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Organizations find it easier to use the cloud for computing services, such as servers, software, databases, and analytics than they do on-premise. While cloud computing has a few advantages, security is a challenge. Security experts face the difficult task of delivering complete cloud protection. Security experts are always looking for ways to provide cloud protection to IT administrators.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing Security is on the rise and offers utmost protection. It features state-of-the-art functionalities that are more comparable to traditional IT security systems. This provides security to protect customer and confidential business information from theft and major online security breaches.

Cloud security allows data to be stored in data centers that are suited for their needs. There are many data centers available from multiple providers to assist organizations with this. If an organization is inclined to store credit cards numbers or other sensitive customer information, there are certain compliance requirements. As proof that the company has a process in place to protect sensitive data, most cloud providers will provide independent audit records.

What is the Cloud’s Security?

A commercial cloud storage system encrypts data using a specific encoding key. Only then can they decode the file into a usable format. When logged in, the cloud security system gives access to security keys. This allows users to unlock the data and allow them to use it.

There are some risks associated with the many benefits of the services. For example, security flaws could make users’ data susceptible to malware attacks.

 Cloud Security Services

Comodo’s watch Cloud offers a complete cloud security solution that quickly delivers network security and application protection. You can access the security system while it is being implemented in a variety of settings, whether they are cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid. Watch Cloud was created to centrally manage confidential assets and assets that are available in the cloud and provide consistent protection. Watch Cloud eliminates the need for a security specialist to protect valuables in the cloud, regardless of where they are located. It combines dynamic Analysis with Machine Learning to provide real-time protection against threats, Application Profiling, and Traffic Behavior Analysis to identify unusual or abnormal behavior through robust analysis to mitigate zero-day threats and emergent threats, Compliance, Real-time correlation, and notification to promptly notify users and network behavior, malicious events, and user behavior. Comodo Security Operations Center, (CSOC), provides network intrusion detection and multiple deployment options. Comodo Security Operations Center provides network intrusion detection and a variety of deployment options to monitor, manage and control the cloud-based intrusion prevention system. It benefits the company because it eliminates the need to maintain an IT security center and the associated costs.

Comodo’s managed cloud security provider provides application and network protection for different deployments scenarios, whether they are on-premises or cloud. cWATCH Cloud, a fully managed service that protects all cloud-based assets and data you own, is available to you. It removes the need for security experts to protect valuable assets and data.

Dynamic Analysis and Machine Learning

Comodo watch provides services using state-of-the-art tools built in-house. These tools not only detect and prevent zero-day attacks but also help prevent new threats by using Machine Learning Techniques and Dynamic Analysis. Comodo’s global R&D team continually develops new algorithms and content to combat cybercrime.

Traffic Behavior Analysis and Application Profiling

Anomaly detection and behavior analysis are robust and effective ways to detect malicious activity on the web, network, or client environment. Anomaly detection is a necessity in today’s cybersecurity environment. To detect anomalies you must define normal. The definition of normal is something that changes from one environment to another, from one application to the next, and even from one configuration to the next. Comodo’s top engineers are constantly faced with these issues and create best-of-breed solutions for traffic behavior analysis and application profiling to identify and mitigate zero-day attacks.

Security Intelligence

Security intelligence is now a key component of any proactive security assurance operation. Comodo Threat Center, Comodo AVLab, and Comodo watch monitor current credible threat information. They test (and retest!) continuously to assess the security of changing infrastructure against new threats. This allows them to benchmark security posture and track and demonstrate security standing over time. Our analysts have access to the best intelligence by combining threat intelligence with statistical techniques, machine-learning, and profiling. This creates highly efficient security services that enhance the security of all our customers.


cWATCH Cloud provides a comprehensive security solution that can be used in a variety of environments. It meets many compliance requirements such as HIPAA or PCI DSS within a matter of minutes. cWATCHCloud provides a secure IT environment and a wide range of reports required by compliance authorities.

Combining top-level security expertise with log management and network threat detection, watch Cloud makes it easy to comply with the IT security regulations published by nearly all authorities.

Alerting and real-time correlation

Automated correlation and alerting generate timely alerts for malicious events, network behavior, or user behavior. Security experts then analyze these real-time alerts manually for the escalation process. Customers have been informed due to incident handling as well as response procedures. Comodo SOC has dedicated experts who work to create new anomaly-based correlation rules. Comodo R&D engineers continue to research new ways to automatically detect threats using advanced computing techniques such as machine learning.

Comodo Security Operations Center is responsible for monitoring and managing our cloud-based intrusion detection system. It provides network intrusion detection to suit a variety of deployment options. Comodo SOC employs dedicated experts who are committed to maintaining our intrusion detection system current for new threats. Our rules are very accurate with low false-positive rates. We also have an analytics engine that provides threat intelligence to reduce false positives. Additionally, we have top-level experts who analyze every alert for possible escalation.

Monitoring, Incident Handling, and Response 24x7x365

Human interaction is key to any security solution. While many advanced methods can reduce false positives or generate meaningful alerts, nothing beats a human expert when it comes to identifying and classifying.

Comodo Web Security cWATCH sends top-level security experts to your assistance so you can be certain about the significance of each event. We remove all other events and only escalate the necessary ones using well-defined manual and automated procedures. This ensures that your precious time is used for the right things.

Predictive and actionable security service

IoC Based Monitoring & Alerting

An indicator of compromise (IoC), is any piece of forensic information, such as system log entries, files, or files that can help identify malicious activity on a network or system. The Indicators of Compromise can also be used to share threat information with the wider security community. This has led to strong efforts to standardize them.

Comodo Security Operations Center security analysts are committed to publishing and recognizing new compromise indicators and developing new queries and dashboards. They also work with IDS signatures and correlation rules to create new IDS signatures and IDS rules. Your security solution should not be left behind. Malware developers are constantly evolving. Comodo invests time and resources to learn new attack vectors, and develop new indicators. This ensures that the threat center provides maximum protection and will prevent and respond to future threats. Our security analysts will continue to monitor Indicators for Compromise, including the ones listed below.

  • Unusual Network Traffic inbound/outbound
  • User Account Activity Anomalies
  • Geographical Anomalies
  • Authentication Anomalies
  • Backend Applications: Anomalies
  • Web Traffic Nomalities
  • Malware File Review
  • Port-Application Traffic Nomalities
  • Suspicious Registry Or System File Changes
  • DNS Request Anomalies
  • Nomalities in the Mobile User Profile
  • Signs of DDoS Activity
  • Trending Long-Term
  • Detection and Analysis of Autonomous System Behavior

Business Benefits

Reduce your expenses

To keep your business secure, you don’t have to hire and retain highly skilled security professionals. Security as a Service is a better way to keep your business safe from cyber threats. It’s cheaper than running an IT security center. Our experts will do the best possible for your cybersecurity, while you focus on your business and your customers.

Security as a model of service

Cloud-based software as a Service is designed to remove the complexity of complicated configurations, slow deployments that can disrupt businesses, and cost-intensive maintenance to keep everything in order. All you have to do is sign up and we’ll take care of everything else.

Security expertise

The cybersecurity skills gap is growing, which results in a shortage of skilled staff and high costs. Comodo cWATCH experts will help you close the gap and improve security by monitoring your environment and offering one-to-one extended support for quick recovery from compromises or breaches.