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Online Website Security Check

 Website Security Scan

Websites dealing with money and confidential data are vulnerable to numerous hacking attacks every day. Hackers continue to hack these websites to make use of them for their personal benefit. So, against such vulnerable activities, it is necessary to raise the wall and stay safe with the right collection of instruments at hand.

How to Scan and Check Website Security Online?

In simple terms, verification of website protection is mandatory.

Compromising on website security control will put the reputations of your enterprise at stake. To identify the grey areas where a hacker can easily circumvent restrictions, it is advisable to review the security of your website on a regular basis. We discuss how to search and verify the protection of your website in this blog to protect it from all sorts of malicious approaches.

Website Security Scanner

With the emerging pattern, hacking mechanisms have developed over the years. So, running a website security scan is the only way to perfectly measure how secure a website is. This will expose the vulnerabilities and security gaps that need to be fixed immediately. Generally, before a website goes live or possibly shortly after the launch, a security scan is carried out. It can cause a lot of harm to postpone the security scan.

Find some efficient services below that thoroughly search a website to determine its risk factors. It’s easy to do a website security scan, just start by typing the website address in the search box. The scanner will conduct checks automatically on key areas on your website that hackers will hunt for. You can decide on the remedial component as needed by gaining insights into the weakness and vulnerabilities of your website.

Website Security Checker Top 5 (Updated List 2021)

Comodo Web Inspector

Comodo Web Inspector is a strong security scanner for your website that tests all the vulnerable areas that a hacker uses to break into your system. For all types of websites, it provides the best-in-class malware and blacklist monitoring service.

Features of a Web Inspector

  • The automated website security review is
  • All web pages are scanned for
  • Includes daily blacklist checks on the Internet
  • If malware is found, the website owner is immediately intimated via email
  • Generates news
  • Gives guidance on threat reduction

Mozilla Observatory

The Mozilla Observatory was primarily planned as an in-house solution. Nevertheless, it went so well that the group wanted to open it up to the public as well. For HTTP Strict Transport Protection (HSTS), redirects, X-Content-Type-Options, cookie security flags and much more, the feature-rich website scanner can search your website. The security scanning feature on the online website is free to use.


Another extremely advanced website security scanner, SucuriSitecheck, is intended to help detect various forms of malware, like cross-site scripting (XSS), user agent spoofing, website defaults, phishing attempts, and much more. The comprehensive security scanner which is worth trying is SucuriSiteCheck.

Scan My Server

Scan My Server is an accurate security scanner that scans for vulnerabilities and other safety threats on a website. To safeguard the website from all sorts of malware attacks, it tests SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, PHP Code Injection, Source Leakage, HTTP Header Injection, Blind SQL Injection, XSS, and a host of other vulnerabilities.

These are some of the best methods for testing a website against vulnerabilities available on the market. There are also other resources that can concentrate directly on the security specifications of a website. Website security checks using scanners are very important to conduct these days as fraudulent activities have risen in numbers alongside the techniques. As it can cause significant harm to the organization, a compromise on the security front is unacceptable.