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What is the Malware Link Checker virus?

Cybercriminals use the internet to spread malware. Malware links are often used as bait to attack innocent users. Ransomware is a common form of malware that spreads via links. In 2018, spam emails with malicious links were four times more common than spam emails with malicious attachments. This number is likely to rise in the future.

Malware links can also be found in emails, as well as in messaging apps, SMSs, and social media platforms. Individuals, businesses, and companies have spent billions to secure their data privacy systems and systems from malware attacks. A single successful malware attack can result in massive losses. This is why security tools and policies are so important.

malware checker is one of the best ways to protect against malicious links. These online tools test the safety and legitimacy of URL links. It is recommended that you run a malware checker before clicking on any link. The checker will alert you if the link leads to dangerous sites.

Website vulnerabilities can also be tested using link malware scanners. You can copy a website URL to a link checker and establish the referenced site’s security status. You’ll be warned not to access it if it is involved in suspicious activity.

Top 8 Website Malware Link Testers

1Comodo URL scanner

cWatch offers different security solutions for internet users. Comodo Url scans sites for malware on any site linked to by the link.

Enter the URL to scan for malware and then click on the START SCAN button. Besides URL malware scan, the Comodo URL scanner tool provides other security features such as;

    • Complete blacklist removal
    • Website hacking
    • Real content delivery network etc.
    • Instant malware detection and removal
    • Daily vulnerability and malware scans.
    • Managed web app

2. Norton Safe Web Link Checker

Norton Safe Web blacklist removal software is a Norton product. It is a popular antivirus and anti-malware software provider. It analyzes the possible effects of a website’s content on a user’s computer. It also tries to prevent various internet threats like malware, spyware, and phishing. This tool, along with other security services, protects users from malicious files.

Norton Safe Site Checker Web relies upon user feedback. Users can report suspicious activity on the site, or accessibility issues. Surfers can access such information. The community Buzz tab allows you to view information about a website. This tab displays the user reviews, ratings, and safety ratings of the website.

This malware link checker this tool allows users to identify which websites are safe to visit. This tool will help you to save time and avoid clicking on any links. Avoid sites that are not well rated or ones that have been viewed by many users.

3. Google Transparency Report

Google has superior malware detections to protect its browsing technology. Google scans billions upon billions of websites to identify unsafe sites and adds them to their blacklist. These sites can be legitimate, but they are automatically blacklisted if they are compromised.

You can use Google’s online tool to verify the security status. It will scan the link and compare it to its blacklist database. If the link isn’t backlisted, you can consider it safe for access.

4. URL Void

URL Void evaluates the activities of any website or link to determine its safety and reputation. It verifies their background for fraud, such as malware spreading or phishing.

URL Void filters links/sites using more than 30 blacklist engines, website reputation providers, and other means to ensure high accuracy. It generates a detailed report at the end of each analysis. This report will include the names of the blacklist engines that were used to scan the link. You will also find other related information such as IP address, blacklist status, and domain registration.

5. Virus Total Safe

Virus Total Safe, a browser-based multifunctional malware checker virus, is available. It scans files and links for any type of malware. It then publishes the scan report from the online security community to improve the scanning capabilities.

This tool is also available for Windows and Android users. To ensure that they don’t infect mobile phones, users can scan the links sent to them. Developers can access public and private APIs to modify the files linking to the tool from their websites.

6. Link Checker for PhishTank

PhishTank is a safe link-checking tool that focuses on phishing sites only. This is in contrast to other general safety checkers. The tool’s name implies that it has a “Tank”, which contains a list of phishing websites. PhishTank verifies any link that you suspect to be phishing by entering it into its database. The results of a match to the tank list are immediate. If the link is missing, it will be assigned a tracking number.

PhishTank can help you if you suspect identity theft. Your data will be protected and you’ll get instant results.


Another robust malware checker is ScanUrl. It accepts link submissions via a secure HTTPS connection. It is useful even though it supports ads. It uses several security engines, such as PhishTank and Google safe browsing to provide information about the site.

ScanUrl will recommend whether the scan report is worth downloading. It is considered dangerous if malicious files are found on the site. Avoid dangerous sites. This means that they may be malicious or compromised.

8. Kaspersky VirusDesk

Kaspersky VirusDesk offers malware link scan via a dedicated paste-drag-and-drop field. This tool scans websites for links to known dangerous sites. It allows you to upload files and scan them for malicious files.

Copy the URL and click on scan to scan suspicious links with VirusDesk. The tool immediately scans the target website and generates a report indicating whether or not it is safe. A scan result can be disputed by you. If you are not satisfied with the scan result, security experts will investigate further and contact you if your address is provided.

Malware link scanners have many advantages

Lower Risks

By scanning a link before you click it, malware infection is reduced. This is crucial because it will save you from having to deal with the consequences of attacks. Your system will be protected if you scan your files before you open them.

It saves time and effort.

These tools allow you to automatically assess the safety of a hyperlink. It would be nearly impossible to determine which links are safe and which ones are dangerous without them. These tools offer additional security, as well as link scanning, which helps to protect your systems.

You save money

You can find a variety of free online link scanners. These free tools can help you save money on expensive software. It also saves money on repairs that might be required due to malware attacks.

peace of Mind

With a user malware link scanner, you can rest assured that all sites you visit are safe. As they’ve been scanned, you won’t be able to open links that aren’t clear.

It is dangerous to ignore the dangers posed by untried links and operate in complete ignorance. You must be careful every time you link to a website. It is impossible to know which website is safe.