let our experts do their best for your cybersecurity while doing your best for your customers in the business without distraction.

Safety as pattern of operation

As a service model, our cloud-based software is designed to eliminate the hassle of complex configurations, time-consuming deployments that disrupt businesses and loads of money to keep everything in order. Just subscribe, and let us deal with all the rest.

Security expertise

Cybersecurity skills are constantly gaping in human resources, resulting in costly workers or poor skill set. Our experts at Fixhackedwebsite will close this gap and improve your security posture by monitoring your environment and helping you to recover quickly from breaches or compromises from one to one.