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Online WordPress Security Check for Vulnerabilities

WordPress websites are the most popular target for hackers, accounting for more than 35% of the market share in the content management system. Your website could be next to an attack, even if you’re careful.

Over 50,000 sites get scythed each day. You should be extra cautious if you have a WordPress site nearby.

You can use malware scanners to check your website for primary security threats. They can also search for malicious code. Without much effort, programmers can create malicious camouflage codes and pass unnoticed security checks.

However, they have limitations. They can’t test your WordPress database or client accounts. They also cannot test your WordPress settings, modules, and settings. As a WordPress hack scanner, a web firewall is recommended.

You can browse the internet to find the best options for making your WordPress website more secure. Let’s talk about the top WordPress hack scanner tools.

Why should you use WordPress Hack Scanner to build your portal?

  • Your WordPress site could be the repository of sensitive client data. Clients trust you to protect their data from being misused.
  • Other people can place backlinks or side-tracks on your site.
  • Unapproved clients may be accessing your site without your permission.
  • Malware can sneak into your website and collect information without you being aware. It can send spam messages to other people, potentially contaminating their sites. This could lead to Google and other security administrators like Norton blacklisting your website. This issue may not be obvious to you.
  • Routine scans can detect security threats early on and help protect your site from hackers.

What WordPress Hack Scanner Tools are Available Online?

Google Safe Browsing for WordPress Hack Scanner

Google’s Safe Browsing Tool allows you to determine if a URL has been marked as unsafe to visit. Google monitors billions upon billions of URLs. If they suspect that a site may be spreading malware, they will mark it as unsafe to visit.

This could damage your website’s reputation. Clients who search for your site on Google will see a warning page. If you use Google Search, you will be warned if your site is marked dangerous. You can follow the guidelines to have the notice removed.

WPScans is a WordPress Hack Scanner

WPScans scans your site for known vulnerabilities and suspicious code. They keep track of any security flaws and inspect your site for them.

This WordPress Hack scanner aims to identify your WordPress version, introduced plugins, and robots.txt files. The scan results are presented in an easy-to-understand format with clarifications.

Quttera is a WordPress Hack Scanner

Quttera provides a useful online WordPress hack scanner tool. It crawls your site looking for suspicious files, noxious codes, iframe implants, side-tracks, and other connections.

It also checks your space in blacklisted domain databases such as PhishTank and Malware Domain List. You can click on any section to view the status of each item.

ScanWP is a WordPress Hack Scanner

ScanWP is a vital WordPress hack scanner. It will attempt to identify your WordPress version to verify that you are using the most recent version. It also identifies your WordPress generator tag to check if your site is using it.

The generator label indicates which WordPress version you’re using. Security experts accept that the WordPress generator tag could help programmers focus on sites properly. They recommend removing it.

Norton Safe Web for WordPress Hack Scanner

Norton Safe Web is another useful tool that can be used to examine your WordPress site for security threats. It uses Symantec’s advanced detection technology to look for spam, phishing, and regular malware.

The scans will identify and highlight PC dangers. An unaltered site will score zero on all three scans. It will also show any hazards that are identified and can be further investigated and fixed.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Hack Scanner Tool

WordPress Hack Scanner tools work as they claim and have a wide range of features, as you can see above. The WordPress Hack Scanner Tools are available in two versions: a free one and a premium one. You can choose which version works best for you.